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Japanese Restaurant in Riyadh

Japanese cuisine has developed over many centuries. Especially after multiple political events that made some changes in the way of cooking or adding new dishes. Japanese cuisine depends mainly on rice that served along with seafood or meat, and the most famous dishes of Japanese cuisine: sushi, unagi, takoyaki, tempura, and shiwakara. If you want to taste Japanese food and are looking for the best Japanese restaurant in Riyadh, we will present to you in this article the best Japanese restaurants in Riyadh.

Nozomi Restaurant Riyadh

The concept of Nozomi brilliantly combined with entertainment and dining. Where very popular Japanese cuisine served along with the sounds of soulful music based on a selection of international music designed to relax and ensure a unique experience. So it provides a lively atmosphere, and the dishes served include A wide range of sushi from the famous black cod and tender beef to a variety of vegetarian dishes. Providing the guest with everything they expect from a cuisine. Contemporary Japanese all over the world so it added as the best restaurant in Riyadh.

Samurai Restaurant Riyadh

Samurai Restaurant one of the best Japanese restaurants in Riyadh specialized in Japanese cuisine at medium prices. Suitable for the quality of food, in addition to the wonderful service provided by the staff. The restaurant is located in Al Faisaliah Tower, one of the tallest buildings in Saudi Arabia. The restaurant has a variety of menu items, including sushi, sashimi, tempura and teppanyaki. The Samurai restaurant also has a variety of sake drinks and other alcoholic beverages. The restaurant has a casual and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a night out with friends or family.

Benihana Restaurant

Benihana Restaurant is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Riyadh. Which keen to provide the authentic taste of the food inside, especially sushi and sashimi. Many people usually think that sushi only raw fish. But sushi actually gets its name from marinated rice mixed with fish. And many types of sushi prepared from cooked ingredients. Such as grilled eel (unagi) or Japanese omelette (tamagoyak). And in all cases make sure that you will experience the authentic and traditional taste of food Japanese inside this restaurant.

  • Location: Northern Ring Branch Road, Al Taawun, Riyadh 12477, Saudi Arabia.
  • Phone Number: +966 11 415 7878
  • Minyo Plates: Chicken Noodles Vegetable fried rice, shrimp sushi, onion soup, sashimi, chicken hibashi, hibashi steak, hibashi shrimp, tuna steak, salmon steak, butter shrimp.

OKKU Restaurant

It one of the internationally recognized award-winning restaurants for 2020 for its continuous provision of the highest quality of Japanese cuisine and outstanding service. OKKU has established itself as one of Riyadh’s favorite destinations, Okko is unique in serving the most popular cuisine on the menu. Guests can also enjoy a wide range of fresh steamed fish, meats, baked goods and Japanese robata to complement the cuisine. The beverage menu includes more than 30 unique cocktails and 20 teas. Asian ingredients and flavors.

Cambay Restaurant

Are you looking for the best Japanese restaurant in Riyadh Tahlia? Located on Tahlia Street, Cambay will be the place for you, serving a variety of Japanese and Asian dishes, with a rich and fresh selection of fish and seafood, in a simple setting where the main focus of the main restaurant is on food and attention to detail.

  • Location: Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Road, Almaz Plaza, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Phone number: +966 11 461 7601.
  • Mineo dishes: steak, crab salad, dynamite shrimp, unagi maki, kani maki, katsu kappa, shaky maki, spicy salmon, grilled spicy wagyu, seabass.
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Gold Sushi Club Restaurant Riyadh

Gold Sushi Club Riyadh one of the most important Japanese restaurants in Riyadh. Which serves Japanese cuisine in every concept of sashimi, sushi, makimono, temaki. And other good specialties that have done to the fullest. One of the secrets of their delicious dishes is traditional cooking methods in the kitchen and the direct preparation station. They also have a few other chicken and beef items to serve apart from sushi. But besides their food, it’s the wonderful, attractive décor, warm hospitality of the staff, and attention to small details that make them one of the best Japanese restaurants to enjoy a great meal.

