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How to get from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and From Eindhoven to Rotterdam

The Netherlands boasts a well-developed transport system. Operators are on duty at each central station, ready to help with choosing the best route, so it is convenient for tourists to move around the country . Today we will tell you about several travel options to Rotterdam.

How to get to Rotterdam from Schiphol airport?

Most airlines arrive at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The most common options for getting in the direction of Rotterdam from there are: car, taxi and public transport.

By car

The Netherlands is a small country with free roads, so travelers often choose to travel by car. You can book a rental car in advance and pick it up at Schiphol. The cost starts from € 20.

The A4 multi-lane highway will lead to Rotterdam. On the way, you will meet flower fields – tulips, daffodils and dahlias bloom here in different seasons. You will also pass the major cities of the kingdom: Leiden , The Hague , Delft . The journey takes 48 minutes.

By taxi

When choosing a taxi, keep in mind that this is a quick but costly way. A trip from Amsterdam to Rotterdam will cost € 98-120. It is better to order in advance. And if you take a taxi on the spot at the airport, the price will be higher by € 100.

By train

Many tourists choose the train because it is fast and convenient. You don’t even need to leave the airport building – just go down to the minus first (-1) floor, where the train will be waiting. Tickets are sold at the box office near the food court or at a special machine. One way price € 13.20. Travel time is 51 minutes. You can buy in advance using this link.

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When descending to the platform, it is imperative to attach the ticket to the post with a screen near the escalator (make a check-in). After exiting the train at the turnstiles, check-out.

By bus

There are bus stops near the central entrance to the airport building. From here you can go to different points of the capital and the country. Rotterdam is a 50-minute drive away. Use the Flixbus website to purchase tickets . Alternative destinations can also be viewed there. The fare for an adult is € 7. In Rotterdam, you will arrive at the Central Station.

How to get to Rotterdam from Amsterdam?


There are several more departure points in Amsterdam to Rotterdam. Central Station (Amsterdam Centraal) is the most common way because located in the city center close to major attractions . Sloterdijk station is suitable for those who have chosen a hotel in the west of the capital . If your hotel or apartment is located in the south, use the Amsterdam Zuid station. Accommodation is cheaper here , and it is easy and quick to get to the main attractions (20-25 minutes by tram).

This brings you to Rotterdam Central Station from anywhere in Amsterdam. The journey takes a little over an hour. Trains run comfortable and have two levels, as well as quiet cars where you can’t talk.

Tickets are purchased in the same way as at the airport: from the operator or on your own. The devices are easy to use. The menu is compiled in several languages, but Russian is not provided. Ticket prices range from € 15.20 to € 16.40 per person one way.

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How to get to Rotterdam from Eindhoven Airport?

In the kingdom, in addition to the main airport, there is another one in the city of Eindhoven, where mainly low-cost airlines arrive. It is 109 kilometers away from Rotterdam and the road will be with transfers.

The airport is not connected by rail to the city, so you first need to get to the station. For this, buses No. 401 or No. 400 are suitable , the journey time is 25 minutes. At the train station, take a bus or train that will take you to Rotterdam.

The trip by public transport will last more than one hour, so choose a car if you do not want long trips with transfers. Take the A58 and A16 and get there in 1 hour and 18 minutes. The road runs through the cities of Bred, Tilburg and Dordrecht.

From the Central Station Eindhoven to Rotterdam goes to train with transfer in Utrecht . Travel time – 1 hour 38 minutes, cost – € 19.40.

Rotterdam surprises with its uniqueness and difference from the rest of the kingdom. Be sure to visit this city. Plus, now you know how to get to it.

How to get from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and From Eindhoven to Rotterdam
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