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Jeddah Water Fountain

Jeddah Water Fountain one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia on the shore of the Red Sea and in the world, where the ancient fountain represented a horizontal visual pleasure seen from all parts of the city, which made it an attractive tourist attraction for locals and those coming from abroad, especially pilgrims and pilgrims.

History of Jeddah Water Fountain

  • Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz wanted to build a world-class fountain and present it to all residents of the city and Saudi Arabia.
  • The idea came when King Fahd went to France and went to Geneva and saw the fountain of the city there, which impressed him, and the idea began to revolve in his mind.
  • I started designing a 120-meter-high fountain in the garden of the Peace Palace, the seat of government in Jeddah.
  • The fountain was built in 1980 in the style of the Geneva Fountain, and the work was completed in 1983.
  • It was not satisfactory to the masters of the fountain, as they made some of the changes that currently appear in 1985.
  • The fountain consists of a base resembling a large fumigator and is a symbol of Arab authenticity, and the fountain had the idea of pumping water from the Red Sea.
  • This problem created fear in some parts of the fountain among workers responsible for corrosion and rust, so filters were created to remove organic matter, dust and sand from the water before they reached the source.

Features of Jeddah Water Fountain

Design: The fountain has a rare and unique design, and this is what distinguishes it and increases its beauty and splendor. It designed in the form of a giant traditional evaporator, from which water rushes. Inspired by Saudi life and authentic Arab customs, it is a design that symbolizes heritage and authenticity.

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The company that established the fountain, “City Saudi Company”, has keen to avoid corrosion of the fountain or its exposure to rust, due to the use of salt water in the pumping process, as there no giant fountain designed in saline water before. So, the fountain designed with high technologies and very advanced technology, worked to purify the sea water from all that stuck in it from dust, salt and impurities, through filters before it reaches the pumps. Maintenance operations carried out on a regular and continuous basis, to preserve its external structure from various erosion factors.

Lighting: The Jeddah Fountain illuminated with more than 500 huge light bulbs, with cheerful colors and very high lighting. These lamps designed with high technologies equipped to withstand the strong water pressure. Installed very high, as they placed on islands designed specifically for them. To withstands the fall of water on them that weighs thousands of tons ranging from 16 to 18 tons permanently and continuously. These searchlights give an aesthetic shape to the fountain, illuminating it at night to give it a special aesthetic touch.

The highest fountain in the world, Jeddah

In 2021, the Jeddah Fountain concludes its thirty-sixth anniversary in Saudi Arabia, as one of the tallest fountains in the world.

  • The fountain is 1,024 feet high (312 meters), and is also higher than the Eiffel Tower in France and equal to the Statue of Liberty in America.
  • The second is followed by the Jesser’s Gateway Fountain, located in St. Louis, USA, which makes up nearly half of Jeddah’s fountain 630 feet long, or 192 meters.
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King Fahad Fountain Lighting

The King Fahd Fountain includes many light bulbs, which reach more than 500 searchlights. With very high illumination, and designed to withstand the fall of water weighing thousands of tons continuously. On it from a height of hundreds of meters, and these searchlights have installed in a high technical form. As they placed on islands designed specifically for this task.

Jeddah Water Fountain
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