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How dangerous is it in Mexico? Myths and Reality

It argued that it is dangerous to travel to Mexico. If they don’t kill you. They will sure rob or recruit you into the drug mafia. Drug lords walk the streets. With pockets full of cocaine. And barrels at the ready. So many people who know about Mexico. Only by hearsay think so. Absorbing. Like a sponge. Information from the media.

Dangerous regions and areas

Everyone has heard that there are regions in Mexico. Where it is better not to meddle. Even in the pain of death. There reigns complete impunity. Alcohol flows like a river. And drugs, in general, are everywhere and in sacks. Yes, there are similar regions, for example. Tijuana, which is on the border with the United States. But tell me, what is an ordinary tourist to do there? The only exceptions are those who have a desire. To cross the land border between Mexico and the United States. Otherwise, Tijuana is so far from the main cities. And states visited by tourists. That it should not cause any concern at all. Do not believe me, look at the map.

Those cities that have chosen by tourists for a long time are safe. Subject to the standard standards of accuracy and care. After all, you see, in any city in the world. They can also rob. And hit on the head with a stone in the gateway.

If you are going to Mexico for a couple of weeks. It is unlikely that there will be a place for unpopular. And even more dangerous cities in your route. But in any case, no one has cancel the observance of caution. You are going to a foreign country.

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Dangerous Areas

Probably, in almost every city there are areas. In which it is more dangerous than in the center. These are either just suburbs or slum areas where the poorest people live. Why can there be danger here? Because someone might like your camera or phone. Or your wallet will bulge out of your pocket much. This someone, referring to the fact that you are on their territory. Or something else. Can come up and pick up what they like. All this is likely. But I don’t know how real it is in Mexico in tourist cities.

There are also areas of auto repair shops in Mexican cities. In which it is also not always comfortable to walk.

Mexican police

In many cities in Mexico. There are so many police officers on the streets. That any fears disappear by themselves. Well, what fool would risk. Pulling your wallet out of your pocket when a policeman with a pistol. Or a machine gun is standing next to you?

Police officers in Mexico are smiling and responsive. If you lost or have any questions. You can come up and ask. These are not our gloomy guardians of law and order.

Road safety

The question is often asked how things are with road safety. Well, that is, can they stop a bus in the middle of the way. And rob everyone who was traveling in it on their own business. Or something worse. Friends, I say that air conditioners on Mexican buses. Are much more dangerous. To health than bandits. You can and should ride without any fears or fears. You can mainly use ADO and OCC first-class buses for crossings. It travel on excellent toll roads. There are no even any bandits.

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Second-class buses run on free roads. The difference is that there are more bumps. And the buses are more terrible (but cheaper). Moving to them does not cause any fears. In general, it seems that Mexico is not a country. In which one should be panicky to be afraid of everything. It’s quiet, friendly, and calm here. That’s where the dangerous thing. They say, is in Guatemala or Honduras.

With whom, perhaps, it is worth keeping an eye out, is the taxi driver. These comrades are the same in all countries. Although, there are no problems with them in Mexico yet. No one will try to name a price that differs from the previously agreed price. No one will bring you to the wrong place. Or to do some other nasty thing.

How dangerous is it in Mexico? Myths and Reality
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