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How to transfer Mobily balance to another number‎

 How do I transfer my mobile balance? If you want to send part of your current balance For another number you will find all the ways that the company provides to customers with an explanation of the steps Transfer in detail, the balance transfer process can be completed in more than one way, and we will start with the most common method which is to use the transfer code and code available for all Mobily customers.

Mobily balance transfer code first method

You can easily transfer Mobily balance to a prepaid line by calling the following code:

*123* Credit Transfer Number * Amount to be Transferred#

A message reaches the second party to whom the balance is transferred from the 611311 number asking him to confirm his identity by replying with a message to the same number, and an SMS message comes to you to transfer the balance successfully, and the cost of this service is 1 Saudi riyal in the case of transferring from a postpaid line to a prepaid line, but in the case of transferring from a prepaid line to a prepaid line, the cost of the service is half a Saudi riyal.

How to transfer Mobily balance the second method

Also, some people ask about how to transfer credit from Mobily to Mobily, you can easily through the following code *123# Then you make a call and ask you to enter the number of the transferee of the balance to him, then the next step is to determine the amount to be sent, and a message arrives to the second party to whom the balance is transferred from the number 611311 asking him to confirm his identity, by replying with a message to the same number 611311 and I must confirm your identity within 24 hours if the identity is not confirmed. Cancel the transfer and return the balance to the balance messenger.

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How do I transfer my Mobily balance

You can transfer the balance in a simple way, which is by sending a text message to 1110, writing the number of the transferee to him, then a space, and writing the amount to be transferred, then you will receive a message that the balance transfer process has been successful.

Transfer credit from Mobily to Mobily Fourth method:

You can easily make a Mobily balance transfer process through the official website of Mobily and by logging in to your account and typing your mobile number and code on the official Mobily website.

How do I transfer Mobily balance to Mobily Fifth method:

You can also easily check the balance through the Mobily application, and you can download it through the Google Play Store, which is available for download.

Transfer Mobily points to credit

Mobily has provided a distinctive service known as Mobily points, the company’s customers get these points by making calls or messages, which you can benefit from these points to convert them into a balance that you can use to make calls, subscribe to internet packages, get free minutes, or you can benefit from the points to get a discount on your monthly package or a cash discount on any of the company’s products or what the company offers.

How to convert Mobily points to credit

There is more than one way provided by the company to its valued customers to enable them to convert points into balance to benefit from it

  • You can transfer Mobily points to credit by dialing *1100# and choosing to request to convert points to credit.
  • You can also convert points into credit that can be used by calling Mobily customer service on 1100 and talking to one of the customer service representatives and requesting to convert points to credit.
  • The last way you can use to convert points to credit is to download and use the Mobily application, log in and choose from the list Mobily points Select to convert points to credit.
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Mobily Postpaid to Prepaid Balance Transfer Fees

In the aftermath of Clarify how to transfer Mobily balance Let’s talk about the cost or fees of the service In addition to the terms and conditions so that you can complete the process successfully:

  • You can transfer credit to prepaid customers only.
  • Balance transfer cannot be used between postpaid customers.
  • The transfer service fee is SAR 1 per time.
  • The amount must be entered correctly so that it is a multiple of five and a maximum of 20 riyals at a time.
  • The maximum balance transfer per month is SAR 150.
  • The transfer service cannot be used while roaming.
  • Transfer is not allowed if the postpaid plan customer has an outstanding unpaid bill or has reached the credit limit
  • The SIM must be active for more than 6 months.

Conditions for transferring Mobily Prepaid to Prepaid

The service can be used between prepaid customers with the application of terms and conditions that you will find in the following list:

  • Mobily Balance Transfer fee is only SAR 0.5 per transaction.
  • must Enter the transferred amount so that it is a multiple of five (10-15-20) and the maximum amount It can be transferred at a time 20 riyals, the minimum amount is 5 riyals.
  • There is no limit on the number of daily transfers so that the service can be used as many times as you like.
  • New customers can use the service after the following conditions are met:
    • Basic bundle credit cannot be transferred.
    • Make a second charge and consume 35 riyals.
    • Make sure you have enough credit to transfer the amount.
How to transfer Mobily balance to another number‎
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