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Indian Restaurant in Riyadh

Indian food has been able to cross all geographical borders to reach a very large number of countries around the world. It’s not easy not to find Indian food lovers in a country, almost everyone has heard of biryani, masala, curry, and tandoori. Here is a list of the best Indian restaurants in Riyadh.

Shah Rukh Khan Restaurant

The restaurant takes advantage of the popularity of the Indian star, and attracts many customers by putting his name on the front of the place, and from here he knows far and near that he will taste the best Indian delicacies on his tables.

When you visit the restaurant, you will surprise that it serves Chinese food alongside Indian dishes, and its best dishes served by the professional chef, the shrimp biryani.

Zafran Indian Bistro Restaurant

Among the best Indian restaurants in Riyadh, they have 3 branches within the city of Riyadh: Hittin (Exit 2, Northern Ring Road), Al Masif (Northern Ring Road between Exit 5 and 6, Level Mall), um Al Hammam Al Sharqi (Makkah Road, Turki Square, Ground Floor).

They have a variety of dishes to satisfy most desires, the menu mainly contains: main courses, soups and salads, curry main dishes, bread, kebabs, biryani and rice, seafood kebabs, vegetarian kebabs, special drinks, and side items.

The quality of food in general excellent, the dealing of the staff and the supervisor of the place with customers ok. The prices more than average. The sessions distinguished in the personnel section with beautiful paintings on the wall, and the décor of the family section is luxurious and sophisticated.

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Deli Restaurant

It considered the most important Indian restaurant in Riyadh because of its specialization in serving northern food, and many lovers of Indian food choose with complete care.

The chefs at the venue worked on choosing the items offered to customers during the whole year, which gave their menu a distinction to their credit.

Copper Chandani

A luxurious Indian restaurant, the first branch to open in Al-Khobar. They have branches in Dammam, Al-Ahsa and Riyadh. They have 3 branches inside Riyadh: Prince Muhammed Bin Abdulaziz Sulaymaniyah Road, King Abdulaziz Branch Road, Hayat Mall, King Fahd District. Below are the details of Cooper Shindani Restaurant.

The menu mainly includes: Appetizers, Rice, Desserts, Indian Bread, Grills, Appetizers, Kids Meal, Masala, Beverages, and Soup. Prices range from medium to high, depending on the price of the dish. The only problem is that there are not enough stands, I would recommend to try the biryani rice.

The Yellow Chili Restaurant

The restaurant suitable for first-time users. Because its prices not high, and first-time visitors given three types of sauces for free.

You can enjoy crispy bread, with tandoori, and you will always find a great welcome and service from the staff at the place.

Farzi Cafe

This place serves Indian dishes, but with distinct Western touches that add to the dish and increase its value.

With this delicious blend, dishes become satisfying for everyone, and you will not forget their special Biryani Shawarma experience after tasting it.

Address: Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Road.

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Indian Summer Restaurant

It is not a regular restaurant, but a whole chain of integrated Indian restaurants, and you can get their most delicious meals at special prices.

If you are trying Indian food for the first time you should choose this restaurant, and you can visit it in the Hamra district of Riyadh.

Shizan Indian Restaurant

Shezan Restaurant is one of Riyadh’s distinctive Indian restaurants, their branches in the Kingdom are 8 branches, including one branch in Riyadh, Olaya, Wadi Al-Tiri Street. Working hours in all branches every day of the week from 1 pm to 3:30 pm, and from 7 pm to 12:30 pm.

The menu contains: tandoor bread, vegetarian dishes, chicken dishes, appetizers, soups, salads, biryani and rice dishes, meat dishes, seafood dishes, grills, cold and hot drinks.

Bab Al India Restaurant

India Gate considered the best Indian restaurant in Riyadh. Its decorations wonderful, and it has a special section for families, and it has a partition. When you enter the restaurant for the first time, you feel like you are in India, the most important thing that attracts the visitor to the restaurant is the high level of service, starting from the cleanliness of the place through its distinctive decorations and ending with its comfortable sessions.

Makani Restaurant

This place offers the most luxurious and delicious types of Indian-style meat, so in your search for Indian restaurants in Riyadh, put it on your list to take you on a tour of India and its delicious foods.

The restaurant has four branches, including the Rahmaniya branch and the Olaya branch in Riyadh.

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Maharaja East by Vineet

Maharaja Al Sharq Vineet is a sumptuous and upscale Indian restaurant, the chef named Vineet Bhatia is a Michelin star for French cooking. To date, they have only one branch in Riyadh, located in Sulaymaniyah, King Mohammed V Street.

Maharaja’s menu includes several items: appetizers, oven tandoor, stews and vegetables, cold biryani and rice, bread and yogurt, and desserts. The prices high, the atmosphere quiet. There is a partition, children allowed to enter, attention to the quality of food one of their characteristics.

Kumar Restaurant

Kumar Restaurant one of the high-end and modern Indian restaurants. Affiliated with the Al-Mudhaf and Al-Kulaib Group, the restaurant named after Chef Kumar who established several Indian restaurants in London. He opened his first restaurant in Kuwait, Riyadh and Muscat. The restaurant is located inside Riyadh Park Complex, right of Gate 2.

The menu contains: soups, salads, main courses, Indian bread, The Truffles bread, tandoori chicken, meat, biryani, Maharaja Karak, children’s section, natural juices, and desserts. Working hours from 12 noon to 12 pm all days of the week, families and individuals, children allowed, indoor and outdoor sessions. Prices are high.

Indian Restaurant in Riyadh
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