Tokyo Restaurant Riyadh

Tokyo is a stand-alone establishment, not only because it is the first Japanese restaurant to open its doors in Riyadh, but also because its popularity among the city’s residents is so immense that most of them know the names of all its dishes. Restaurant Tokyo is the best Japanese restaurant in Riyadh and the first and oldest authentic Japanese restaurant in Riyadh, where guests can enjoy the look and feel of a modern atmosphere with a traditional touch. It is one of the distinctive restaurants specializing in delicious Japanese cuisine. The menu, which prepared with fresh ingredients, is authentic, exquisite quality and versatile. Tokyo Restaurant a very unique and wonderful place, as the interior design inspired by Japanese culture with its usual graphics, characters, and colors. Its area is also very large, as it consists of two floors, and there is a section serving drinks and a direct kitchen.

Wasabi Restaurant

Wasabi Japanese Restaurant is an option for delicious Japanese cuisine as it offers a range of different and varied menu options, everything you can eat in dinner buffets is there and there is no shortage of options, everything you aspire to eat you will definitely find, as the restaurant focuses on the superior quality of food, hospitality and service to create a dining experience that will ensure you return to the restaurant again.

Mirage Restaurant

Since 2004 Mirage has opened its doors to become one of the best Asian restaurants in Riyadh, with the design of Al Baraka Asian Park and unique cuisine that has brought a lot of wonderful memories to customers in Riyadh, Mirage offers a wide range of Chinese dishes with some Taiwanese additions, but what makes Mirage even more attractive is the amazing interior decoration where huge colorful aquariums, lighted waiting areas and a pond in the middle of the dining area, this décor keeps children busy making Mirage A family-friendly restaurant and despite its high-end interior, Mirage prices are very reasonable.

Shiro Restaurant Riyadh

For anyone who loves their sushi with a touch of elegance, Shiro is the place to be for those looking for Japanese restaurants in Riyadh. Located in the center of Nawaf Square on Anas Bin Malik Road, this upscale venue will give you an unforgettable sushi experience. The items on Shiro’s menu reflect the traditional eating culture of East Asia. You can start with the famous crispy crab salad, accompanied by a bowl of asparagus. The main course will mainly be a serving of various types of pasta, rice, seafood and well-prepared sushi. Wash away the delightful experience with a selection of Shiro’s cold drink collection including our signature raspberry mojito, a true favorite drink at this restaurant.

Miyazu Restaurant Riyadh

An option that does not exceed when talking about Japanese restaurants in Riyadh, as it is a unique experience as it offers contemporary Japanese cuisine with the addition of modern flavors to the food in a way designed to arouse the taste as it reflects the ideal atmosphere to enjoy Japanese food, and what distinguishes it most is that it is always keen to balance between the delicious taste and nutritional value of the food The restaurant also has an open kitchen to watch the cooking of food. Miyazu Riyadh Restaurant has a relaxed and unique atmosphere, and if you are nearby, you must visit it with your family to enjoy what you love from Japanese food amid warm, comfortable and modern interiors.

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Aruri Restaurant

Aruri Restaurant considered one of the best Japanese restaurants in Riyadh, and it the favorite restaurant for many lovers of delicious Japanese food, as it characterized by the diversity of the menu, in addition to the beauty of modern decorations in harmonious colors.

  • Location: Northern Ring Branch Road, Al Nakheel, Riyadh 12385, Saudi Arabia.
  • Mineo dishes: cucumber sushi and shrimp, sashimi and nigri, cevichy, dragon roll, grilled salmon, miso soup, pao sandwich.

Sushi Centro Restaurant

For Sushi Centro Restaurant is the best Japanese restaurant in Riyadh that offers sushi with its various ingredients, and it offers a modern look of Japanese cuisine, as it offers its guests a variety of Japanese dishes with a special flavor of the restaurant, including sashimi, sushi, tempura, noodles and fried rice, and what distinguishes it most is that it is always keen to balance between the delicious taste and nutritional value of food, enjoy eating what you love from Japanese food amid warm, comfortable and modern interiors.

  • Location: Al Ulaya, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Phone number: +966 11 297 5799.

