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Half Moon Beach

Half Moon Beach or Half Moon is named after this name because of its half-moon shape.

The seafront lands are formed in the form of a curved arch that gives a great sunset view.

This beach is also one of the most beautiful beaches in the eastern region and adjacent to the Arabian Gulf Sea.

It is one of the most important tourist destinations for a large number of visitors each year, for its charming nature and the multiplicity of leisure activities.

Half Moon Beach Site

Half moon beach or Half Moon relative to its curved half-moon shape, so that its seafront lands are in the form of a curved arch, giving the sunset an attractive view that captivates the eyes and hearts of that place.
The beach is about 25 km from Khobar, and its coastline is estimated at about 600 km, extending from the south side of Khobar to Al-Aqir beach on the north side, and the depth of the sea area of the beach is about 22 feet with some low spots up to 50 feet.

Origin half moon beach Name

Located in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia, half-moon beach was once known as the Hav Moon, which foreigners called it, and they came to it for oil exploration through Saudi Aramco. While it is called the half moon, it belongs to its curved shape, which is very similar to the crescent, i.e. in the form of an arc.

Water activities at Half Moon Beach

The half-moon beach has many features that have attracted many sea lovers, including clear water, and is a completely safe area, for all kinds of water activities such as swimming, diving, cycling, as well as fishing, and sailing by small boats, perhaps this feature distinguishes it from other beaches of the area where swimming is refraining. The west side of the beach also features dunes and high sand hills of up to 40 feet.

Hikers from inside and outside the eastern region go for activities such as sand skiing, 4×4 riding, motorcycles and horse riding. For 30 years, Khobar Municipality has improved its facilities and services in several development stages, making it a destination for hiking and enjoying many visitors, whether families or singles from within or outside the region.

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Beaches located in half the moon

Half moon Beach is a free and accessible destination for the most beautiful times and enjoyment in a great tourist atmosphere. In addition, the half-moon beach has many private beaches, each of which is allocated to a particular category:

  • Aramco Beach, a beach owned by Saudi Aramco, is frequented only by the company’s employees and no one else is allowed in. In fact, this beach is characterized by palm trees scattered there. It also features picnic tables, with barbecue slots, showers, as well as a yacht club.
  • The private beach of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.
  • The private beach of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.
  • King Fahd Military City Beach.

Camping at Half Moon Beach

Half moon beach is located in a camping area, whether for groups, or families, where it has been a destination since ancient times for camping in the area, more than 80 years ago. It has all the services and facilities that will facilitate the stay. Camping will only need a canvas tent, and bring some essentials as well as food and drink.

Half Moon Hotels & Resorts

Located on the half-moon beach are many tourist resorts, hotels and villas, which offer its customers excellent services, to the satisfaction of all guests, and here are some of these places for example:

  • Dana Beach Resort: Located 4.2 km from Half Moon Beach, it is one of the five-star resorts. It also features three restaurants, an outdoor swimming pool and water sports venues.
  • Radisson Blu Resort: Located right on the half moon beach, it features an outdoor swimming pool, sauna and fitness room.
  • Golden Tulip Dana Bay Hotel: Located 4.2 km from Half Moon Beach. It is one of the four-star hotels. It is about 45 minutes from King Fahd Airport. It overlooks the Arabian Gulf directly.
  • Tamara Resort: It features a water park, as well as an outdoor swimming pool.
  • Royal Villa: It is steps from Half Moon Beach. It features the famous Infinity Pool.
  • Loubajuwon: A water park, 4.2 km from Half Moon Beach.
  • There is also Movbink Resort, Holiday Inn Resort, Sun Rise Villa, Pereira Azizia Hotel & Resort, Sunset Beach Marina Resort and Spa. In addition to The Sun Sit Villas and Garden Villas, all of them provide the best services to their customers.
Half Moon Beach
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