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Jawwy Monthly Packages Offers

Jawwy New Packages Offers – Calls & Internet

joi stc Packages: Mobile package on your mood with special offers on minutes and internet, take a look at the list of the following packages:

  • Jawwy 30 Plan: Buy the SIM card and get 1GB internet + 100 local minutes at SAR 34.5 inclusive of VAT.
  • Jawwy 30 Extra Package: Get SIM + 1GB Internet + 1GB Social + 100 Minutes Calls at SAR 34.5 inclusive.
  • Jawwy 60 package: gives you 5GB internet + 5GB for social media applications + 500 minutes for all networks at a price of 69 SAR.
  • Jawwy 70 package: gives you 15 GB internet + 750 minutes for local calls to all networks + unlimited Wi-Fi over stcwifi networks at a price of 80.50 riyals and the price includes tax.
  • Jawwy 100 package: gives you 25 GB of data on all websites and applications + 25 GB on social media + 1500 minutes for local calls at a price of 115 riyals with tax.
  • Jawwy 150 package: gives you 55 GB data + unlimited internet on communication applications + 3000 local minutes to all networks, at a price of 172.5 riyals with tax.
  • Jawwy 200 package: unlimited calls to all local networks + unlimited internet on social media and YouTube applications + 97 GB data for all applications at a price of 230 riyals including value tax.

Active Jawwy packages

The new Jawwy packages can activat on the regular SIM or the eSIM, the communication applications within the packages : Facebook – YouTube – Instagram – Snapchat – Telegram – WhatsApp. These applications deducted from the social media data if you activate a package that gives you this feature, in the 70 package you get unlimited Wi-Fi through STC wifi points located in public places and commercial complexes.

Disconnect your package: With Jawwy application, you can now design your package and customize it according to your needs, you can provide internet + minutes or reduce minutes and provide internet etc. According to your need and the final package price will come to you, then you can subscribe to the package that you designed yourself, download the application now and enjoy this feature for free.

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Calls to 9200 counted within the local minutes, and when all minutes consumed, you can recharge the balance to make calls. So that you will charge according to the prepaid mobile tariff, the validity of the packages 30 days from the date of subscription and activation, knowing that the package can renew and repurchased at any time through the application or the official website.

Jawwy packages can purchase after recharging the balance by using the mobile application available for Android devices or iPhone , and you can also recharge through Sawa recharge cards or credit cards, for more help and answer all your inquiries, you can visit the recurring questions page via the following link: Help – Jawwy.

Jawwy Data Internet SIM

Dear customer, you can buy and request an open Jawwy Net SIM card through the website of Jawwy packages. Where you can access the online store or through the application for these packages that downloaded online on the mobile phone.

You can buy and order these chips, and you can – dear customer – know all the advantages of these packages, which we learn about in detail through the following points:

JawwyNet Unlocked Sim 70

This a data SIM from Jawwy known as Jawwy 70 SIM and it has many advantages. As you can buy this package for only 80.5 Saudi riyals and get many benefits such as:

  1. Get 20 GB internet data.
  2. Get unlimited STC WiFi hotspots.
  3. Validity and renewal of the package every 30 days provided that there is a minimum balance of 80 riyals in the SIM.
  4. Get 500 local minutes.
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JawwyNet Unlocked Sim 60

Jawwy Data SIM or Jawwy 60 is one of the very special packages, where you can get many advantages, for example:

  1. Get 5 GB internet data.
  2. 10 GB internet for social media sites, making calls and video chat through them.
  3. 275 local minutes valid for 28 days.
  4. This package can obtain through the Jawwy 60 SIM card purchased either through the Jawwy app or through the online store on the website, and this package is only for 69 riyals including tax.

JawwyNet Unlocked 30 Extra

This is one of the special packages, where you can get an internet data SIM from Jawwy, or the 30 Extra package that has many advantages such as:

  • Get 1 GB of internet data for 28 days.
  • Get 1 GB social media that allows chatting and browsing of these sites.
  • The customer can enjoy 100 local minutes per month.
  • This package can only purchase for SAR 34.5 inclusive of VAT.

Advantages of JawwyNet Unlocked SIM

JawwyNet SIM packages are among the most important services provided by the SIM, especially after ordering to buy it from the online store or through the application, and then activate it, and get all the benefits from Jawwy SIMs.

  • Jawwy SIM cards from STC are one of the most important SIMs due to the many advantages that distinguish them – dear customer – when buying these SIMs, and subscribing to an unlocked Jawwy SIM or data SIM from Jawwy, where you can get:
  • Comprehensive coverage of all packages, so you can enjoy all private internet services such as voice calls, chat, and video calls.
  • You can subscribe to Jawwy Data SIM to get free minutes within the network with excellent coverage.
  • The prices of Jawwy packages of Jawwy SIM considered one of the best prices for internet packages.
  • The accounts for these packages can manage through the Jawwy app, whether it is for recharge services, balance management, choice of packages and speeds, knowledge of the balance of internet data, as well as full control over the package.
  • Customers wishing to subscribe to JawwyNet SIM can order the SIM online through the Jawwy SIM Packages and SIMs website.
  • Jawwy Data SIM is one of the SIMs that you can control and even transfer this SIM to other packages from Sawa or STC through the Jawwy application.
  • Unlimited internet packages in JawwyNet Data SIM allow customers to subscribe to Jawwy TV service and enjoy all the benefits offered by this service to customers such as watching movies, series and other entertainment materials through a special subscription.
  • The plans are monthly and there is the possibility of renewing with the balance of the package, and you can renew easily through the Jawwy app.
  • The prices of these packages are inclusive of 15% VAT.
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These were the most important advantages of Jawwy’s data SIM, which we learned about in the previous points, but these advantages we learn about in detail through the next few lines, where we learn about JawwyNet SIM packages open through the offers made available by the company recently.

Jawwy Monthly Packages Offers
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