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Getting Around Egypt

Egyptian public transport is good. The rail network connects the Nile Valley. The Nile Delta and the Suez Canal area. And it is fair easy to travel elsewhere by bus or shuttle. There are feluccas and cruise ships on the Nile. And in the desert you can test your camel riding skills. For those in a hurry, there are Egypt Air flights.


Trains connecting a limited number of destinations. Best used for long journeys between major cities. Air-conditioned carriages are a more comfortable. Alternative to buses and taxis. Over short distances, trains are slower and less reliable.


The subway is one of the most important ways of transfer in Egypt. But it limited to Cairo and Giza only. And it considered the best means of transportation in both of them. The first line that constructed connected the areas of Helwan and Marj. And from that time the metro lines expanded. To include many areas of Cairo and Giza.

It considered an inexpensive way to travel. With ticket prices ranging from Five to Ten pounds. It’s cheap compared to its efficiency.

Subway stations and cars get crowded during rush hours. It is not something many people can handle. So if you are going to commute at this time. It is best to look for another way to go to your destination.


Buses are one of the most popular ways of getting around Egypt. You can find them wide in the capital and Giza. And they travel to many governorates. Such as; Alexandria, Port Said, Ismailia, Sharm El Sheikh. North and South Sinai.

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It is not the best way to travel within the capital and Giza. Where: It becomes congested most hours of the day, in addition to its slow

However, it is one of the cheapest way to get around in this country. The price of a ticket does not exceed five pounds. Each bus equipped with a sign bearing the names of heading. Along with its own number.

You can ask the driver if he is heading to your destination. Or not before boarding the bus, but if you want to get off. You can ask the driver to stop.


Minibuses are among the most prominent way of getting around Egypt. You can find them in all governorates. In addition to their transportation between each of them. It makes it easier for transportation in Egypt.

The fare prices vary depending on the destination the bus is heading to. You can find it inside certain stations or you can stop one of them on the road.

You get on the bus. Be sure to ask the driver if he is heading to the place you are going or not. The fare paid on board the vehicle without tickets. Just give the money to the person next to you. And it will exchange between passengers until he reaches the driver.


One of the main of getting around in Egypt that preferred by many. Due to the severe congestion that public transport suffers from. In addition to the annoying traffic congestion.
Most cars are not metered to calculate the fare. So you can expect them to cheat or scam. Therefore, it is better to make sure. That there is a meter working inside the car. In addition to agreeing with the driver on the price of the fare.

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It considered expensive of transportation compared to other. But it is effective as it takes you to any destination you want. Whether within or outside the city


One of the most enjoyable means of transportation in Egypt. But it only located inside Cairo. Allowing you to see the waterfront of the city in a wonderful view.

It is a quick way to move around. And you can take a ferry if you are heading to. One of the destinations located on the banks of the Nile River. Just be sure to ask if she is moving to your destination or not.

Besides its many advantages. It classified as an inexpensive means of getting around. And the fare does not exceed five pounds.

Tuk Tuk

One of the modes of getting around in Egypt. That has been newly added to the transfer system. You find it in many governorates. And it is common in district, cities and small villages.

Although it is an inexpensive way of getting around. It considered unsafe and does not take you to popular destinations. It only moves within the borders of small areas.

   Air Transport

It takes you to a number of famous destinations, such as Sharm El Sheikh. One local company runs that service inside Egypt; Namely, Egypt Air.

It is an expensive way of getting around. It is effective as it avoids the hardships of the road. And moves you quick and comfort.

Getting Around Egypt
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