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Indigo Beach Resort Jeddah

Indigo Jeddah is the best place to spend a special vacation on the kingdom’s soil, with distinctive sea views.

Activities at Indigo Jeddah Resort

Indigo Resort offers annual subscriptions to enjoy beachfront apartments and huts, but these subscriptions are only available at the invitation of a member of the resort, as well as multiple activities and services, making it the best resort ever, and its various activities include:

1. Swimming

  • The resort’s most distinctive feature is a private beach overlooking the clear and magnificent Red Sea, giving a different look and special pleasure to experience swimming, especially at sunrise and the reflection of rays on the water.
  • You can also swim in the swimming pools, where Indigo Jeddah resort has large open swimming pools for adults, as well as a children’s swimming pool, and spreads to the edges of the swimming pools rescue personnel, for greater safety and follow-up children as they go swimming.

2. Other water activities

  • Activities and water games within the resort vary, making the visitor more enjoyable.
  • The resort has a number of magnificent waterfalls.

3. Integrated Spa

  • The resort features a spa with a jacuzzi dedicated to relaxation.
  • It has dedicated spaces for women to increase privacy. .
  • All types of massages can be done by experts and specialists in this field.
  • Spa centres overlook the beach, giving you a view of the sea and enjoying its fresh air while working a massage or jacuzzi.
  • Inside Andiho Jeddah Resort, there are swimming pools for the visitor to drink his favorite drink while swimming.

4. Activities for children

  • The resort offers a free children’s club with all child-friendly games available.
  • Inside the resort, there are many distinct activities for children, such as painting and painting, under the auspices of specialist nannies to ensure the highest degree of peace and safety for children.
  • Childcare for all ages and even infants is also available by specialized supervisors.
  • There is a dedicated place within the resort with a wide range of water games for children.

5. Take commemorative photos

  • The beach is planted with greenery, umbrellas and well-distributed lighting, making it a great place to take pictures.
  • Indigo Jeddah resort has great landscapes and industrials suitable for a distinctive photography background, a special photo shoot for family and friends, as well as puppet shoots.

6. Cinemas

  • Indigo Resort has a spacious cinema with large audiences.
  • Cinema showcases a wide range of Arab, foreign and international films.

Andigo Jeddah Resort Opening Hours

What distinguishes the resort most from other resorts is that it never closes its door to the visitor, as you can visit it at any time because it works daily throughout the year.

Indigo Resort Prices

There are no rates or fees to enter the resort, but it requires an annual membership to visit, and a number of people can be a relative.

Indigo Beach Site

  • The resort is located on King Abdullah al-Faisal Street, in Northern Bahr, inside Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • You can call Andigo Jeddah Resort number to ask exactly where, and any other information you would like to know by 966122344624+
  • For easy access to the resort without stumble or suffering.
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Restaurants near Indigo Resort

Many restaurants are scattered around the resort, which increases the desire of many to spend the holiday at the resort, where you can change and get out of place for one of the restaurants nearby:

  • Crave Obhur Restaurant: 4.9 km from the resort, about a 5-minute drive away, the restaurant offers in-house dining, as well as a varied menu of fast food to suit most tastes, such as burgers, shawarma and more.
  • Taste of Trim Kitchen Restaurant: 7.6 km from Indigo Jeddah Resort, it serves the sweetest Shami and Arabic cuisine and offers the advantage of in-house dining.
  • Falafel Mays Al Sham Restaurant: Near the Taste of Trim Kitchen Restaurant, it is about 7.7 km from the resort and serves most Syrian-style meals, by the best service team.

Hotels near Indigo Resort

Indigo Resort features a variety of premium hotels nearby, which you may be interested in knowing and visiting:

Narcissus Sail Resort & Spa

  • The hotel has its own website, which you can access from here to find out more details and request a reservation.
  • It offers free cancellation and no additional charges.
  • The nearest resort from Andigo Jeddah resort is just 3.8 km away, about a quarter of an hour’s drive away.
  • One of the most beautiful five-star hotels.
  • The hotel offers suites and family rooms to your ed most, as well as non-smoking rooms.
  • The hotel offers many services and facilities equipped at the highest level, offering free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, as well as comprehensive parking at the value of the booking.
  • The hotel offers free breakfast (including at booking value).
  • You can access Indigo Booking and book a full hotel villa.
  • The hotel’s views vary, with distinctive sea views, a quiet street, as well as distinctive views of some rooms on the hotel’s inner courtyard.
  • Atallah Park is 33 km away and is also close to The Mall of Arabia, and 17.5 km from The Waterfall Amusement Park.
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Hader Resort

  • The nearest hotels to Indigo Resort and Jeddah are just 3.8 km away, just 5 or 6 minutes away.
  • One of the best five-star hotels, which has received a high rating of about 4 stars from guests thanks to the service provided at the highest level.
  • The hotel has a swimming pool and a floating garden in the sea.
  • The hotel offers free Wi-Fi throughout the resort, including guest rooms.
  • It also features rock climbing wires for more fun while staying, a trampoline in the resort’s public park, all in addition to a children’s play room.
  • The hotel offers air-conditioned rooms with a kitchenette for cold food processing, warm drinks, a private bathroom, a TV screen, and each room has a large separate seating area and a coffee table on it.
  • Free parking is available for guests.
  • The hotel is highly employed and has a 24-hour reception for visitors.

Indigo Jeddah is one of the best resorts, with many activities, as well as plenty of great sea and beach games, so if you’re looking for comfort, cleanliness, fun and relaxation, don’t hesitate, start preparing to go, and don’t forget to take your camera to take the best souvenirs for this wonderful place.

Indigo Beach Resort Jeddah
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