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Jimbaran Beach Bali

Jimbaran Beach Bali – Are you looking for a beach vacation location while enjoying seafood dishes in Bali?

If so, then I recommend a very nice beach and white sand with a very romantic atmosphere that you can enjoy with your partner and family and children.

The beach we are discussing is called Jimbaran Beach Bali, located in Jimbaran Village, District, South Kuta, Bali.

For more complete information, please refer to the following review.

History of Jimbaran Beach

This romantic and exotic beach used to be actually a village or village where most of the residents worked as fishermen and made a living by fishing in the Bali sea.

Jimbaran Beach is indeed famous as a producer of very fresh sea fish for Balinese consumption, and along with the times, this clean white sandy and romantic beach that offers the beauty of the sunset panorama that we can enjoy in the afternoon continues to change.

Including the lives of the people around Jimbaran Beach, they have also changed and have a positive impact on the tourism sector, which eventually they also get a new livelihood in the field of tourism.

In 2015, history recorded that there was a bomb tragedy that took the world by storm which at that time became a milestone in the popularity of the name Jimbaran Beach worldwide.

The bomb tragedy occurred right at Cafe Menega and Cafe Nyoman which provide typical seafood.

Jimbaran Beach Attractions

Jimbaran Beach Bali is one of the white pesir beaches on the island of Bali which is very famous.

This pangai has a smooth sand texture and is yellowish-white in color.

Cleanliness at Jimbaran Beach is very well maintained, because there are cleaners in charge of cleaning the beach area.

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Along the beach babhak built hotels, villas and spas.

Like the Intercontinental Hotel and Four Seasons Jimbaran, the hotel also always maintains the cleanliness of the beachside, by holding a mutual aid event to clean the beach from garbage.

With its beautiful beach scenery, having white sand and sunset views, there are many hotels on the beach, often holding various events on the edge of this beach.

From the beachfront, you can see Ngurah Rai Airport, which is the only international airport in Bali.

Specialties of Jimbaran Beach

Of course, many beaches in Bali offer extraordinary beauty and exoticism, no less the privileges offered by Jimbaran Beach Bali which is a favorite tourist location for domestic and foreign tourists.

Here are some of the privileges possessed by Jimbaran Beach Bali.

√ White Sand Beaches In Bali That Are Very Beautiful

Jimbaran Beach Bali has a stretch of white sand that is very beautiful and gives a very romantic impression, because along the beach there are many cafes typical of the sea which are very tasty and delicious.

Of course, it will be more exciting and romantic if you enjoy the beach with your partner, family and children.

Jimbaran Beach Bali is very crowded with tourists because the beach is also very clean and provided by cleaners to maintain the beauty of this beach, thus supporting the atmosphere of the beach to be beautiful.

√ Beautiful Sunset Panorama

So exotic is Jimbaran Beach Bali that many visitors come to fill the beach sand in the afternoon, they are willing to wait for very amazing moments when the sun goes down.

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Therefore, tourists are vying to take out the camera to capture this very beautiful moment.

Upload these cool moments to Instagram and other social media.

√ Where Seafood Culinary Tourism

Seafood culinary in Jimbaran Bali is indeed very famous which is a favorite game place for tourists who want to taste seafood, while enjoying a treat of the beauty of charming white sand beaches and enjoying the amazing Balinese sunset.

In addition, while enjoying seafood culinary, visitors will be accompanied by music that makes tourists feel at home enjoying it.

The breeze that adds to the atmosphere becomes extraordinary that can be enjoyed with your partner or with family and children.

Activities At Jimbaran Beach

If you see photos / pictures about the beauty of Jimbaran Beach Bali, surely you will know interesting things that can be done at Jimbaran Beach.

The waves are very calm and the sea water is very clean, throughout the morning to evening make Jimbaran Beach a beach for exciting swimming.

If you come to Jimbaran Beach Bali, you will see many tourists with the family while playing in the water, and also other activities such as walking along the beach while enjoying the beautiful beach atmosphere, and enjoying the scenery and hills in the distance.

You can look for the right spots and capture beautiful moments for an interesting background.

At night it is a favorite for tourists to enjoy the night food by the beach while relaxing.

Tourist Facilities & Accommodation In Jimbaran Beach Bali

There are many facilities that support your vacation at Jimbaran Beach Bali such as inns, hotels, and also food stalls, cafes, to restaurants.

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And don’t miss it also along Jimbaran Beach there is a reflexology service to refresh your body after you are active at Jimbaran Beach Bali.

There are cheap lodgings at affordable prices that want to linger in the jimbaran beach tourist area such as Coco De Heaven Guest House, Nirmal Hotel, Villa Puri Royan, Aktara Stay Jimbaran.

Entrance Ticket Price At Jimbaran Beach Bali

Most of you who often vacation to the island of Bali, know that there is a ticket fee that must be paid when vacationing to Bali tourist attractions.

Then what about the tourist attractions of Jimbaran Beach?

How much is the entrance ticket at Jimbaran Beach Bali?

There is no entrance fee to Jimbaran Beach or Jimbaran Beach Bali, aka free of charge.

There is only a vehicle parking fee. Car parking is IDR 5,000 and motorbike parking is IDR 2,000.

Address Location Jimbaran Beach Bali

  • Address: Jimbaran Beach, Jimbaran, Kuta Selatan, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia, 80361
  • 15 Km from Denpasar City
  • 7 Km from Ngurah Rai International Airport
  • 28 Km from Tanah Lot Bali
  • 21 Km from Sanur Beach
  • 12 Km from Dreamland Beach Bali
  • 12 Km from Pandawa Beach
  • 12 Km from Tanjung Benoa Beach
  • 8.4 Km from Kuta Beach Bali

The location is in the same direction as the tanjung benoa water attractions and star-rated hotel area in Nusa Dua.

Jimbaran Beach Bali
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