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Iset Tower

The Iset Tower in Yekaterinburg is a 52-storey skyscraper on the territory of the Yekaterinburg-City business quarter, which proudly adorned the city’s main embankment. The windows of the skyscraper offer a panoramic view of the Iset River, the embankment, the historic Plotinka square and the Church on the Blood.

High-altitude ambitions

The Iset Tower is the tallest building in Yekaterinburg. The original appearance of the skyscraper, set by the French architectural concern Jean Pistret, assumed that the tower would consist of two structures in the form of copper-colored cylinders of different height, smoothly merging into each other with a decorative element – a winter garden and a spiral at the top.

Under the contract signed on December 11, 2007, construction began on February 12, 2008. Due to difficulties with high-rise construction, the construction of the skyscraper suspended in December 2008 at the stage of preparing the foundation pit. The new look of the Iset tower developed by German specialists from the international architectural and engineering bureau Werner Sobek. Construction resumed on 20 August 2010. The commissioning of the object scheduled for September 2015.

On the concrete foundation of the “Iset” pit, 16 meters deep, a fundamental slab with an area of ​​1700 square meters and a thickness of 2.5 meters was poured, which required 6647 cubic meters of concrete, the recipe of which made at the Institute of St. Petersburg. The slab for the foundation must be poured continuously for three days at an air temperature of + 18 degrees.

For the production of high-strength concrete, which nowhere else in the world, (3 times more expensive than what used in residential construction), a concrete plant and a laboratory to check the quality of the concrete produced created at the construction site.

A jack-up tower crane, 5 concrete pumps and 70 concrete carriers delivered to the construction site. On January 8, 2017, the Iset tower officially put into operation.

Skyscraper design features

The building consists of two parts: a 52-storey high-rise part and an adjoining 5-storey stylobate one. The stylobate , acting as a support and evenly distributing the vertical load on the base, gives the building stability and completeness, while emphasizing its upward aspiration.

The building made on a reinforced concrete frame. During the construction, a self-lifting formwork system used, which allows it to accurately maintain the geometry of the structure. The panoramic glazing of the facade, made of impact-resistant tempered glass on the outside and injury-free from the inside, protects against solar radiation and reduces heat loss.

At the ends there are vents that residents open at will. Panoramic silver-plated windows provide natural light. The outside kept clean by the operating company with climbing equipment.

A glass façade perceived differently depending on the angle of view and lighting. The tower’s façade handled by a Chinese company that previously built Olympic facilities in Beijing.

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Their majesty – apartments

The main purpose of the building is living quarters. The complex consists of 225 premium apartments ranging from 80 to 490 meters, located on 52 floors of a high-rise 209-meter building. The total area of ​​the apartments is 30,442 square meters. The height of residential floors from 5 to 40 is 3.6 meters, from 41 to 50 – 4.5 meters.

The rest of the floors arranged with non-standard room heights, the highest – the first floor – 5.4 meters. The upper floors (48-50) are occupied by three luxurious duplex penthouses with a ceiling height of 8 meters and an area of ​​44,320 square meters.

Interiors of premises

The interior of the apartments presented in three style solutions: classic, modern and high-tech. The solemn, solid, strict and at the same time cozy classic style is a sign of respectability and good taste. The bright rooms decorated with antique architectural elements. Precious wood parquet floors, hand-made carpets and jewel-like lamps confirm the uniqueness of the style.

Caring for the maximum comfort of the living space is the vocation of the Art Nouveau style. Laconicism and elegance of forms give the apartments natural stone and natural wood. Simplicity of the room combined with maximum convenience.

A distinctive feature of the high-tech style is the use of advanced high-tech achievements in the interior in the absence of everything superfluous. Style values ​​light and space.

Prices and apartments and their maintenance

The cost of the apartments depends on the area. The most economical option with an area of ​​78.8 square meters will cost 22,135,156 rubles. The average price for an apartment is 30-40 million rubles. The most expensive option is a 436 square meter penthouse – 130 607 233 rubles. The price for a parking space – 2,100,000 is commensurate with the price of a one-room apartment in the city.

In the Iset tower, 30 apartments were sold at a price of 350 thousand rubles per 1 square meter . 43 apartments – for rent, booked for 3 years. The cost of building the skyscraper not disclosed.

Real estate in Iset is one of the most expensive in the Yekaterinburg market. The Iset Tower has no analogues in the world: absolutely unique solutions have been applied here. The skyscraper is ready for any challenge, the object does not keep pace with the times, but ahead of it. During the construction of the tower, international requirements for high-rise buildings observed. Life here is comparable to the level of service in a five-star hotel.

Fire safety is at the highest level in Iset. Design fire-fighting documentation contains more than a dozen volumes. The regulatory framework approved by the Emergencies Ministry Academy in Moscow and the Russian Ministry of Construction.

