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Golden Mile Galleria

A unique summer atmosphere offered to the whole family by the Golden Mile Galleria on The Palm. With exciting educational events, special offers, rejuvenating treatments and delicacies. As well as summer camps for children.

Golden Mile Galleria Dubai Location

  • Address: Palm Jumeriah – Palm Jumeirah – Dubai
  • You can access it via Google Maps via this link from here.

Golden Mile Galleria Opening Hours

  • Saturday, 10:00am–10:00pm
  • Sunday, 10:00am–10:00pm
  • Monday, 10:00am–10:00pm
  • Tuesday, 10:00am–10:00pm
  • Wednesday, 10:00am–10:00pm
  • Thursday, 10:00am–10:00pm
  • Friday, 10:00am–10:00pm

Phone Number: +9718006254335

Best Golden Mile Galleria Shops


  • One of the most famous and best clothing stores in Golden Mile Galleria.
  • It is located in Building 2.
  • Phone Number: 04 584 7232.


  • Specializes in selling accessories of various kinds.
  • It is located in Building No. 8.
  • Phone Number: 04 242 4309.


  • One of the most important shops in the fifth building of Golden Mile Galleria.
  • Specializes in selling children’s clothing as well as toys.
  • Phone Number: 04 514 9275.

800 flowers

  • A shop selling flowers and gifts, as well as cakes.
  • It allows a huge number of distinctive choices for gift processing.
  • Phone Number: 04 431 0602.

WH Smith

  • It a favorite destination for lovers of reading as it sells a collection of the best English books and magazines.
  • It is located in Building No. 10.
  • Phone Number: 04 390 9999.

Art Fremes

  • Specializes in the sale of paintings, photo frames and paintings.
  • It offers high quality products and distinctive shape at competitive prices.
  • It is located in Building No. 6.
  • Phone Number: 04 390 9999.


  • Sells the best types of kitchen utensils and appliances.
  • It provides products from a number of the best brands such as: Carl Oscar, Alici, and Alfie.
  • It is located in the 5th building.
  • Phone Number: 04 551 9421.

Book Corner

  • He sells books of all kinds and also sells a collection of the best children’s toys.
  • It is located in the 6th building.
  • Phone Number: 04 425 5776.

Early Learning Center Shop

  • Specializes in selling purposeful toys that develop children’s skills and abilities and help them learn.
  • It is located in the 5th building.
  • Phone Number: 04 551 8485.

Restaurants and cafes in Golden Mile Galleria

Baskin Robbins

  • It offers a variety of ice cream flavors, as well as a number of desserts such as cakes and pancakes.
  • It is located in Building No. 7.
  • Phone Number: 04 5144664.


  • Specializes in serving Japanese cuisine delicacies.
  • It is located in the 8th building.
  • Phone Number: 8004878.
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Or Donner.

  • Specialized in serving dishes of Turkish cuisine.
  • It is located in the 2th building.
  • Phone Number: 04 276 9833.

The Pizza Company

  • It serves delicious pizzas, as well as a number of the tastiest pasta, salads and appetizers.
  • It relies on fresh ingredients in the preparation of each of the types of food it provides.
  • It is located in Building No. 8.
  • Phone Number: 600 500 002.


  • One of the favorite destinations for lovers of traditional Arabic cuisine in Golden Mile Galleria.
  • He prepares his dishes according to traditional methods and serves them in an innovative modern way.
  • It is located in the 3th building.
  • Phone Number: 04 551 3883.

Ways to communicate

  • Phone Number: 97143909999.
  • Email:

Golden Mile Galleria Children Summer Camps

Running Until August
29 – Bleedits: Creative activities for children full of excitement. Vitality for AED 129 per day or AED 620 five days a week. (09:30 am to 01:30 pm, Sunday to Thursday) in Golden Mile Galleria.
– Blossom Nursery: Children learn about sculpture and painting and perform breathing exercises. Sensory exploration and other activities for AED 205 per day. Or AED 965 five days a week (from 08:00 am to 01:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday).
– Redwood Nursery: A camp inspired by tropical forest atmosphere, featuring Circle Time games. Excursions, sensory activities and more for AED 683 for two days. Or AED 1129 for five days a week (08:00 am to 02:00 pm, Sunday to Thursday) in Golden Mile Galleria.

Health & Beauty

Premium Beauty Services in Golden Mile Galleria

Concecia Spa: Men and women enjoy a 40% discount on a selection of circulatory massages. That enhance body and mind vitality.

Tai tea flo treatments available for AED 235 and Balinese massages for AED 260.

FitLounge: Men and women can enjoy a relaxing one-hour massage. With essential oils for AED 210 and explore the benefits of an authentic Thai foot massage for AED 185.

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In Bar: Ladies get a triple treatment (manicure, classic pedicure and 15-minute shoulder massage) for AED 300.

Blue Out Bar Salon: Ladies get 20% discount on Brazilian hairstyles. Or they can enjoy 15% discount on trendy strands on weekdays.
Men’s Jazz Salon: Earn a voucher worth AED 100. When you spend AED 450 to use for a 60 or 90-minute massage until 31 July.
Super Trim Salon for Men: Choose from a range of basic beauty services with hairstyles starting from AED 70.

Features of Golden Mile Galleria Mall

  • It occupies a vital location on Palm Jumeirah.
  • Golden Mile Galleria One of the best destinations in Jumeirah for shopping lovers and gourmets.
  • It organizes a lot of recreational and purposeful events, especially events that stimulate the practice of sports of various kinds.
  • Golden Mile Galleria hosts a large number of distinctive races such as: Art Run.
  • Some of the most sought-after cafes are Starbucks, Nero, London Derry and The Café Dogs.
  • Five of Dubai’s top clothing stores include The Palm Jumeirah. Which Lekido, Tuk-Tuk, Beyond The Beach, Healthy Sport and Accessories.
  • It includes a range of premium sports centers such as: The Fitness and Yoga Lavi.
  • Golden Mile Galleria includes a branch of the Joy Dental Clinic. As well as a branch of the Confidential Clinic Dental Clinic.
  • It has a Grand Optics store selling glasses and contact lenses of various kinds.
  • It has 2 of the best supermarkets in Palm Jumeirah and the two stores are Spinneys and Al Dai Fresh.
  • Golden Mile Galleria starts receiving visitors daily from 10 am. And the visit period ends from Saturday to Wednesday at 10 pm. While during Thursday and Saturday the time of receiving visitors extends until 12 pm in Golden Mile Galleria.
Golden Mile Galleria
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