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How Do I Recharge Mobily

Mobily balance can be recharged in more than one way: so that you can buy credit cards that you will find available in many places, or alternatively, you can recharge the balance depending on other easier and faster means such as recharging through the bank application, ATM or self-service machines, and we will clarify all the ways currently available to recharge the Mobily prepaid SIM during the next paragraphs.

How to recharge your Mobily card

Recharge your mobile balance without using the ID number and recharge is done by calling the following code which is

*1400*Recharge Card Number#

The recharge code starts from Najma, then 1400 stars, then write the Mobily recharge code on the recharge card

Make sure that you enter it correctly, then click on the window mark, then press Call, and a message will arrive with the success of the recharge process and your phone balance has become the value of the recharge of the card you entered.

Mobily Recharge Cards

How do I recharge my Mobily card One of the most common ways to recharge Mobily Saudi Arabia is to use recharge cards

  • Mobily recharge card worth SAR 20 that gives you a balance of 17.39.
  • Mobily recharge 25 SAR which gives you a balance of 21.74 SAR .
  • Mobily recharge card worth 34.50 SAR which gives you a balance of 30 riyals.
  • Mobily recharge card worth 57.50 SAR which gives you a balance of 50 riyals.
  • Mobily recharge card worth 115 Saudi riyals that gives you a balance of 100 riyals.
  • Mobily recharge card worth 230 Saudi riyals that gives you a balance of 200 riyals.
  • Mobily recharge card worth 395 SAR which gives you a balance of 343.48 SAR .
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How to charge Mobily from Al Rajhi

You can also recharge and recharge Mobily network balance through Mubasher Al Rajhi service, which is an application through which you can log in and link your number to it, and then you can recharge Mobily balance from Al Rajhi, and to learn more about this method in the following steps:

  • Download Al Rajhi application on your Android mobile from here to iPhone from here
  • If you do not have an account on the application, create an account on the Mubasher Al Rajhi application easily by typing your mobile number and password and follow the steps to complete the creation.
  • If you already have an account, log in with your mobile number and password.
  • Select the Payments List, then select the online marketplace.
  • From all the networks and carriers that will appear, choose Mobily network.
  • Choose mobile recharge, and all you have to do is choose the card you want to recharge, through the Mobily recharge cards that appear at the bottom of the application.
  • In this step, the application asks you to enter the ID number and then the chip number, complete this data and press continue, and you will receive a message on your mobile to confirm the shipping process is a 4-digit code, enter the code and you will receive a message that the shipping process has been successful.

How do I recharge Mobily with Visa through Mobily

How to recharge Mobily balance through the Internet or what means how to recharge Mobily balance through Mobily Saudi Telecom website all you have to do is follow the following steps

  • Go to the official Mobily website through the following link Mobily official website.
  • Register your details if you have an account on Mobily
  • There are three boxes that you have to fill in, and they are as follows: the first box asks you for the subscription number, the second number asks you for your card to recharge, and the third digit is the ID number, choose the recharge value, press Recharge the balance, and you will receive a message with the value of the recharge that you have made.
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Recharge Mobily balance from Mubasher Al Rajhi website

  • Visit the official website of Mubasher Al Rajhi and log in through this link
  • Important Notice: Make sure that there is a padlock in the website link at the top of the browser and in any site in general for the security of your online transaction.
  • You will be asked to register for Mubasher Al Rajhi e-Service if you are a new user, but if you have already registered, you will be asked for your username and password.
  • In case you forget your password, click on Forgot Password and follow the steps to create a new password for your Mubasher Al Rajhi account.
  • Immediately after logging in, select Mobily from the group of telecommunications companies available to you.
  • Choose the recharge card to be recharged and complete the simple steps until the recharge process is completed successfully.

How to recharge Mobily balance through SADAD:

It is one of the first payment, bill and electronic payment companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and you can use SADAD service if you are a postpaid and recharge customer through the SADAD website. But the least amount you can recharge is 100 Saudi riyals and you are asked for the subscriber number, which is your SIM number, and the SADAD code is 151.

Mobily charging number recharge by calling

Recharge Mobily SIM balance, you can call the following number 1100 from any Mobily SIM, but if you want to recharge from one of the other networks, call the following number 0560101100 and recharge your account.

How to inquire about Mobily balance

You can inquire about Mobily call and internet balance in addition to knowing the number of free minutes by calling the following codes:

  • You can check Mobily’s call balance: by dialing *1411#
  • You can check Mobily’s internet balance by dialing *2*1411*#
  • You can inquire about the number of free minutes: by dialing *1422#
  • You can contact customer service and get your balance and account details in Mobily from any other chip on: 0560101100
  • Call the IVR service on: 1100
How Do I Recharge Mobily
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