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Getting Around Tirana

Railway in Tirana

There is currently no central station in Tirana. It closed in 2013. The metropolitan station for now moved to the suburbs of Tirana. To the city of Kashar. You can get from Tirana to Kashar by bus – you have to drive about 10 km. However, it not a fact that these routes work today. The fact is that due to unpaid bills. And insufficient funding, traffic regular frozen.
There is no information on train travel. In Albania on the Internet. But I doubt it is reliable, convenient, and safe. Rather, such a trip is a kind of attraction.

Buses in Tirana

Tirana has a well-developed city bus network. The cost of a trip around the city by bus is 40 lek (€0.3). The fare paid upon boarding to the conductor. Most of the city’s attractions can explored on foot. Opening hours of city buses: from 06:00 to 22:00. The Tirana City Bus Fund has been well renovated recently. Modern buses are air-conditioned. It has become a significant relief when traveling in the heat. Current routes and timetables can viewed at stops.

Car rental in Tirana

Car rental is suitable for travelers want to visit neighboring countries. And the most remote and interesting places of the country. Instead, you can visit neighboring countries by rental car. Montenegro, North Macedonia.
Now, Albania’s largest cities connected by one- and two-lane roads. This is the only toll road in Albania. It connects the Albanian Adriatic coast in Durres. With the Albanian Alps.

When planning a road trip in Albania you should consider. That the roads here are two lanes. With no gourmet spots along the way. In cities, traffic is slower and safer than in rural areas.
Outside of the city, you should carefully monitor. Roads that not controlled by pedestrians. Make sure to download the updated routes for yourself. New roads are added to the Albanian road network.

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Bicycles in Tirana

Cycling around the Albanian capital is gaining its former fame. Bicycles rented in city hostels. In addition, the Ecovolis bike-sharing service. Operates in Tirana with 23 branches throughout the center. Bicycle rental price is only 60 lek (€0.5) per hour.

Getting Around Tirana
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