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How many Beaches are in Australia

How many Beaches are in Australia ?

The huge length of the coastline and warm water have long been Australia’s hallmark, so not visiting the beaches of the mainland is simply an unforgivable mistake. There are a total of 10,685 beaches on mainland Australia, and there are 800 more beaches on the large 30 uninhabited islands around Australia, while on the smaller islands, the number of beaches and cozy sandy coves is innumerable. You can visit the beaches both in a car trip in Australia and during a tour to Australia.

Most Australian beaches simply don’t have any names. Only 25% of beaches (these are beaches in large cities) have access to them via paved roads. 10% of the beaches can be visited by accessing dirt roads (not paved). Up to 20% of the beaches can only be reached by SUV on the sand. The remaining 45% of the beaches can only be reached by sea or by helicopter, as they are just part of the wild outback. In length, beaches can be from 20 meters to hundreds of kilometers, like, for example, Coorong in South Australia, in other respects, it can be called a beach conditionally.

Almost the entire population of Australia lives on its coast, more precisely 90% of the population lives at a distance of 50 km. from the ocean. In this regard, it would be wrong to talk about a single ecology and cleanliness of beaches and water. Naturally, the ecology of the uninhabited islands will be radically different from the ecology of the huge and crowded Sydney. However, State and Territory governments spend huge amounts of money from the budget to maintain the cleanliness and comfort of the beaches.

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For example, in Sydney (whose population is over 4 million) there are 129 beaches and “natural pools” for swimming. Of these, 86 beaches comply with 100% environmental standards over the past 3 years! Of the 59 pools on the beaches, 37 fully meet all requirements.

Almost all the beaches in the settled and populated areas (in large cities) are involved in a well-established system of coastal tourism industry. It is known that it consists of two elements: coastal rest and sea rest. The organization of both in Australia is among the priorities of state policy in the field of tourism development. There are beaches with a more developed area of ​​marine recreation, such as yachting and, of course, surfing. And somewhere it is better to just lie on the sand or swim along the coast. The choice of holiday is a direct consequence of the variety of beaches.

Visitors should pay attention to the beaches with a developed surfing culture. After all, surfing is a great way to relax with health benefits, and, in addition, it is a visiting card of Australia.

The first one worth mentioning is Bells Beach in Victoria. Its main competitor is the beach in the Margaret River area in Western Australia. World-class surfing competitions take place here.

If you want even more crowded beaches filled with surfers, then go to Surfers Paradise or Currumbin, on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Well, if you flew to Sydney and don’t want to get to the beach for too long, take a look at the world famous Bondi Beach. Finding him isn’t hard at all. There you will have access to all types of beach recreation: from surfing to barbecue or just dinner in a restaurant against the backdrop of waves crashing against the sandy shore.

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White sandy beaches by cool blue waters stretch along the Adelaide coastline. The Glenelg area goes directly to the sea, being the most popular beach in the city. The area (only a 20-minute tram ride from the City) is always crowded with people popping into the shops along Jetty Road, eating at sidewalk cafes, walking and fishing on the pier, and enjoying the fun on the waterfront. Here, tourists have the opportunity to go to sea on a 16-meter catamaran and swim next to the dolphins! A little further along the coastline of Adelaide, you can see the stunning beauty of caves and fjords, reefs, swamps and river deltas, as well as picturesque cliffs glowing in the rays of the setting sun.

If you are fond of windsurfing, then you should go to Western Australia, or rather to Lancelin. This is a small town just north of Perth (about 100 km). The town is mainly touristic, so there are all the opportunities for recreation there. Windsurfers from all over the world gather at the local beach. The beaches of Western Australia, such as Cable Beach, are famous for their beauty and the mighty natural scope that inspires awe.

If you are a diving enthusiast, then you can dive on any beach and there are no special features here, you just need to follow the ads. Sometimes diving is banned due to jellyfish. But if you still really want to swim underwater, you can go to the islands beyond Queensland, to the Great Dividing Range, the Whitsunday Islands and the Hinchinbrook Islands. There are practically no problems with jellyfish. And this is where professional divers spend most of their time.

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But the beaches of Australia are only part of what this unique continent has to offer to the tourist.

Bondi Beach Bondi Beach
A favorite among surfers, Bondi Beach is the most popular beach in Sydney and one of the most popular beaches in the world. It is located seven kilometers east of Sydney’s CBD, in the Eastern Suburb, Waverley Municipality.
Surfers Paradise beach Surfers Paradise beach
Surfers Paradise beach, once just an ordinary beach on the Gold Coast, has become an exquisite resort today, even though its center is built up with skyscraper towers.
Currumbin Beach
Currumbin beach is located at the southern tip of the Gold Coast suburb of the same name, at the corner of the confluence of the Currumbin Creek river with the ocean, not far from the famous nature reserve.
Cable Beach Cable Beach
Cable Beach Cable Beach “Cable Beach” is known not only in Australia but in the rest of the world as one of the most impressive beaches for its beauty.

How many Beaches are in Australia
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