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Italian Restaurant in Khobar

Al-Khobar characterized by the diversity in the services it provides, as it owns many different restaurants, including Italian restaurants, which famous for their delicious food, including pastries and other delicious dishes.

Vapiano Restaurant in Khobar

The first thing we start with is the list of the most prominent restaurants in Al Khobar Italian, which is famous for serving one of the best Italian dishes in Al Khobar, and the most famous dishes it offers are the distinctive Italian pasta dishes.

It has a large menu that includes other meat dishes with a distinctive Italian flavor, and the prices slightly higher compared to other Al Khobar Italian restaurants, but the food and service in the restaurant are worth the price you will pay.

Piatto Restaurant

Piato Restaurant one of the most famous Italian restaurants in Al Khobar, where the restaurant offers the most delicious dishes that Italy is famous for, as it a food that has lovers around the world, from delicious pastries and pasta in its many forms, it a wonderful place frequented by a large number of lovers of Italian food.

Restaurant Piato includes a diverse menu of varieties of delicious pizza with different foods from pizza with vegetables and meat and a mixture of delicious cheese, in addition to the wonderful crispy chicken that children prefer steak dish with meat and fettuccine with chicken and broccoli, as well as a diverse menu of appetizers from eggplant, cheese and tomatoes, as well as different dishes of soup such as delicious tomato soup, and distinctive varieties of desserts including ice cream and cheesecake, Beatto Restaurant is among the most beautiful Italian restaurants in Al Khobar.

Timings: The restaurant operates daily from 10 am to 9 pm.

Location: Fouad Center, Prince Turki Street, Al Khobar North District, Al Khobar.

Sicilian House Restaurant in Khobar

We cannot mention a list of the best tastes of the Italian news and we cannot mention the modern Sicilian House restaurant, which serves the most delicious Italian desserts, in addition to being one of the best places in Khobar that prepares Italian pizza and coffee as well.

Perhaps the most prominent feature of the Sicilian House restaurant is that its food prices are average and suitable for different budgets, and the restaurant offers outdoor dining sessions, and the design of the place is very distinctive that combines the originality of the Arabic character mixed with some Italian touches.

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Olio Al Khobar Restaurant

The restaurant located on King Salman bin Abdulaziz Street, Yarmouk, Al Khobar, in Sheikh Avenue Mall, the place characterized by serving delicious Italian food, especially pasta and pizza of all kinds, quinoa salad, hot drinks such as tea, coffee and distinctive juices with special flavors, and the place is quiet suitable for families and individuals and also for children, and there are outdoor seats in the air and indoor places, and it has Wi-Fi, the service is fast and distinctive, and the staff is as efficient.

Gandola Restaurant Al Khobar

Gandola Restaurant the most beautiful Italian restaurant in Al Khobar, as it designed with a distinctive Italian atmosphere, and the place receives families and children and offers the most delicious varieties and wonderful Italian cuisine, and all dishes characterized by their quality and delicious taste, it also one of the old restaurants in the city of Khobar and frequented by a large number of visitors.

Gandola Restaurant has a list of delicious dishes such as pizza that Italy is famous for in all its forms of vegetable and meat pizza and a variety of types of pasta, the most beautiful of which is pasta with bacon and fettuccine with cream with chicken and mushrooms, pesto spaghetti and lasagna in its various delicious forms, in addition to delicious soup dishes such as seafood soup, and there are some cold drinks such as tea and hot drinks such as orange juice, in a wonderful and calm atmosphere with charming music, as it is among the first Italian restaurants in Al Khobar.

Timings: The restaurant operates from 12 pm to 11.30 pm.

Location: Tenth Street, Al Khobar North District, Al Khobar.

Bolino Al Khobar

This restaurant one of the finest and best Italian restaurants in Al-Khobar and located on Prince Faisal bin Fahd Road, Al-Hada, in the wonderful city of Al-Khobar, and this place dedicated to individuals and families and it suitable for children, and what distinguishes the place that the colors of the place almost completely decorated in white, in addition to distributing candles throughout the place, and its atmosphere calm and the decorations modern and the place in general comfortable for the nerves, while the service is distinctive, and the staff highly efficient and Meals served quickly and food tastes great.

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Melenzani Restaurant

Italian restaurants in Al Khobar distinctive and wonderful and offer delicious Italian dishes, and one of the most important of these restaurants the Melenzani Restaurant, which has the most delicious dishes with a delicious taste that is loved by all guests who frequent it who prefer Italian food.

The menu at Melenzani Restaurant varied and includes different varieties of pizza, the most famous Italian dishes, from meat pizza, chicken barbecue, various cheeses, pasta, meatballs, steak, chicken with vegetables, in addition to soup with mushrooms, pumpkin soup with delicious cheese, potato balls with cheese and a range of delicious drinks, as it considered the best Italian restaurant in Al-Khobar.

Timings: The restaurant operates from 12 pm to 12 am.

Location: Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Road, Green Belt, Khobar.

Casa Pasta Restaurant in Khobar

If you have never tried pasta the Italian way before, we recommend you to try it from Casa Pasta in Al Khobar, as it is a collection of the best Italian flavored pasta dishes in the region, and it has pasta with white and red sauce as well as mix pasta.

The restaurant also serves delicious meatballs with basil leaves and copious cheese and serves with all dishes a plate of vegetables and soups with Italian flavor, and has a menu that includes various warm and cold drinks, and its Italian espresso is excellent.

Leonardo Restaurant Khobar

This place considered one of the finest and most luxurious Italian restaurants in Al-Khobar, and it located on the first floor of the Meridian Hotel, the restaurant has an Italian chef and excellent staff and the service distinctive, the restaurant offers Italian dishes with a special Italian taste and flavors, and it considered one of the strongest restaurants that offer distinctive Italian food, and there are separate tables and tables overlooking the sea and the place is upscale and suitable for holding special events and parties and suitable for families.

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Rosette Restaurant Khobar

The restaurant located in a special place on the Corniche of Al Khobar in the Fouad Center Complex and considered the best French restaurant in Al Khobar according to the opinions of many visitors, and the restaurant offers the most delicious French dishes with their distinctive taste and also serves American coffee next to croissants and famous French baked goods, the place is very special and there is a place for families and children and the service is fast, and the working hours start from 12.30 pm to 12 am.

Mizo Restaurant Al Khobar

Mizo Restaurant has more than one branch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it one of the best Italian restaurants in the region, and two branches of Mizo Restaurant opened in Al-Khobar, one branch is located on the Corniche and the other located on Prince Faisal bin Fahd Road, the Green Belt, and the working hours are from 8 am to 1 am, and the restaurant offers distinctive breakfasts of omelet and other distinctive dishes, as well as a distinctive group of delicious salads, as well as pasta and pizza dishes.

Madeleine Al Khobar Restaurant

It is one of the best Italian restaurants in Al-Khobar, and this place serves French, Levantine and Italian cuisine as well, and it is one of the restaurants that we recommend for families and groups, whether friends or otherwise, it is located on King Fahd Road in the Green Belt area in Al-Khobar, and the restaurant offers a distinctive and varied menu, as it offers a range of European foods, including Chicken Ratatouille Parmijana, Creamy Chicken, Slantro Chicken Casserole. Besides Italian pizza, Western sweets and snacks, it also offers take-way meals and delivers to the orders.

Italian Restaurant in Khobar
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