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Getting around Vienna

Vienna has a developed public transport network. Consisting of S-Bahn high-speed trains. Metro. Tram. And the bus lines. High-speed trains that run. From Schwechat Airport to the center from Vienna.

Vienna subway

The Vienna subway is the fastest. And most comfortable way to get around the city. During the hot season. Vienna subway (U-Bahn) includes five lines: U1, U2, U3, U4, U6.

The metro opened in 1976. The number of passengers transported is 1.3 million per day. Length of the lines is 80 km. The number of stations is 104.

Important points of the metro

  • Metro opening hours: 5.00-1.00, i.e. metro round the clock
  • Trains run at intervals of 2-7 minutes. Depending on line congestion and time of day.
  • Some stations are above ground.
  • Be careful when choosing a departure platform. For example, one station may have different entrances to the platforms.
  • Don’t forget to validate your ticket.
  • Each metro station has a timetable.

Map of the Vienna metro

Vienna trams

Vienna’s tram network is an important part of the city’s public transport system. Has been in operation since 1865. Today Vienna’s tram network is 180 km (111.85 miles), 404 trams, 29 routes and 1,031 stations.

Tram schedule: daily, including holidays from 5 am to 1 am. A timetable and electronic board is available at each stop. That announces when the next tram will arrive. Tram service time increases in the evenings and on weekends.

Vienna Tram map

Taxi in Vienna

Taxis in Vienna are expensive. But the tariff is the same for all services. Taxis can ordered by phone. Online. But the easiest way to find a taxi is in the special parking lots. If you are late in a restaurant or hotel. The service staff will call you a taxi without any trouble.
Taxi rides average 3.8 – 4.3 Euros, 1 Km – 1.42 Euros. Idle in traffic and wait 27.8 Euros per hour. The final price depends on the distance traveled. Travel time and traffic conditions. Below are the estimated costs of a taxi ride. On certain routes in central Vienna:

  • Karlsplatz – Prater (4 km): 11 €
  • Schönbrunn- Karlsplatz – (6 km): 14 €
  • Karlsplatz – Danube Tower (8 km): 16 €
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Buses in Vienna

Regular Vienna buses run from 5 a.m. to midnight. Routes designated by the letters “A” or “B”. Night bus routes in Vienna marked with the letter “N”. In total, there are 98 bus lines in the city with around 500 cars. 22 night routes with buses running from 12:30 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. at 30 minute intervals.

Public Transport Costs in Vienna – Ticket prices

Ticket nameTime of actionPrice in Euro
One-way ticket (Einzelfahrten Wien)A single trip ticket is valid for a trip from any point A to point B, you cannot return on it to the starting point2.40 €
Child or dog ticket (Einzelfahrten Halbpreis)The ticket works the same as the One-way ticket1.20 €
Pass for people over 63 years old (1 Fahrt WIEN Senioren)The ticket works the same as the One-way ticket€ 1.50
1-Day Pass (24 Stunden Wien)24 hours8,00 €
2-Day Pass (48 Stunden Wien)48 hours€ 14.10
3-Day Pass (72 Stunden Wien)72 hours€ 17.10
Trips for 8 days (8-Tage-Klimakartе Wien)8-day ticket, each part of the ticket can be used any day35,80 €
1 week pass (Wochenkarte Wien)Week 1€ 17.10
1 month pass (Monatskarte)1 month51,00 €
1-year pass (Jahreskarte)1 year365 €

Where to buy tickets?

Tickets for travel in Vienna sold in special machines at public transport stops. Train stations and the metro. Passes can also bought from vending machines. And public transport ticket offices in Vienna. (but there are few of them in the city). In addition, tickets sold at tobacco kiosks.

Getting around Vienna
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