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Granada Mall

Granada Mall Riyadh one of the commercial centers in Riyadh. It established in 2005, and it brings together many international and famous brands. Also includes entertainment and games arenas, fashion and clothing stores. And many restaurants offering the most delicious cuisine and dishes with international and local experiences. Granada Mall extends over an area of 466 thousand square meters and consists of 9 main stores. In addition to an electronic branch to sell products online. Also considered one of the milestones that It completely changed the concept of traditional shopping. Adding to it more sophistication and integration that meets all the needs of the family.

Granada Mall Riyadh Opening Hours

Granada Mall is open daily from Saturday to Wednesday in two shifts. The first from nine in the morning to twelve in the afternoon. The second from four in the afternoon to eleven at night. On Thursday from nine in the morning to twelve at night.

On Friday, the mall will be operational from four o’clock in the afternoon to eleven o’clock at night.

  • Monday 10:00am–12:00am
  • Tuesday 10:00am–12:00am
  • Wednesday 10:00am–12:00am
  • Thursday 10:00am–12:00am
  • Friday 1:00pm–12:00am
  • Saturday 10:00am–12:00am
  • Sunday 10:00am–12:00am

Location of Granada Mall Riyadh

  • Address: Located in Riyadh in Al-Shuhada District
  • You can access the mall via Google Maps via this link from here

Granada Mall Riyadh Shops

Granada Mall promotes the concept of integrated shopping. As it provides you with comfort and spares you from visiting different shops. As the mall provides you with an integrated mix of international. And local markets that sell various products that suit all family members, to enrich your shopping experience. Increase it fun and smoothness, there specialized stores selling clothes and fashion. And others specialized in selling shoes, glasses, watches, gifts, perfumes, cosmetics. Along with many restaurants and the cafes that we will talk about separately in a little while. Below a list of the sections of the shops and what distinguishes each type of them.

1- Clothing and fashion

These stores specialized in selling many types of men’s and women’s clothes. And dresses as well, and the clothes within them characterized by. That they come in different styles in terms of design. Some of them classic, and others modern keep pace with international fashion, so they suit everyone:

  • Debenhams: Sells clothes with international designs and exclusive styles and high quality
  • Zara: Characterized by the accuracy of the designs and excellent materials of clothes. Different types of sizes to suit everyone
  • H&M: Rich in definition, it offers very wonderful clothes for different ages
  • Coast: They have clothes for men, women and young people as well, and they also sell clothes for the elderly.
  • Next: Different designs of clothing, they sell luxurious Gulf gowns too
  • Sox: They sell hats, socks and various clothes, as well as special clothes for newborns.
  • Top Man: Their clothes characterized by luxurious materials and designs that suit the youth category inspired by international fashion
  • Victoria’s Secret: Special for the sale of women’s underwear
  • Dresses Gallery: It provides you with many wonderful and distinctive dresses, which suit all sizes
  • Abdul Aziz Boukanan Abayas: Luxurious Gulf Abayas with a variety of designs and different sizes
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2- Sports clothing

This section preferred for people who practice sports and want to get sportswear that will help them perform their various sports activities:

  • Liverpool: It has all the sportswear and various accessories that belong to athletes, and you can also get T-shirts for your favorite players.
  • Adidas: From the world brands famous for their high quality, you can buy any sports supplies of clothes, socks and others through it
  • Sun & Sand Sports: Sells the latest sportswear in great colors, variety and different sizes to suit all customers

3- Children’s clothing

As for this section, it dedicated to selling various children’s clothes, in case you like to get wonderful and luxurious clothes for your child you can visit the following shops:

  • River Woods: Special for the sale of clothes for newborns up to the age of six, different styles of clothing in bright colors
  • Justis: Interested in selling cotton clothes for children, with wonderful materials and various sizes, and also sells many toys that develop the child’s intelligence and expand his perception
  • Mothercare: Special and varied clothing for children from the age of one month to the age of five years, accuracy in detail and high quality
  • Elena: This shop is special for the processing of the newborn, and the various clothes for newborns

4- Shoe and bag shops

Granada Mall Riyadh includes a large number of shops selling leather shoes and various classic shoes, and shops selling women’s bags, handbags and travel, the following are the most important of these stores:

  • Foot Locker: One of the branches of the international shops of Foot Locker, which sells the finest types of shoes and bags ever
  • Kibbut: One of the shops that gained fame in Granada Mall Riyadh, it dedicated to selling medical shoes that relax the body
  • ECO: One of the branches of the international store Eco, which characterized by the sale of men’s and women’s shoes in the finest designs and different colors
  • Skechers: Special for the sale of luxury leather shoes, and accessories necessary when disembarking to the sea
  • Bayles: Sells luxury shoes made of German materials that characterized by their high quality and elegant design
  • Milan: one of the well-known and famous brands, which distinguished in addition to its quality in the manufacture of special sizes
  • Toms: Specializes in selling various shoes with amazing sizes and designs, in addition to its reasonable price according to the evaluation of visitors
  • Venice Kamoto: Specializes in selling stylish classic shoes that add a touch of elegance to your look
  • London Dion: Miscellaneous Leather Shoes

5- Perfume and makeup shops

The shops of this section considered one of the shops with a high demand in Granada Mall, due to the quality of their products, and their importance in the world of elegance and external appearance:

  • Faces: One of the famous shops at the level of Riyadh, which offers the most luxurious types of diverse perfumes that satisfy all tastes
  • Lamp : One of the distinctive stores, which sells wonderful perfumes and various cosmetics, in addition to that it has the advantage of free delivery when you buy products worth more than 500 Saudi riyals
  • Lord: This shop offers the best French and international perfumes, which suit both men and women.
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Granada Mall Riyadh Restaurants

The Granada Mall in Riyadh has a lot of different restaurants that can enjoy the meals it offers, and one of the most famous restaurants of Granada Mall Riyadh is Canton Restaurant, which offers a wonderful taste of fresh and handmade noodles in the Chinese style, while offering authentic sauce foods.

