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Jeddah Park Mall

Jeddah Park is one of Jeddah’s newest and most beautiful malls as it sits on a large area and consists of several floors with hundreds of shops among its sides. Moreover, Jeddah Park Mall you will find many dining and entertainment options for adults and children.

On the other hand, Jeddah Mall Park’s design combines modernity with modern European architectural style, making it breathtakingly majestic. Jeddah Park also has cinemas that showcase the latest Arab and international films and series, making it one of the most popular entertainment attractions for tourism in Jeddah.

Jeddah Park Mall Shops Guide

It is not possible to limit the number of shops in Jeddah Park Mall, which varies according to its purposes, where there are shops dedicated to clothes, others for shoes and bags and others for jewelry, as we find some of them dedicated to watches and perfumes, and there are supermarkets, barbershops, cosmetics stores and furniture stores, and each section of them can be eaten separately in the following:

1. Clothing stores in Jeddah Park Mall

You can find the best Jeddah clothing stores in Jeddah Park Mall, where most of the existing stores contain the latest international brands that suit all tastes, and the clothing stores in the mall include:

  • Palmein Shop: This shop is characterized by containing various clothes made in a luxurious French industry.
  • Adidas Shop: This shop provides a large amount of clothes, accessories and bags suitable for exercise.
  • Max Shop: This shop is diverse, as it contains clothes, shoes and accessories for women, men and children, and moreover there is a variety of household items and bags.
  • Blue Age Store: One of the stores that has a team to design the latest fashion for men, women and children.
  • Rivers World Store: A distinctive brand that offers the latest fashion for children, women and men.
  • Beverly Hills Polo Club: It has a large collection of casual clothing for women, men and children, as well as several luxury shoes, watches, glasses, perfumes, bags and wallets.
  • Centrepoint Store: Offers a large selection of fashionable modern fashion.
  • Monson Shop: It has a large selection of women’s and children’s clothing, as well as swimming clothes, as well as shoes and bags, so it is considered the best store in Jeddah Park for selling clothes.
  • Aeropostal Shop: Houses the latest types of women’s and men’s clothing from shirts, blouses, jeans and jackets.
  • Ruby Rose Shop: A store dedicated to fashionable shoes and clothing.
  • Shop & Mans Secret: Featuring women’s pajamas and underwear.
  • Mango Shop: It offers different, modern and comfortable designs that suit the tastes of high-end ladies.
  • Pool & Bear Shop: Dedicated to the design of modern accessories and clothing made with American manufacture.
  • New Burker: A German brand that offers youth fashion for women and men, as well as underwear and accessories.
  • Levy Shop: It houses all the outerwear for women, men and children, especially shirts, elegant pants and trendy blue jeans.
  • La Vennes Rose Shop: Dedicated to offering a range of underwear that suits good taste.
  • Zara Shop: One of the wonderful shops that offers a range of clothes to suit all tastes of women, men and children, at the lowest prices.
  • Don Shop: Contains a large collection of trendy bags, shoes and clothes to suit elegant tastes.
  • Estradavarius shop: aimed at all women who love the appearance of femininity on clothes.
  • Blooming Shop: Dedicated to comfortable underwear for high-quality women and modern designs.
  • LC Waikiki Shop: Includes all clothes in all fashions that suit men, women and children of all sizes, along with some accessories
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2. Dress Shops in Jeddah Park Mall

If you’re looking for Jeddah Park boutiques to sell evening dresses, you’ll only find one that offers the best types of evening and wedding dresses:

  • R&B Store: Provides you with a wide selection of luxury and varied fashion, including casual, formal and party wear.

3. Abaya Shops in Jeddah Park Mall

You need to wear abayas on a lot of different occasions, which is why one of the shops in Jeddah Park Mall has provided you with all the models you are looking for:

  • Shader Shop: Dedicated to the manufacture of all kinds of high-quality abayas and with unique designs to suit all occasions.

4. Children’s clothing stores in Jeddah Park Mall

Shopping for children’s clothes is stressful, especially for the working mother, but this is different in the children’s shops located in Jeddah Park Mall, where many different models of clothing for different ages of all sizes are available, including the following:

  • Okaidi Store: It contains all the costumes for children according to the latest fashion from the age of one day to fourteen years, and also contains a large selection of suitable accessories with different clothing designs.
  • Biscuit shop: It provides children’s clothing in comfortable and sophisticated fabrics with foreign touches that are in line with the international taste in different sizes, especially puzzling measurements.
  • The Children’s Place Store: This store offers all kinds of children’s clothing to make shopping easier for the working mother.
  • Adidas Kids Shop: Provides children’s clothing and shoes in all trendy fashionable colors.