Sushi Art Restaurant Riyadh

Restaurant Sushi Art Riyadh classified as one of the most important and famous Japanese restaurants in Riyadh. As this restaurant offers various Japanese dishes. You can try alitimbura with spicy cheese and corn as well as try different meat dishes cooked on the Asian way. And chicken cashews, you will feel in this restaurant as if the dish that served to you a wonderful painting. There are also special doctors for adventure lovers, such as the crispy crab roll with bananas, mango yuzu sauce, and surimi, which consists of avocado and carrots wrapped in cucumber slices, which makes it suitable for gatherings because there are many options that take into account all different tastes.

Radisson Blu Restaurant

Ideal for tasting delicious sushi and sashimi prepared by top chefs on a modern and high-quality basis, this Japanese restaurant ideal for casual business meetings, couples’ night or gathering with friends, every type on the menu prepared to satisfy even the most delicious guests in taste Vasikoba, Curry Udon and Unagi Rolls are some of the most delicious meals.

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Kimono Restaurant Riyadh

  • Location: One Square, King Abdulaziz Road, Al Rabie, Riyadh 13315, Saudi Arabia.
  • Phone Number: +966 9200 07132.
  • Mineo dishes: crab salad, mix sushi, rainbow, crown maki, volcano, avocado craze, chicken maki, halloumi maki, beef roll, kimono maki, thyme maki, white rice on vegetables, mixed fried rice, edamame, crown maki, chicken curry katsu, avocado, rainbow.

Finger Sushi Restaurant

For many sushi lovers, Finger Sushi the best sushi restaurant in Riyadh. As it provides a diverse menu that includes many types and additions of sushi. With high quality and a very distinctive taste. In addition to being distinguished by the employees’ high-end dealings with visitors.

  • Location: Al Maazer, Riyadh 12714 3207, Riyadh 12714, Saudi Arabia.
  • Phone number: +966 54 798 4942.
  • Minyo Plates: Sushi, Beef Noodles, Dynamite Shrimp, Waqio Beef, Steak Pieces, California Crispy, Fried Rice, Sushi Trio, Rib Maki Chops, Crispy Shrimp and Crab.

Bonzai Restaurant Riyadh

Savour signature Japanese food at Bonzai Restaurant where you will enjoy every dish from the fairytale Japanese menu with a modern theme. Nourishing your eyes before melting in your mouth. Offering visitors a distinctive experience with a vibrant lounge. A quiet lounge and a contemporary restaurant in one tastefully designed space. Bonzai Riyadh offers a dining experience that is both delightful and delightful with dazzling views of the city. The restaurant offers its guests barbecue-style food on the same table. Also contains different dishes of meat types in addition to the well-known Japanese varieties such as noodles, ramen and many creations of Japanese cuisine. So many see it as one of the best Japanese restaurants in Riyadh.

Oishi Sushi Restaurant Riyadh

Oishi Sushi famous as one of the unique dining experiences of Japanese cuisine (professional sushi). In an upper casual restaurant with an innovative menu. If you looking for the best Japanese restaurants in Riyadh, Oishi Sushi will be the right place for you. As it characterized by décor and a wonderful atmosphere, and among the items served inside. Crunchy Shrimp, Han Maki, Summer Roll, Crunchy Shrimp, and Vegetable Noodles. Oishi Sushi offers a varied mix of maki rolls that include rainbow rolls, dragon rolls, crispy prawn rolls, and Japanese green tea.

Oko Restaurant

Next on our list of the best Japanese restaurant in Riyadh is Oko Restaurant. Which characterized by wonderful seating areas and charming décor. It provides a diverse menu, but if you want to taste many varieties inside it. You can try the varied food box. Which allows you to try the majority of the food inside it at a reasonable price. While the reception staff inside it always confused and helpful. And keen on the comfort of the restaurant’s guests. In addition to all these features, it provides imaginary outdoor sessions.

  • Location: Tahlia Street, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12212, Saudi Arabia.
  • Phone number: +966 11 442 2929.
  • Mineo dishes: Special Kanmi, Tipmora, Sushi, Wagyu Taco, Spicy Chicken Nanban, Salmon, Steak.
Japanese Restaurant in Riyadh
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