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Tips for Hiking at The Great Wall of China

You cannot visit Beijing without stopping at the Great Wall of China. Where this wall, which is one of the wonders of the world. More than 13,000 miles long and more than 2,000 years old. Indeed many tourists wish to visit it. And if you, first get to know a set of tips with us. That will help you before visiting this incomparable historical place.

The astonishing Great Wall of China stretches across. 20,000 km from the Yellow Sea. In the east to the Gobi Desert in the west, which is the tallest wall in the world. One of the world’s most famous tourist attractions. This UNESCO-listed wall dates back more than 2,300 years, and is 7 meters wide and 6-14 meters high.

Useful advice for a visitor before visiting the Great Wall of China.

The best time to visit the Great Wall of China?

How you wear when visiting the Great Wall of China?

you must observe?

 What to bring with you during your trip to the Great Wall of China?

Don’t buy souvenirs you don’t need

 Safety Tips

Have you visited the Great Wall of China before? What are your tips for hikers? Share it with us in the comments

The best time to visit the Great Wall of China

The best time to visit the Great Wall of China is in spring or autumn. When the temperature is moderate. Away from heat or cold, and while you can actually visit on your own. It will be better and easier for you to use a tourist guide. As your guide will arrange service Hotel pickup and drop-off. In addition, your guide will be able to provide you with all kinds of information. About the history of the Great Wall that you may not have known.

Knowing that the summer months from June to August are the busiest months. As the wall becomes very crowded with both international and domestic travelers. And the weather is hot and rainy with occasional storms. So if you visit the wall during this time. Avoid visiting at noon times when the crowds are many The temperatures are extremely high, which limits your enjoyment.

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Whatever month you decide to visit the Great Wall. Try to go during the middle of the week when there are fewer visitors. There’s less traffic on the roads. Knowing that the different sections of the wall open their doors. Around 7 in the morning and close at 7 pm in the most months. Warmer and open at 8 in the morning and close at 5 in the evening in the colder months.

What to wear when visiting the Great Wall of China?

Be sure to check the weather forecast before your trip. If it has rained recently. The paths leading to the wall may be quite slippery. So you’ll want to wear hiking shoes. And because the wall is high in the mountains. So there’s usually snow here in Beijing.

 Visitors are also advised to wear pants and long sleeves to prevent scratches from the bushes. We also recommend using moisture-proof fabrics. Because you likely to experience a rise in your body temperature due to the constant movement.

What you must observe?

Dear traveler. You must preserve the natural beauty of the wall. Do not leave any garbage behind and do not take any stones or stones from the wall!

 What to bring with you during your trip to the Great Wall of China?

You’ll likely be on the wall for hours, so bring high-energy snacks that will help you keep going long distances

Bring water but keep in mind that there are very few restrooms.

Backpack to house your snacks, water, camera and other supplies.

The higher altitude means the sun is much stronger. There is no shadow on the wall, so you’ll want high sun protection to protect the skin.

Don’t buy souvenirs you don’t need

Great Wall of China

The wall tourist sections have several vendors who will try to sell you souvenirs. If you don’t want anything, answer firmly “No.”

 Safety Tips

It is important to be aware of your limitations. As the wall is located on a ridge. So the elevation will require you to be in decent health. And if you are not able to climb there. There are many other ways to visit some sections of the Great Wall of China. .

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The wall is more than 2000 years old. So avoid edges because these areas become unstable. Pay attention to where you are going, because soft rocks can cause you some problems.

4 ways to enjoy visiting the Great Wall of China.

CNBC News of America published. 4 ways in which you can enjoy your short visit to this ancient monument and memorialize it.

1- A sidecar tour

Beijing Sideways offers daily trips to the Great Wall of China by towed cars linked to “Chang Jiang” motorcycles. During this journey you will pass tree-lined paths and small villages. In the countryside north of Beijing before descending on the mountain roads leading to the Great Wall of China. The company provides helmets to protect from rain and inclement weather. The trip includes a stop at the Silver Pagodas and a French picnic on the Wall. And a full-day trip includes 2,500 yuan ($ 356) per person.

2- Take amazing aerial photos with a drone

In 2016, “Airbnb Experiences” was launched, which helps locals in Beijing conduct tourism activities. One of these activities is a 7-hour trip to the Great Wall of China, with Dong Chau. One of the two shops fond of photography and nature. The flight includes transportation, entrance fees and the use of the “Mavic Mini” unmanned aircraft. This trip offers you an opportunity to immortalize your visit. To the Great Wall of China and take amazing photos from above; It focuses on the lesser-known parts of the wall, which have a more charming and beautiful nature. Compared to other parts that attract more tourists.

Zhao believes the Great Wall of China is a good place to introduce foreigners to the history of China. It’s why the idea of ​​the trip pioneered him.

Most of Chow’s customers are from North America and Europe. His trip includes lessons on how to take great selfies and create blogs. Trip prices start from $ 142 per person. There are offers and discounted prices for. Groups of 3 or more people.

3- Night stroll

For an exciting night experience. Visit the Simatai part of the Great Wall of China after sunset. Not because this is the only part of the wall that is lit at night. But because it is really the most beautiful. And what makes it more beautiful the lighting produced by old lamps. Equipped with LED bulbs. In addition to the warm water springs, which are an attraction to this part of the wall.

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This part of the wall is 75 miles from Beijing. At night, travelers can only descend across the mountain. Via a train carriage that takes tourists most of the way to the wall. After which tourists walk a well-paved road between the many watchtowers. The walk can be completed by a two-hour excursion. During which you can enjoy stunning views of Gobi Water Town. But you should not take this experience during the Chinese holidays.

4- Walk in the footsteps of Michelle Obama

In 2014, the former first lady of the United States experimented with skiing while visiting Mutianyu; One of the best-preserved parts of the Great Wall to date. The skis are located between towers 5 and 6, and they operate year-round except in bad weather. Sleds take travelers on a 5,184-foot trek down a winding path down the mountain. Although the experience may seem terrifying, it is not at all. Riders can control the speed of their sled with its own brake. Parents can also ride with their children on large skis. And if you are a beginner and afraid to take the step. You can take a ride on an open-air cable car or train car.

Finally, you should beware of trips that provide the possibility of overnighting. From one night to a week or more in the Great Wall of China. Especially those that allow you to sleep directly on the wall. Or even inside sleeping bags. Or tents in order to preserve this historical place.

Tips for Hiking at The Great Wall of China
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