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Is There Primark in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt, a bustling city in Germany, is known for its vibrant culture, thriving business scene, and diverse shopping options. When it comes to budget-friendly fashion, Primark often springs to mind. However, the presence of Primark in Frankfurt has left many curious. In this article, we will explore whether Primark has established its stores in Frankfurt, look at some alternative options for affordable fashion, and delve into how to buy online from Primark.

Primark Frankfurt Northwest Center

The Primark Frankfurt Northwest Center is one of the two Primark stores located in the city. Situated at Limescorso 15, Frankfurt 60439, Germany, this store offers a wide range of trendy clothing, footwear, accessories, and home goods. With its convenient location and extensive collections, the Primark Frankfurt Northwest Center attracts numerous shoppers looking for affordable fashion.

Contact information for Primark Frankfurt Northwest Center:

  • Phone: 069 57003738
  • Opening Hours: Opens at 10:00 on Monday

Primark Frankfurt Zeil

Another Primark store in Frankfurt is the Primark Frankfurt Zeil, located on Line 94, Frankfurt 60313, Germany. This store holds a reputation for providing fashion enthusiasts with the latest trends at budget-friendly prices. From clothing to accessories and home décor, the Primark Frankfurt Zeil offers a wide variety of options for shoppers.

Contact information for Primark Frankfurt Zeil:

  • Phone: 069 29723556
  • Opening Hours: Opens at 10:00 on Monday

Parking Facilities

Both Primark stores in Frankfurt offer convenient parking options for visitors. While the specific addresses for parking facilities were not provided, visitors can inquire about nearby parking options at the respective Primark stores. Additionally, consulting local parking directories or utilizing navigation apps can help locate the best parking spots near the Primark stores.

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Alternatives to Primark in Frankfurt

While Primark provides affordable and trendy fashion options, Frankfurt also offers various alternative options for budget-conscious shoppers. Let’s explore a few popular alternatives:


ZARA, a Spanish fast-fashion retailer, has multiple stores across Frankfurt. Known for its trendy styles, ZARA offers a wide range of clothing, accessories, and footwear at reasonable prices. With its emphasis on quality and affordable fashion, ZARA attracts a loyal customer base.

2. H&M

H&M, a global fashion retailer, also has a strong presence in Frankfurt. With multiple stores throughout the city, H&M provides a diverse range of wardrobe essentials and trendy pieces for individuals of all ages. Known for its accessible price points, H&M is a popular choice for fashion-forward shoppers.

3. Primark Alternatives within Germany

While Frankfurt has two Primark stores, other German cities also offer Primark locations. Berlin, Munich, Cologne, and Hamburg are just a few cities where shoppers can find Primark stores. These locations provide an opportunity for visitors to explore Primark’s extensive collections in different regions of Germany.

How to Buy Online from Primark

In addition to their physical stores, Primark also offers an online shopping platform in select regions. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article, online shopping from Primark is not available in Germany. However, Primark has launched their online website for customers in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, and a few other countries. Customers residing in these countries can conveniently shop from Primark’s online store and have their purchases delivered to their doorstep.

When online shopping from Primark is available in Germany or other regions, customers can access the website and browse through the extensive range of products. They can add items to their online cart, proceed to checkout, and choose their preferred payment method. The online store is designed to provide a seamless shopping experience, similar to the in-store experience that customers love.

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Although Primark has established its presence in Frankfurt with two stores, Primark alternatives such as ZARA and H&M offer additional options for budget-friendly fashion. Frankfurt’s diverse shopping scene caters to various tastes and preferences, ensuring that visitors and residents alike have access to the latest trends and affordable clothing options. While online shopping from Primark is not available in Germany at the moment, customers in other select countries can conveniently shop from Primark’s online store. Whether you choose to explore Primark in-store or explore its alternatives, Frankfurt promises an enjoyable shopping experience for fashion enthusiasts.

Is There Primark in Frankfurt?
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