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Japanese Restaurants in Jeddah

The city of Jeddah, the bride of the Red Sea, has many ingredients and advantages, which make it one of the best tourist cities in Saudi Arabia, as the city is characterized by the presence of the best tourist places, beautiful hotels, and amazing Arab and Western cuisine served in restaurants and cafes. In addition to shopping centers and giant malls. Here is a brief overview of the best Japanese sushi restaurants in Jeddah.

Wakame Lounge in Jeddah

This restaurant combines luxury with the most delicious Japanese dishes, and it is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Jeddah. This restaurant features a sumptuous wooden interior. He has a long Japanese menu that contains plenty of varieties from appetizers, sushi, to Japanese main meals.

Sushi Yoshi Jeddah

This Japanese restaurant specializes in sushi preparation, Sushi Yoshi offers a long menu of all types of sushi: nigiri sushi, maki sushi, oshi sushi, gerashi, fire sushi… Maybe they are a bit strange names but you won’t regret it if you go to try them. The restaurant also serves several types of Japanese salads and drinks. Open from 12 noon to midnight, you can also take advantage of the delivery service.

Gold Sushi Restaurant

Gold Sushi Club is one of the most famous Japanese restaurants in Jeddah, and its fame is due to the fresh ingredients it uses in its varieties, and its menu is varied and rich, as well as it offers its customers home delivery.Among its famous varieties are Gold Lobster, Shrimp Tambora, Tobiko, Terayaki Sauce, and Vladavia Cream Cheese. It also offers plenty of delicious appetizers, such as tuna taki, wasabi shrimp, and crab rolls.

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Sakura Japanese Restaurant in Jeddah

Sakura is a luxurious Japanese restaurant in Jeddah at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, serving a variety of high-quality Japanese food. It also offers you a pleasant, calm atmosphere, great food and excellent service. Although the prices are somewhat high, everyone is impressed by the delicious food and luxurious flavors.

Benihana Restaurant

It is one of the first Japanese restaurants to open in Jeddah and is part of an American chain of restaurants serving Japanese cuisine around the world. The restaurant is famous for serving fresh teppinkai and tempura inside the restaurant, as well as shrimp, crab and miso soup.

Myazu Restaurant in Jeddah

Because Asian food, especially Japanese food, is admired by many Saudis, a huge variety of Japanese restaurants in Jeddah has spread widely, including the Japanese restaurant Myazu, which serves delicious and healthy meals to its visitors throughout the year.

Japanese Restaurant Wagamama in Jeddah

One of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Jeddah, anytime you eat, you will find a large number of people who enjoy eating Japanese food. It is undeniable that it is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Jeddah due to the long and very rich menu of Japanese cuisine such as appetizers, sushi, Japanese main meals, a number of drinks and desserts. You can enjoy what you love from Japanese cuisine inside the restaurant, which has a black iron décor that adds to the atmosphere of the session.

Nozomi Restaurant

Finally, Nozomi Sushi restaurant in Jeddah is distinguished by its elegance and delicious dishes of various Japanese varieties, and very carefully all the dishes offered by the restaurant do not depend only on fish, it serves chicken pancakes with chicken, duck salad, rice with mushrooms . With mushrooms and several types of sweets such as the famous date cake.

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P.F. Chang’s in Jeddah

This restaurant belongs to an international restaurant chain, and it is one of the most popular restaurants that people go to enjoy Japanese food. The restaurant offers an amazing Japanese menu featuring appetizers, sushi, Japanese main meals, and a number of great soft drinks. One of the most popular dishes served by shrimp cocktail, don’t miss trying it. You can visit the restaurant for lunch or dinner. If you want to go to this restaurant with a friend who doesn’t like Japanese food, don’t worry because it also serves delicious steaks. This restaurant is suitable for you because on the one hand it serves the most delicious Japanese cuisine, and on the one hand it has a very beautiful interior.

Sakura Jeddah

This restaurant serves an exquisite menu featuring cuisines from Japan and Asia. The menu features mouthwatering appetizers with a wide range of fresh sushi including many signature restaurant creations, and hot dishes. The result is an exceptional variety and an unforgettable dining experience.

Soy Japanese restaurant in Jeddah

This restaurant combines luxury with the most delicious Japanese dishes, and it is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Jeddah. This restaurant features lavish interior décor. It has a long Japanese menu that contains a lot of varieties from appetizers, sushi, to Japanese main meals, the menu also contains a large number of cocktails and drinks. If you’re in Jeddah, don’t miss out on trying it out with friends for an unforgettable dining experience.

Rosewood Restaurant

Rosewood is one of the best Japanese restaurants in upscale Jeddah that gives you the opportunity to eat your favorite dishes with the best flavors. The Rosewood Japanese Restaurant also has a special section for families so that you can enjoy with your family to the fullest without getting bored at all.

Japanese Restaurants in Jeddah
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