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Hanging Strawberry Gardens

The hanging strawberry gardens in the architectural district west of Riyadh have turned to be one of the attractions for everyone, as they have received a strong demand and admiration from their visitors, which gives them the experience of wandering among strawberry plants and picking their grains and eating them directly, while currently observing the application of all precautionary measures imposed with the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, from wearing a mask, distancing and entering a certain number that is not exceeded.

The interior of the gardens receives an empty dish that he can fill with strawberries after picking them himself, and at the exit he pays 30 riyals for one dish.

The gardens also have different types of houseplant seedlings, which he can buy and take with him when he returns.

Location of hanging strawberry gardens

  • Address: Unnamed Road 13726, Ammariya 13726, Saudi Arabia
  • You can access it via Google Maps via this link from here.

Hanging Strawberry Gardens Riyadh Options

The gardens also give the visitor the opportunity to choose the seedlings of strawberry trees for sale, as the garden contains different sizes of trees including small, which are rarely sold because they need intensive and specialized care, and there are medium-growing seedlings that are sold at a price of 25 riyals with the required tips on how to care for them and keep them at home, such as not to put them in a place where they are directly exposed to the sun’s rays, methods of watering them, and other tips that the buyer should know.

Visiting the hanging strawberry gardens
is a departure from the usual daily routine, or even the usual weekly for family members, whether old or young, and the owner of the idea and owner of the project of hanging strawberry gardens Mansour Al-Malik explained that «these gardens were established two years ago, and were initially just an experiment, but during a year we worked to improve the water that we desalinated, in addition to working on improving the soil».

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On the number of daily visitors, he said, “Honestly it exceeded expectations, and we were not sure that the project will find all this demand from citizens and residents, as the number of daily visitors exceeds at least 200 visitors.”

Hanging Strawberry Gardens
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