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Gift Shops in Riyadh

We are very confused in choosing gifts, whether on public or private occasions such as holidays, birthdays, celebrating births, weddings and other occasions that require obtaining an appropriate gift that is a luxurious gift and at the same time its price is appropriate, and in the city of Riyadh there are a large number of shops that are considered one of the best stores distinguished by their goods and products from luxury international brands.

1 Backstage Awesomeness Shop:

To provide gifts, a wonderful variety of the finest international brands, decorating occasions, with the best gifts from incense burners, perfumes and flowers to decorate invitation tables, surprise boxes for graduation parties, gifts and ideas to present the dowry and the wedding ring, gifts for Mother’s Day, baby gifts and water bottles with the names of newborns, packaging gifts in a beautiful innovative way. Riyadh Badi’ah District.

2 Zahrat Zamani Shop:

Zahrat Zamani Shop is one of the best gift shops in Riyadh due to the large amount of gifts that suit all special occasions of celebrations, and they have a variety of the finest international brands that you can choose from, as for the prices, they are very suitable for everyone and vary according to the shape and size of the gift, the address of the shop is Olaya District, King Fahd Street, Taiba Markets.

Incense burners with artificial flowers, natural flower bouquets, artificial flower bouquets. Olaya District King Fahd Street in Taiba Markets.

3 High Kids Store:

Children’s gifts and the first supermarket for children Interactive games that respond to sounds and movements Forms of handicrafts Magic Show and magic games Free delivery service within the city of Riyadh. Clothes for the Barbie bride and summer clothes are a variety of beautiful collections.

Paintings of cartoon characters. And everything that a child needs. Wrapping gifts in an attractive artistic way, tempting to buy High Kids from high-end, elegant and luxurious stores for a fun childhood and worthy customers.

Address: King Abdullah Road Al-Waseel Center, King Abdullah Intersection with Khalid Bin Al-Waleed.

4 Shop Tahadwa:

store is one of the finest shops that can be visited to buy the most luxurious gifts for all occasions such as birthdays, weddings and children, and the shop is characterized by an artistic touch in gift wrapping, and they have a huge variety of gifts at varying prices according to the shape and format of the gift, its address is Riyadh Gallery.

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5 shops to celebrate:

Let’s celebrate shop. This shop is also one of the most wonderful gift shops that can be visited in Riyadh to buy the finest gifts that suit all occasions such as weddings and holidays, and one of the most distinctive features of the shop is the calm character and good reception of customers at all times, as for the prices, they are very suitable for everyone, and it also has balloons in different shapes for all occasions, its address is Al-Rabie neighborhood next to the Kingdom’s schools.

6 Ahmed Al-Salem Al-Baqshan Center:

The finest gifts from international brands gifts for men Watches and accessories cosmetics original brands and everything for pleasant occasions, surprise your friends with gifts of a special kind for a special party, attractive prices for wonderful and beautiful giftsthat remain throughout the days. Riyadh Olaya District.

7 Arte Shop:

The art of craftswomen with elegant and graceful fingers, distinguished handicrafts for handicraft enthusiasts. Eid gifts for close friends Copper antiques Women’s accessories Silverware and shell crafts Wooden antiques Handicrafts of ivory and clay Greeting cards. And an encouraging atmosphere for shopping and surprising those we love with something sophisticated. Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Road next to the Najd village.

8 Lovely Store Not:

Gift shop Special groups for newlyweds, newborns and friends.Sets of clothes of various shapes and colors for your child Colorful artificial flowers Accessories and décor for homes Beautiful dolls and brides.

Elegance in arrangement and distribution Wonderful lighting and backgrounds Plenty of space for shopping Lace accessories and more in Lovely Lease stores. Address: Riyadh King Abdul Aziz Street Hayat Mall First Floor.

9 KLUE Shop:

Special gifts, cotton sheets original brands, muskele tudes children’s sets, bathroom sets, personalized gifts, original brands, elegance, distinction, softness and beauty.

Boxes of chocolates, candy boxes, accessories Leather bags for laptops, perfumes of different brands. Special gifts of marble trays with sweets Boxes of roses Lavender trays Elegant graduation gifts. Online shopping is available with home delivery.

10 House of Gift:

Gifts of a variety of designs and ideas, for all kinds of occasions and parties The most beautiful gift packaging shop in Riyadh in aninnovative way and wonderful shapes, prices for various categories, original and traditional brands, commodity exchange services are available A wonderful style of gifts Antiques and pieces for the store only, there is no similar to it in other stores. Gifts for birthdays, marriage and engagement. Musical candles and roses plated with gold water are magnificent.

Great customer service and boxes of fine chocolates. And more in the gift house shop. Riyadh Olaya Street.

11 Anoud Shop:

Gift shop, antiques and household utensils, for marriages and new homes, stationery, bag decorations, wall paintings, mirrors for backgrounds, and many distinctive ideas in the character of Al-Anoud gifts are happy to provide, at different prices. Antiques for beautiful days yet to come.

Gift Shops in Riyadh
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