5. Shoe & Bag Shops in Jeddah Park Mall

It is imperative to choose elegant shoes and bags that suit the clothes purchased, and for this reason shoes and bags stores have been provided with international brands that follow the latest fashion trends for men and women inside Jeddah Park Mall, where they are represented in the following:

  • Skechers Shop: An international brand that offers many modern casual shoes according to each season.
  • Spring Shop: is an exhibition featuring the best modern collections of stylish shoes and accessories to suit good taste.
  • Calvin Klein Shop: It is a diverse store that offers bags and underwear for men and women.
  • Ocso Shop: Provides a range of trendy Turkish bags, shoes and accessories for women, as well as comfortable everyday clothes.
  • Aldo Shop: Contains all kinds of shoes inspired by fashion shows in Paris, London and New York, offering evening shoes, long shoes and shoes that feature their flat slippers.
  • Tony Ponce Shop: Offers a unique and comfortable assortment of shoes.
  • FG for Women: One of the famous exhibitions that presents shoes and clothes in all attractive and fashionable colors for women.
  • Nature Laser: Featuring huge collections of sandals and women’s shoes.
  • Epicule Shop: Offers bags and shoes for all tastes, as well as great women’s clothing.
  • Tommy Hilfiger Shop: Dedicated to formal and long shoes; i.e. boots, men’s sports, accessories, watches, socks and backpacks.
  • Birkenstock Shop: This shop has all the shoes and sandals suitable for all tastes of women and men.
  • Lenz Shop: Offers the best offers of shoes suitable for everyday and formal use and accessories to suit all tastes.

6. Watch shops in Jeddah Park Mall

Many people revere elegant watches in their modern colors, as they are part of the basic accessories that are indispensable to some, and stores have been created that offer you the latest types of watches that are suitable for men and women, namely:

  • Al-Humaidhi Watch Shop: Dedicated to watches from the best international brands and the latest models.
  • Quattro Shop: Featuring a different selection of modern women’s and men’s watches, to suit all tastes.
  • Swarvsky Shop: Offers luxury types of pens and watches, as well as crystals and high-end accessories.
  • Cardial Shop: One of the most important exhibitions that allow international brands of watches.
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7. Perfume shops in Jeddah Park Mall

A breathtaking feminine look or attractive masculine nature is only complete using the luxurious and sophisticated fragrances found in the following Jeddah Park Mall boutiques:

  • Country Flower Shop: A shop that specializes in selling a wide range of perfumes, shampoos and beauty creams at discounted prices.
  • Reef Perfume Shop: Offers all kinds of ancient and deep fragrances of unique quality.
  • Salman Oud Shop: A shop dedicated to selling natural, artificial and specially improved perfumes and oud, as well as saffron.
  • Ajmal Shop: A brand with more than seventy years of experience in the wonderful perfume industry.
  • Lead shop: offers a different range of oriental fragrances for women and men.
  • Natural Touch Shop: Dedicated to selling original perfumes and trendy accessories.
  • Faces Shop: Offers all kinds of luxury perfumes.
  • Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Shop: Offers the most luxurious and best Arabic perfumes, especially oud for women and men.
  • Ghanati Shop: Specializes in the manufacture of all kinds of famous perfumes that are firmly present, and also offers authentic oud of all kinds of high quality.
  • Al Majid Oud Shop: Dedicated to the production of the finest and best types of perfumes, and is keen to import types of oud with high quality.
  • Sensi Shop: The shop offers the most luxurious authentic women’s perfumes.

8. Cosmetics Shops in Jeddah Park Mall

The entire types of cosmetics authorized by the Food and Drug Administration, skin care products and makeup tools have all been grouped into the following cosmetic stores:

  • Daraa Shop: A subsidiary of Daraa, a leading company in skin care, cosmetics and various types of perfumes.
  • Kiko Shop: Kiko is the leading brand in Italy, offering a huge selection of professional cosmetics at an affordable price.
  • L’Occitane Shop: Provides many face creams and moisturizers to suit all skin types.
  • The Sim Shop: A subsidiary of The Sim Shop which provides all beauty and skin care products registered with the Food and Drug Authority.
  • Astani Shop: Provides luxurious cosmetics of high quality skin care.
  • Angelot Shop: Offers international brands of cosmetics.
  • Q&A Shop: Dedicated to selling all cosmetics and makeup tools.
  • Tech Republic Shop: A brand that offers natural cosmetics that ensure the health of the skin.

