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Gift Shops in Rome

There are many gift shops in Rome: between the center and the peripheral streets of the capital, you can go shopping finding anything you need to think about your loved ones.


V. Serra, 81/B
Phone: 06

ESseVu is a shop specialized in the sale of household items and handicrafts. Opened in 2003 by Silvia Valiani, it soon became a reference point in Rome for those who want to make an original and unique gift.


scape a little from the standard and more serious gifts, and I look for something absolutely fun, original and light-hearted, I know where to go:<< From Exotic of course!

Here, in fact, you will really find everything, such as mini golf to play while you are on the cup, gadgets of all kinds.

Fantastic their greeting cards.



Shop based in Rome. Specialized in the sale of gift items. Loves to be close to young couples who get married by organizing a wedding list full of special and trendy objects. The owner listens and understands the needs of couples.

  • P. Giuliano della Rovere, 6/B – Ostia Lido – 00122 Rome Lazio
  • 347 7746860

Sato Hollow carpets and corkscrew

Sato is the historic company in Rome specialized in the sale of corks, corkscrews, accessories and Gifts for kitchen, in particular a wide choice of professional knives. For lovers of wine and tastings, the store will be a sort of village


Phone: 06


Piazza Navona, 84 – 00186 Rome (RM)

In one of the most beautiful squares of Rome in Piazza Navona, L’Artigianato is a gift shop and artistic objects.

Open now until 20:00

Phone: 06 6874476


exArte-Gift Shop Design Rome
MapLargo Giuseppe Toniolo, 5
telephone+39 06 9826 1977
Near the Città del Sole store in Via della Scrofa we find one of the references for design in Rome.

I’m talking about ExArtè, where you can really find a wide choice of very special gift items, sophisticated and technological gadgets, air fresheners, fashion accessories with an excellent quality / price ratio.

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This is a very special place.

Already looking at its window you will understand that it is not the usual tourist shop in Trastevere.

Here, in fact, you enter completely into another space-time dimension, and you go back in time when products were still made by hand.

In this shop you will find truly magical and ancient objects, globes, hourglasses, astrolabes, each with a particular story and all made entirely by hand by the owner of this historic shop in the heart of Trastevere.


+39 06 5880704


This shop was love at first sight.

Here you will find many ideas for furniture in Shabby Chic, Industrial, Contemporary, Provencal, Romantic, Ethnic… Even if the shop is not very large, inside there are many objects, so the advice is to pay attention to each one so as not to miss anything.

Every object or piece of furniture is of excellent workmanship, here you will find real wood!


+39 06 529 6410


If you are looking for an original, modern and technological gift this is the right place.

Here you will find the latest gadgets of the moment that blend together design and technology to invent something truly unique.

There are also furnishing elements, very special clocks, ultra-modern lamps, and various works of modern art.

Absolutely worth a visit.


+39 06 397 45 528

Cristina Creations

Via Antonino Giuffrè, 108 – 00128 Rome (RM)

Creazioni Cristina offers the best of goldsmith’s art, jewelry and the most elegant jewels for a personalized gift in Rome in v. Giuffrè.

Phone: 06 50652354


For a vintage gift certainly can not miss a tour of the flea markets in Rome.

Here bring you the best flea markets and antiques in Rome, they are to keep an eye on all year round as there are often truly unique pieces.

The Gift Corner

Piazza Guido Gozzano, 6 – 00137 Rome (RM)

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L’Angolo del Regalo is located in Rome and specializes in retail and wholesale of favors of all kinds

Opens at 16:00

Phone: 06 82000164


If you are looking for a fantasy store in Rome, then you can not miss this which for me is absolutely the best fantasy store in the capital!

The shop is not on a main road, but to get there you will have to cross the threshold of a building, the shop is in fact hidden inside a courtyard …

Here you will really find everything, in particular it specializes in the articles of Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and of course Game of Thrones.

Every time I am in the Ottaviano area I can’t help but jump into this fantastic world.

Their prices are very good, and for sure you will find the perfect gift for a fan of the fantasy genre.


+39 06 397 45 528


Shop that has revolutionized the way things are done.

Here, in fact, you will find an avalanche of gift ideas that will solve problems of all kinds that very often you did not even know you had!

There are products for the home, kitchen, garden, leisure, wellness, practically for everything…

The prices are really competitive, and every time I enter their stores I almost always go out with something in my hands, they are really brilliant



If you are looking for objects and furniture where design and fashion are the latest scream, you certainly can not miss a visit to the temple of design furniture.

Here you will find the latest collections of tables, sofas, chandeliers and many super stylish furnishing accessories.


+39 06 7290 1353

Centro Carta Pizzino

Via Zambarelli, 45 – 00152 Rome (RM)

The Centro Carta Pizzino in Monteverde has everything for school, office, fine arts, party arrangements and a wide selection of toys and Gifts.

Opens at 15:30

Phone: 06 5370483


The shop is located at one of the ends of Piazza Navona and attracts the attention of passers-by and tourists for its windows really full of dolls, even vintage, and soft toys. Here, in fact, you can still find the legendary Lenci dolls, which have now become collector’s items for the doll market.

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Take at least half an hour to be able to visit it all, very often inside you will find many people.

Inside there is a riot of toys of all times, Venetian masks, collectible toys, soft toys of all sizes.

Recommended for children of all ages and former children who still want to dream.

Being on Piazza Navona and considering the excellent quality products it offers, even the prices are obviously related to all this.


A small shop that immediately takes you back in time.

I’m talking about the historic shop “Le bambole” in the heart of Testaccio, where you can really discover unique and refined pieces, such as music boxes, small automatons, jewelry boxes and animated and musical object holders, decorated with various techniques.

In addition, you can request to customize your object so that it reflects your personality, or the one you want to give it to, to transform a gift item into something special.


+39 06 575 6895

The Needle in the Haystack

Via Eugenio Checchi, 14/16 – 00157 Rome (RM)

L’Ago Nel Pagliaio is located in Via Checchi Eugenio, 14/16 in Rome (RM) ideas and solutions for gifts, furnishing accessories and favors.

Opens at 16:00

Chat on WhatsApp with +39 393 639 5194

Sefora Jewelry

Gift items

Viale Aventino, 80 – 00153 Rome (RM)

If you want to give an original and personalized touch to your jewels, contact Sefora Gioielli in viale Aventino, 80 in Rome.

Phone: 06 57288743 / 06 57136060

Gift Shops in Rome
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