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IBN Batuta Mall

Named after the Arab traveler Ibn Battuta, the mall in Dubai named after the Arab traveler Ibn Battuta, and the style of this market inspired by the travels of this great traveler.

Each section of the commercial market called one of the names of the areas explored by Ibn Battuta, namely Indonesia, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia, India and China, and the artistic architecture of each area painted in the squares of the commercial market and includes many luxury and local brands in addition to a restaurant area and a large cinema.

Ibn Battuta Mall offers the perfect stay at the Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate, each of the hotel’s 396 spacious rooms beautifully equipped with Moroccan colours and patterns, while all suites characterized by the character of African, Asian, Middle Eastern and Southern European.

Where is Ibn Battuta Mall located?

Located in Dubai, along Sheikh Zayed Road, it can reach by more than one means, which we explain to you below:

Ibn Battuta Mall easily accessible through taxis. Just indicate the taxi driver anywhere in Dubai. The cost of taxis relatively inexpensive to get to the mall. You can also easily find a taxi in the mall when you want to return again. After the end of your trip inside the mall, and you will find it at the following entrances. Which located on the side of Sheikh Zayed Road:

  • The entrance to the hall of Persia.
  • Entrance to the Andalusia Lobby
  • China Lobby entrance.

Ibn Battuta Mall also easily accessible by your own car from Sheikh Zayed Road and its surroundings.

The mall can also reach by the Dubai Metro, as it located a short distance from the mall, and to reach the desired station please disembark at the red line in Zone 2.

The mall starts operating from ten in the morning, until twelve o’clock after midnight all days of the week.

Ibn Battuta Mall Stores in Dubai

Ibn Battuta Mall has different shops, shops and destinations that provide you with a very perfect shopping experience, where you will find all the daily and monthly supplies you need. In Ibn Battuta Mall shops in Dubai include clothing, shoes, furnishings, toys and glasses, as well as shops for makeup, skincare, jewellery and watches. If you want to buy gifts, you will find several shops selling the most beautiful gifts, not to mention shops selling musical instruments, electronics and sporting supplies. Here simple examples of the most famous destinations and shops of Ibn Battuta Mall very many and cannot even counted!

  • Maruku Baruku
  • Royal Fashion
  • adidas
  • Timberland
  • Nike
  • Cotton
  • The Body Shop
  • Losh
  • Arabian Oud
  • Sephora
  • Aldo
  • Skechers
  • Homebox
  • United Furniture
  • Toy Store
  • Toys Foo Les
  • Rivoli iZone
  • Pandora
  • Damas
  • Elite Hour
  • Mont Blanc
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In addition to the above, if you are looking for Ibn Battuta Mall Salon, Pharmacy, Sports Center and other service providers, you will find many options of them offering high quality services and ultra-luxury products! Best of all is the presence of Carrefour Ibn Battuta Mall which provides you with a wide variety of daily and monthly necessities!

Ibn Battuta Mall & Cafes in Dubai

Want to visit the best restaurant in Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai? To be honest with you, you will feel a big lake when you think about visiting one of the cafes or restaurants of Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai scattered in different parts of the shopping mall, as Ibn Battuta Mall offers many restaurants, cafes and sweets shops offering the most delicious drinks and local and international cuisine that satisfies the different tastes of children and adults alike! Here are examples of some of the best restaurants in Ibn Battuta Mall and distinctive cafes


It characterized by containing a group of distinctive restaurants. Which offer different types of foods to satisfy all tastes, and we remind you of the best restaurants of Ibn Battuta Mall in the following:

  • Al Mallah Restaurant
  • Pizza Express Restaurant
  • Hatem Ibn Battuta Mall Restaurant
  • Egyptian Hadoota Ibn Battuta Mall Restaurant
  • Nando’s Restaurant
  • Papa John’s Restaurant
  • Hatem Ibn Battuta Mall Restaurant
  • McDonald’s Restaurant
  • Koryo Restaurant
  • Shakespeare & Co.
  • Kentucky Chicken Restaurant
  • Hardee’s Restaurant
  • Paparotti Restaurant

Ibn Battuta Mall Cafes

It characterized by containing a range of distinct cafes, which offer different types of foods to satisfy all tastes, and we mention to you the best cafes of Ibn Battuta Mall in the following:

  • Starbucks
  • Baskin Robbins
  • Kunafa Al , Prestige
  • urine
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Entertainment destinations in Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai

Ibn Battuta Mall has many activities that you can do the moment you arrive at the mall, as Ibn Battuta Mall hosts cinemas, games and other entertainment destinations very fascinating, for example, you can choose between watching your favorite movie in the latest cinemas, where Ibn Battuta Mall Cinema shows many and varied films to suit all interests, and you can also play bowling and spend the coolest time with your friends in Switch bowling! If you’re looking for family destinations or kids games at Ibn Battuta Mall, the best options include Singh & Swing String Center, Stay & Play, Fun City and Sky Zone at Ibn Battuta Mall.

Events Ibn Battuta Mall

As for the events and offers of Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai, they are many and include prizes and entertainment shows, in addition to great discounts that attract a lot of visitors, so do not miss the opportunity to be a part of them and enjoy everything beyond imagination!

Ibn Battuta Mall Services in Dubai

  • Wheelchair service
  • Car Wash Services
  • Valet parking
  • Public Transportation
  • Chapel for men and another for women
  • Copy & Fax Services
  • First Aid Service
  • Lost and Found Service
  • Information Desks
  • Taxi platform for downloading and loading
  • Exchange Service Banks and Companies
  • Children’s changing rooms
  • ATM
  • Shuttle bus service inside the mall

Novo Ibn Battuta Mall/Megaplex Cinema

3D film ticket price AED 50 2D film ticket price AED 36.75 IMAX film ticket price AED 63, ticket price 7-star cinema at AED 158, and 3D HFR hall ticket price AED 60.

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Working hours of Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai

  • Saturday – Wednesday: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Thursday & Friday: 10:00 am – 12:00 midnight
IBN Batuta Mall
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