  • Steakhouse
  • Dairy Queen
  • Plus, House
  • Taco Hut
  • Shawarmer
  • Rustic sheet
  • Subway
  • I bow
  • Lightly & Grill
  • light
  • Texas Chicken
  • Sparrow
  • Shoqar Springalls
  • Indian Taji
  • Hervey
  • Bastieta
  • Aladdin
  • London fish and potatoes
  • Sotlo Dondurma and others.
  • McDonald’s
  • Burger King
  • London Shawarma
  • Kudo Steak
  • canton
  • Dominzo Pizza
  • Beirut Window
  • Saba Restaurant
  • New York Fries
  • Bastalista
  • Mitral
  • Quarrels
  • Charlie
  • Nando’s
  • urine
  • Boutique Burger
  • Hamburgrini

Granada Mall Riyadh Cafes Riyadh

Cafes occupy large areas in the sides of Granada Mall Riyadh so that you can spend a wonderful and entertaining time and get some rest while shopping.There are a number of international cafes in the mall such as

  • Starbucks
  • Tim Hortons
  • Eric Caesar
  • wolf in deep
  • Coffee Tail
  • Lorca
  • Tim Hortons
  • Deep in Deep
  • That’s enough, Benny.
  • Dr. Kaif Café

Granada Mall Games

Within Granada Mall Riyadh there an oasis dedicated to children called the Oasis of Fun, through which they can play their favorite games, and enjoy the greatest amount of fun and entertainment. It also suitable for adults as well, due to the different games it contains suitable for all age groups. The permanent maintenance of games and facilities carried out in order to maintain the level of quality of entertainment provided by the mall. Along with many shops that sell different toys and various accessories.

Granada Mall Amusement Park

Granada Mall also has a place dedicated to amusement parks and entertaining games that are suitable for children, such as flying saucers, discoveries, electric cars, and many other games that provide children with the greatest happiness and joy, and the atmosphere of competitions and competition prevails, making it a favorite place for children with all excellence.

Services provided by Granada Mall Riyadh

Granada Mall is classified as one of the largest commercial centers in the Arab world and not only Saudi Arabia, and offers many services that have brought it to where it is now, the most important of these services are:

  • International brands: Within Granada Mall there are more than 235 shops, selling the most important products including products bearing the name of international brands, not to mention local ones of great quality.
  • Sale of electronic goods: This is one of the wonderful services provided by the mall
  • Comprehensive marketing services: as there are many restaurants, cafes, entertainment and entertainment venues and games
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Features of Granada Mall Riyadh

  • The vast urban area that extends over it
  • The great design that allows cars to park as it has almost 4500 parking spaces so you can easily park your car outside
  • The presence of several ATMs that allow visitors to withdraw the amounts they want without having to go to the bank or to travel additional distances
  • More than 34 Western, Eastern and international restaurants, serving delicious delicacies and signature dishes
  • An oasis of fun within Granada Mall equipped with the best safe and wonderful games in order to complete the shopping journey for your children
  • The presence of many hotels and various service facilities near the mall, and therefore Granada Mall considered a tourist destination par excellence.

Events Granada Mall Riyadh

Granada Mall Riyadh includes many wonderful events and wonderful celebrations, and one of the events organized in the mall, the event of the Subaie Charity Foundation in cooperation with the Samed project for people with special needs within the Hand in Hand program in Granada Mall in Riyadh.

The program has included many different activities such as plays, games, chants and interactive corners such as singing, drawing and watching valuable videos that add a lot of values and information to children.

The program targets children with special needs and their families, given the circumstances they are going through and to try to integrate them into society as a key element of it, in addition to making healthy children participate in helping people with disabilities face learning and integration difficulties, which raises the values of cooperation and participation among them.

Hotels near Granada Mall

• You can enjoy your stay inside the Hilton Riyadh Hotel, one of the most beautiful 5-star hotels in Riyadh, where it received good reviews from Arab visitors for its exhilarating entertainment facilities, ultimate comforts, outstanding staff that treats visitors fluently and kindly, cleanliness of all rooms and suites, and a unique location near Granada Mall Riyadh 650 meters away, where it can reach in just 3 minutes by car.

• Iris Boutique Hotel Granada one of the finest 4-star hotels in Riyadh, where Arab visitors praised it and rated it with great ratings, as it characterized by the cleanliness of all its rooms and suites, its vital and recreational facilities, creative staff and the study of the arts of hospitality, with the provision of the finest amenities and luxury, and free Wi-Fi, and enjoys its strategic location near the mall, where it is about 1 km away, which requires the movement of the car for only 4 minutes.

Granada Mall
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