The tower divided into fire compartments, isolated from each other. Smoke in one of the compartments blocked until the cause eliminated. In the center of the tower there is a fire zone with a separate ventilation system and fireproof walls, two smoke-free staircases and an evacuation lift. There is no helipad in the tower, but evacuation is possible by helicopter from the roof of the tower and evacuation cabins for 6-8 people.

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The security zone receives data from 300 CCTV cameras installed inside the building and outside. There are 2 operators working in the room, replacing each other every two hours. The head of the security service is also here. The shift attendant allows or denies access to the tower spaces. Each apartment owner has a connection with the security zone, by pressing a button on a special key fob, he notifies the security about his problems.

The apartments are equipped with the “Smart Home” system, with which you can control the climate in the apartments: set heating parameters, receive data from video cameras, control light, sound, and remotely fill the bathtub with water. If you are away for a long time, you can lower the temperature in your home, and you can do this from anywhere in the world.

For the services of the management company, residents of Iset pay 130 rubles per square meter. 24-hour Reception service provides services for cleaning things, ordering groceries at home, recommends entertainment, doctors, and book trips.

A concierge service works here via video communication, where you can order cleaning, food delivery, dry cleaning, laundry and courier services, contact the administration. Each room has a spacious storage room. Seasonal items dropped off at the dressing room outside the living area.

Apartments equipped with alarms: a sensor in the door and inside the building acts as a security system. If the leakage sensor triggered, the water supply to the apartment is stopped so as not to flood yourself and your neighbors.

Tower maintenance

The tower has 4 technical floors with ventilation units installed there, as well as equipment and control systems that ensure the life of the tower. In the supply chamber there an installation for the preparation of air supplied to the apartment. Here, the outside air passes through filters, is purified, disinfected and, heated to the required temperature in the blower system, enters the apartment.

In addition, the premises equipped with radiators and underfloor heating, as well as an air conditioning and smoke exhaust system. In the building – the Internet, a structure for the arrival of mobile operators, cable TV and telephone communications.

The roof of the Iset tower, to which residents are not allowed access, is the highest point in Yekaterinburg. There is an automatic gas boiler room for heating the building and an air-cooling system. The pumping station pumps water to the height. The system of deep wells pumps 700 cubic meters of water per day: 4 floors of the underground parking lot are always dry thanks to this mechanism.

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4 technical floors (3, 18, 40, 52) – extinguishing stations for wastewater. A mechanical “arm” installed on the roof – a machine for servicing the facades, to which a “cradle” attached for workers who troubleshoot problems if they occur. The 12-meter steel “crown” made in Beijing for the “Iset” tower for decorative purposes.

3396 bulbs and 360 lamps in the building, 64 lamps in 12-meter teeth of the “crown” at the top – the tower lighting, creating a volumetric-spatial perception of the picture depicted on the facade, which changed depending on the circumstances.

Skyscraper infrastructure

The Iset tower complex includes:

  • Apart-hotel.
  • Apartments.
  • Lobby.
  • Walking area.
  • Restaurant with a banquet hall.
  • Health club (fitness club, swimming pool and Finnish sauna).
  • Underground car parking.
  • Car wash.
  • Laundry, dry cleaning.
  • Gas boiler room.
  • Multifunctional hall.
  • Two types of elevators.
  • Cafe-library.
  • Billiard room.
  • Tire workshop.
  • Ice rink.
  • Cleaning services.

Above the main entrance to the tower there is a massive and at the same time aerial structure – a pedestrian esplanade at the level of the 2nd floor, a courtyard raised above the ground, a walking area with mowed lawns, flower beds and playgrounds, a restaurant with an open terrace. Through the massive hemispheres of the esplanade, natural light enters the courtyard. In the evenings, their shape accentuated by lighting.

The five-star apart-hotel occupies 8 floors and consists of 36 apartments. Offices are located on the lower floors. The meat restaurant is popular. On the ground floor of the complex there is a lobby, where visitors and residents can read the press and use the Internet 24 hours a day.

The two-storey fitness club is a premium class club with an 18-meter swimming pool, SPA area and a fitness center. The pool is located on the 4th floor, there is also a relaxation area with sun loungers. The parking built at the rate of 2 cars per apartment. The four-level underground parking designed for 420 cars. Laundry and dry cleaning staffed by qualified personnel and modern technology in work.

All kinds of events held in the multifunctional hall, including meetings of residents. There are 6 high-speed elevators between the floors, one an evacuation one. From the first to the last floor, the lift rises in one minute

The Iset Tower is a symbol of Yekaterinburg. The construction of a skyscraper was a daily feat; such an object should increase the competitiveness of Yekaterinburg and attract valuable specialists here, making the city attractive in the struggle for professional personnel.

Iset Tower
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