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Jeddah Postal Code

The Jeddah Postal Code considered the most important postal code in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Because of the great importance of the city of Jeddah. Jeddah a major commercial center characterized by constant movement. This made it one of the most attractive cities in the world for business. Becoming an important center for finance and business.

Jeddah Postal Code

  • Saudi Arabia has eight major cities and it takes numbers from one to eight in the zip code.
  • That is, the initial number in the zip code indicates the main cities of the Kingdom, for example, if the first digit in the zip code is 1, then it expresses the city of Riyadh and its subordinate areas.
  • The city of Jeddah is one of the cities belonging to Mecca, so the first number in the postal code of Jeddah is the number of the Kingdom, which is 2.
  • The postal code of Jeddah is as follows: 21443.

This zip code is specific to the city of Jeddah. The first number expresses the main area which is the number 2 that symbolizes the Makkah region, and all citizens residing in the city of Jeddah. Or the headquarters of institutions established within Jeddah can use this code for various purposes such as receiving e-commerce parcels and electronic payment. Any postal code specific to any city found through the Saudi National Address website “From Here“.

Postal Codes in Jeddah and its Neighborhoods

  • Postal Code in Al Rawda District Jeddah: 23435, 23434, 23433, 23432, 23431.
  • Postal Code in Al Naseem District Jeddah: 23231, 23234, 23236.
  • Postal Code in Rawabi District Jeddah: 22345, 22346, 22348.
  • Postal Code in Al Rayyan District Jeddah: 23643, 23741.
  • Postal Code in Jeddah University District: 22341, 22342, 22346.
  • Saudi Post number Jeddah in the Beach district: 23612, 23613, 23514, 23512, 23513, 23511, 23417, 23416, 23415, 23414.
  • Postal Code in Al Bawadi District Jeddah: 23531, 23443.
  • Postal Code in Al Samer District Jeddah: 23462.
  • Postal Code in Al Marwa District Jeddah: 23541, 23542, 23543, 23544, 23545.
  • Postal Code in Jeddah Oasis District: 23351, 23352, 23353, 23354.
  • Postal Code in Sanabil District Jeddah: 22434, 22435, 22436.
  • Saudi Post number Jeddah in the western Baghdadia neighborhood: 22231, 22232, 22234, 22235.
  • Postal Code in the Eastern Baghdadia District Jeddah: 22235, 22241.
  • Postal Code in Rabwah District Jeddah: 23533, 23535, 23446, 23448, 23449.
  • Postal Code in Al Salama District Jeddah: 23524, 23525, 23437, 23436.
  • Postal Code in Hamdaniya District Jeddah: 23761, 23762, 23743.
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How to read zip code

The zip code within the Kingdom consists of five digits and each number is these boxes indicating a city, region or postal department. In order to be able to read the zip code, you must know what these boxes indicate, and they are as follows:

  • First Column: The first column expresses the regions belonging to the Kingdom and is divided into eight regions.
  • Second Digit: This field refers to the postal sectors and each region in the Kingdom is divided into eight sectors at most.
  • Third Field: This field refers to the postal branches, as each postal sector is divided into eight branches at the latest.
  • The fourth field: This field is specific to the postal sections as each postal branch is divided into postal sections and that is a maximum of nine postal sections.
  • Fifth Field: Here the box indicates the mailing box as each postal section is divided into mailboxes.
Jeddah Postal Code
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