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Helen Bakery Number Saudi Arabia

Many branches of Helen Bakery are located within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the first branch began since 1993, and there are more than one branch currently in Jeddah, Riyadh and Medina, and Helen Sweets Shops are distinguished by the quality of their products, and the delicious taste of Helen Cake makes many request it more than once, so the unified Helen Bakery customer service number has been made available to all branches, and through a digital website, the addresses of the branches will be displayed in detail, as well as the prices of Helen Cake and delivery methods.

Helen Unified Bakery customer service number

You can contact Helen Sweets Store customer service to order products and communicate with the store management to solve problems and respond to customer questions, through:

  • Helen Number for Orders: 920004363
  • Helen Unified Bakery Customer Service: 966126977729+.
  • Email:
  • Quick contact form through the website “

Helen’s Bakery Cake Prices

The menu of prices of different Helen Bakery products can be identified through the “”, where Helen Bakery offers many products, including:

  • Cakes such as date cake, pistachio, apple, red flivete, cinnamon, carrots, bananas, galaxy, tiramisu cakes, and others.
  • Cupcakes such as cheesecakes, mini lemons, blueberries, vanilla, chocolate, pincolada, pineapple, and others.
  • Mavens.
  • Cheesecake such as lotus, strawberry, red fluff, lemon and blueberry,
  • Cookies.
  • Pies like walnut pie, apple, cinnamon.
  • Chocolate brownies.
  • Beverages such as green and black tea, double espresso, espresso, fresh American coffee, macchiato, café latte, cappuccino.
Helen Bakery Number Saudi Arabia
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