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Indian Buffet Restaurant in Riyadh

If you are looking for the best Indian buffet restaurants in Riyadh, here you will find our options for the best restaurants that offer the most delicious authentic Indian food. The best Indian buffet restaurant in Riyadh is there.

Taste of Olive Restaurant Riyadh

Taste of Olive Restaurant Riyadh, one of the best Indian restaurants in Riyadh. They have a varied and sweet lunch buffet every day for 30 riyals, the place is very clean and tidy, they are interested in the smallest details and the comfort of the customer, the dealing is more than wonderful, and the prices are suitable for everyone

  • Category: Families – Individuals
  • Type: Indian Restaurant
  • Prices: Medium
  • Children: Allowed
  • Partition: None
  • Music:None
  • TIMING: 12:30PM–12AM
  • Restaurant page on Instagram: To loginclick here
  • Address For Taste of Olive Restaurant riyadh: Ash shaik abdul rahman ibn hasan, Ministries, Riyadh
  • Olive taste restaurant number Riyadh: ‏‪+966 55 780 8055

Red Chilli Restaurant

Red Chilli Restaurant is one of the best Indian buffet restaurants, very tasty food, excellent and fresh. The place has mixed sessions and family sessions I prefer that the family sessions a slice, and they open the glass the place has soft music that serves fried chips

  • Name: Red Chilli Restaurant
  • Category:Families
  • Type: Chinese, Indian and Asian cuisine
  • Prices: Low to Medium
  • Children: suitable for children
  • Music: There is music
  • Timings: Daily from 12:15 am – 3:00 pm from 5:15 pm – 00:00 am
  • Address: Khurais Branch Road, Riyadh
  • Phone: +966114128325

The Garden Restaurant

The garden restaurant is a clean restaurant, the service is excellent, quiet, a restaurant at the top of sophistication in terms of dealing and luxurious and comfortable sessions, and there are many multiple meals, and their taste is wonderful. Wonderful Indian buffet restaurant. It is also characterized by moderate prices that suit all people.

  • Category: Family/Individual
  • Type: Indian Food Restaurant
  • Prices: Medium Prices
  • Children: Suitable for children
  • Music: There is music
  • Timings: 12:30pm–1:00am
  • Address: 3630 Medina, Al Uraija Al Gharbia, Riyadh 12978, Saudi Arabia
  • Phone Number: +966114361339
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Indian Summer Restaurant

Indian Summer Restaurantis one of the most beautiful Indian restaurants in Riyadh, the food is delicious and varied. The menu is great, the service and prices are excellent, the restaurant is beautiful, and their food is delicious and fresh delicious grills, and their biryani are delicious, their soup is delicious and tastes excellent.

Family-friendly: Yes
Price Category: Medium
Address: Riyadh – King Abdulaziz Branch Road – Meadows
Phone Number: 0114539023
Postal Code: 12284
Working Hours: 12:30pm – 12:30am

Marhaba Restaurant Riyadh

A restaurant that is more than wonderful for the nature of Indian and Chinese food. As it is characterized by a beautiful taste and the right price. The best thing is the open buffet during lunch. The price per person is 55 and the food varied.

  • Working Hours: 12:30pm–12:00am
  • Category: Families / Individuals
  • Type: Restaurant / Indian
  • Prices: Medium
  • Children: Yes
  • Music: Yes
  • Address of Hello Olaya branch in Riyadh: Olaya Behind Khaleej Centre, Riyadh 12211, Saudi Arabia
  • Phone number of Marhaba restaurant: +966 11 462 2070

 Zafran Restaurant

Zafran Restaurant a beautiful and upscale Indian restaurant, the place is very beautiful, and the design is excellent, there is quiet music The restaurant is for individuals and families, children are allowed, waiters are confused and cooperative. The menu is varied and beautiful. The dishes are delicious There is good hospitality Prices are medium to high.

  • Name: Zafran Restaurant
  • Working hours: 12:30PM–12AM
  • Phone Number: +966 11 562 2229

Qasr Al Tandoor Indian Restaurant Riyadh

Al Tanour Palace Restaurant is one of the Indian restaurants that serve many distinct Indian cuisines in the style of Indian cooking, and the restaurant is characterized from the inside by Indian décor.

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Address: 6566 Al Ahsa, Al Zahraa, Riyadh 12812, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Shikara Indian Restaurant

Shikara Indian Restaurant a beautiful and quiet restaurant with closed family rooms and service staff along the average prices. one of the best high-end Indian restaurants for Indian buffet that people prefer.

  • Category : Suitable for families and individuals
  • Type : Indian Restaurant
  • Prices: Medium to high prices
  • Children: Suitable for children
  • Music: No Music
  • Timings: 12:30pm–1:30am
  • Address: 6895 Al Dimashqi, Al Rahmaniyah, Riyadh 12341, Saudi Arabia
  • Phone Number: 966112305333

Indian Style Restaurant

Indian Style Restaurant The food quality is very excellent. The place clean and very beautiful furniture. The service and smile are continuous and beautiful, the price is low, the place is clean and wonderful, there is a menu with special and delicious Indian cuisine.

  • Name: Indian Style Restaurant
  • Category: Families, Individuals
  • Type : Indian Food Restaurant
  • Prices : Medium Prices
  • Children: Suitable for children
  • Music : There is music
  • Timings: 12:30pm–12:30am
  • Address: 2836 Dirab Branch Road, 6104, 2836 Dirab Branch Road, Namar, Riyadh 14962, Riyadh 14962 6104, Saudi Arabia
  • Phone Number: +966533118954

Saravana Bhavan Riyadh

Saravana Pavan Riyadh, a long-established international restaurant chain serving South Indian vegetarian dishes. Including Dosas, has a family section and a singles section. One of the best indian buffet restaurant in riyadh. His tables are somewhat close together, there is a partition for conservative families.

  • Name: Saravanaa Bhavan Restaurant
  • Category: Families – Individuals
  • Type: Indian Restaurant
  • Prices: Medium
  • Children: Allowed
  • Partition: Yes
  • Music: None
  • Working Hours: 8AM–12AM
  • Address: Prince Faisal Ibn Turki Ibn Abdul Aziz, Al Murabba 1st floor, Riyadh Avenue , Opposite to Arab National Bank New Tower، Riyadh
  • Phone Number: ‪+966 11 403 5577
Indian Buffet Restaurant in Riyadh
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