9. Gold & Jewelry Shops in Jeddah Park Mall

Buying your own jewelry pieces is what highlights your beauty and overwhelming femininity on various occasions, so you should have a unique experience of acquiring the latest types of jewelry in their stunning bright colors from the following Jeddah Park Mall stores:

  • TOS Shop: Offers a distinctive collection of accessories and jewelry, as well as bags to suit all tastes of high-end and modern women.
  • Precious Glitter Shop: It houses a large collection of luxurious silver, glossy gold and classic jewelry that add elegance and sophistication to everyone who wears it.
  • Peugeot Brigitte: Dedicated to selling all precious stones and jewelry to suit all occasions.
  • Damas Jewellery Store: One of the shops that is rich in definition, offering a variety and unique selection of high-end and modern international jewelry brands that suit all women’s tastes.
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10. Furniture Stores in Jeddah Park Mall

The beauty of home décor is only highlighted by the presence of modern furniture that is harmonious and comfortable at the same time, and this is what some shops offer within Jeddah Park Mall, which can be displayed in the following:

  • Home Centre Shop: This store offers several collections of furniture, home accessories, furnishings, kitchen and bathroom supplies.
  • Blends Shop: Featuring pieces of furniture with modern and contemporary designs.
  • Elahui Shop: It provides everything related to home décor from table tools and home accessories, as well as modern gifts that are given to families to add splendor and beauty to their homes.
  • Hema Shop: Dedicated to the manufacture of office tables and modular kitchens.

11. Barbershops in Jeddah Park Mall

For men and male children, barbershops are of great importance for making elegant hairstyles that suit every taste, but unfortunately there is only one barbershop equipped for children, namely:

  • Kids Barber Shop: This shop provides a comfortable environment for children to shave their hair with clean modern tools suitable for children.

12. Mobile Shops in Jeddah Park Mall

You can buy all the high-quality technological devices in Jeddah Park Mall from the wonderful shop:

  • Shop Alef: It is considered the best choice to buy various and reliable Apple devices in Jeddah Park Mall.

13. Supermarkets in Jeddah Park Mall

All food and household items can be purchased from a supermarket that includes all the products you need, namely:

  • Danube Hypermarket: A chain of markets containing all products.

Jeddah Park Mall Restaurants

In fact, there are many international restaurant agents and some restaurants with Asian, Italian, Turkish and other specialities.

  • Potato corner
  • Sea House
  • Milan
  • Albeek Express
  • Tim Hortons
  • Uncle Flavy
  • Jofries
  • eliminate
  • Steakhouse
  • Flabby Shawarma
  • Hervey
  • Shocochino
  • Fifty degrees
  • Cumbia
  • Salons
  • La Casa Pasta
  • Live With Cocoa
  • Mcdonald ‘s
  • Goffin

Jeddah Park Mall Cafes 

  • Candy tree cafe
  • Barn’s Barn’s
  • Mama Amputation Café
  • Stars Cafe
  • Stars Cafe
  • Step By Step
  • Cinnabon
  • Crepe Avier
  • kyan|entity
  • Mama Benz is enough.
  • Molten Chocolate Cafe | Molten Chocolate Cafe
  • MammaBunz Cafe | Mama Benz Cafe
  • Tim Hortons | Tim Hortons
  • the art cafe | Art Cafe
  • Sea House Milano

Entertainment & Games in Jeddah Park Mall

In fact, Jeddah Park Mall offers a distinctive entertainment experience for adults and children by hosting a number of games for adults and children, including:

  • you wrote
  • Strick Ten

Services Available in Jeddah Park Mall

There are many distinctive and useful services available to families and individuals in Jeddah Park Mall that make the shopping process easy and practical. Among these services are:

  • Children’s changing room.
  • First aid room.
  • Strollers.
  • wheelchairs.
  • Customer service and guidance.
  • Jeddah Park Museum of Islamic Art.
  • ATMs.
  • Assets and lost.
  • Escalators.
  • Electric elevator.
  • Wheelchair access.
  • Oratory.
  • Baths.

Jeddah Park Mall Working Hours

The mall operates seven days a week from ten in the morning to two in the morning except on Fridays, where it operates from two in the evening to two in the morning.

Location of Jeddah Park Mall

  • Address: Al Aziziyah, Jeddah
  • You can access it via Google Maps via this link from here.
Jeddah Park Mall
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