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Jungle Aqua Park Hurghada

A trip to the water park is an obligatory part of the rest in Egypt for many of our tourists. Water parks are different, and the trip may well end not with a holiday, but with a lost day of vacation. This article will focus on the most famous water park in Hurghada – Albatros Jungle.

Where is it and how to get there

Albatros Jungle Water Park is located in the very south of the city of Hurghada, almost on the border with the neighboring resort of Sahl Hasheesh. From the center of Hurghada to the water park about 20 kilometers.

There is no public transport to Albatros Jungle, except for buses on the Hurghada-Safaga route. But getting on such a bus is not so easy. If you decide to come here on your own, it is better to use an Egyptian taxi. Choose a taxi with a meter, it will be cheaper.

It is easier and cheaper to buy a trip at the tour desk. The price for an adult is $ 40-50. For children under 10 years old – 20-25 dollars, for children under 3 years old, Albatros Jungle water park is admitted free of charge.

This price includes transfer from the hotel to the water park and back, entrance ticket, snacks and drinks without restrictions. Egyptian alcohol and ice cream are not included. The snacks at Albatros Jungle Waterpark are quite ordinary without frills – pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs and salads.

Two important services are not included in the price. If you take something valuable with you, you will have to use the services of a safe – $ 2. If you have not brought a beach towel with you, it will cost $ 3 to rent.

Of course, if you buy excursions from a representative of your travel operator, then the price can be 50 or 60 dollars. Their greed knows no edge.

Some hotels are located within walking distance of Albatros Jungle – Dana Beach, The Desert Rose, Club Golden 5 or SUNRISE Select Garden Beach.

Albatros Jungle Water Park “in numbers”

Albatros Jungle is a small water park measuring 200 meters by 100 meters. Many tourists are disappointed, as everywhere in the advertisement it is said: “The largest water park in Hurghada!” And it really is the largest, just the rest are even smaller. You can say: “The tallest among the dwarfs.”

Those of the tourists who have been to Albatros Aqua Blue in the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh are more disappointed than others. Both water parks are owned by the same Pickalbatros hotel chain, and Jungle’s expectations match the size and scope of Aqua Blue. They hope to see a large area like in Sharm, but nothing like it.

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Albatros Jungle has 21 slides for adults, 14 slides for older children and 18 slides for younger guests. There is only one tower and all the water slides for adults are concentrated on it. The photo on the left was taken from this tower.

In addition, a winding canal with a length of 1000 meters for boating runs through the territory – an excellent quiet family entertainment.

The set of slides in Albatros Jungle is very decent. There are extreme entertainment, rides with group descent and the usual open and closed slides. Let’s talk about some of them in detail.

The most interesting slides

Every self-respecting water park has “kamikaze slides”. It is a high slide with a steep drop. There are two of them in Albatros Jungle – one of them is curved, the other is just straight.

The next extreme fun is the free fall trumpet. The official website says the height of this slide is 20 meters and the length is 50 meters. The length can still be believed, but the height is clearly too high.

The two slides are called “Space” and “Spaceship” (pictured on the right). They are similar, only of different sizes. You roll down, where you will find a large round funnel with a hole in the center, through which you fall into the pool down.

In all water parks such slides bear similar names: “Black Hole”, “Space” or “Space Abyss”. At the same time, it is completely incomprehensible what associations with space this attraction can cause?

If you look at these rides objectively, what does it look like? Of course, at the final moment of your trip to the restroom, when you press the pedal (button or lever), and all the “excess” is washed away down the hole in the direction of the sewer. Whom does the visitor represent on this slide? Let’s not talk about sad things.

One of the best slides in Albatros Jungle is a long wide chute (yellow in the photo on the left), along which they go down in a group on a large circle. Group descent is always the best entertainment. You start from a height of 20 meters and the length of the gutter is 70 meters. Not every water park can boast of such a slide.

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For group descent, Albatros Jungle has two more rides in the shape of a semicircle. You start on one side, then slide to the other side, come back and so on.

And, of course, there are many indoor and outdoor slides for individual descent. There is not much to tell about them. The children’s section consists of two groups of slides – for the smallest and for the older ones. There is also nothing special to comment on here. The children’s area is made “for five”.

Albatros Jungle water park styling

There is no styling at all. Here you will not be photographed on a replica of an ancient chariot with a sword and shield in hand, as in the Troy water park in Turkey. Here you will not ride on a chute through a copy of the Cheops pyramid, as in Cleo Park in Sharm el-Sheikh. It’s a pity, because styling is always more fun.

Albatros Jungle negatives

They are the same here as in other free access water parks in Egypt and Turkey. There are always not enough circles and boats, there is always a queue of people who want to ride to the main tower. There is a queue in a cafe, a queue in a bar.

Not surprisingly, Albatros Jungle is the most popular public water park in the Hurghada area. Tourists come here from Hurghada, El Gouna, Safaga, Soma Bay and Makadi Bay.

Also, the water park is chronically short of sun loungers. This creates some problems when you realize that you need to put things somewhere, but there are no places.

Jungle Aqua Park hotel 4 *

The water park is located on the territory of the hotel of the same name. For guests of the Jungle Aqua Park Hotel, access to the water park is free of charge during their stay at the hotel. Many people ask if it makes sense to go to this particular hotel for the sake of a water park?

To be honest, it doesn’t make much sense. Apart from the water park, there is nothing interesting in this hotel. It is located on the second beach line, and you will have to take a bus to the sea. The food and service quality at Jungle Aqua Park is not the best.

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The cost is quite high. At the time of this review (September 2021), a tour to this hotel starts at $ 1,700 for seven days for two. For this money, you can buy a ticket to a 5-star hotel, and the difference in price is just enough for a trip to the water park. However, we would like to note that Egypt has only recently fully opened for tourists, and prices have not yet “settled down”. Hopefully prices will drop soon.

Beware of reviews

Now let’s talk about a very “subtle” point. Many experts in the tourism industry suspect the Pickalbatros network of “black” PR methods, namely, of placing fake reviews on popular hotel sites on the Internet.

Of course, it is almost impossible to prove such facts, but many circumstances indicate a fake. First, the number of reviews about their hotels is overwhelming. The Pickalbatros chain is clearly not the most popular, and the number of reviews about them is higher than about some of the most visited hotels in Egypt.

Second, they have an abnormal percentage of positive reviews. On the TopHotels website at the time this article was updated (September 2021), the Jungle Aqua Park hotel has a rating of 4.64 (out of 5 possible). Considering the actual environment at this hotel, this percentage is fantastic.

Thirdly, the composition and texts of these reviews. If you read the negative ratings of the hotel, they are filled with details. If you read the positive reviews, then there is almost no specifics. All this leads to thoughts of fakes.

We do not blame anyone, but we ask our readers to be vigilant! Don’t buy good ratings on hotel sites. Read the negative reviews, there is much more truth. And only then make a decision.


If you are vacationing in Hurghada and decide to go to the water park, then Albatros Jungle is the best choice. Just get ready for the queues in advance. If queues are unacceptable for you, then it is better to go to Makadi Water World, there are no such problems.

Jungle Aqua Park Hurghada
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