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Jungle Land Jeddah

Jeddah has several tourist places, led by the village of Jungle Land Jeddah, which is the largest and best tourist place in the whole of Saudi Arabia, where there is everything the family needs for a walk, and the village is a key factor to attract large numbers of his grandfather’s indigenous inhabitants, we take you on a special tour inside the village of the jungle to see all aspects dominated by the distinctive tropical character, which encourages you to take the best souvenirs in every part of this wonderful place.

Named after other spectacular landscapes that attract attention and create minds, the amusement park created in 1999 in the style of the African environment and established in the form of a jungle area in its colors and picturesque forms, which made it different from other amusement parks in Jeddah, and the management of the amusement parks is keen to offer offers and discounts on tickets and games fees, making these days a joy of its own.

Top activities in Jungle Land Jeddah

The amusement parks enjoy a large number of different and interesting activities and games that attract everyone and satisfy the various desires, they have been provided with many activities that make everyone enjoy the company of their companions and family without boredom or fatigue, the most important of which are:

1. Interesting games for children

The amusement park has social games to share fun with their children, the gaming system within the amusement parks varies to consist of several competitive games between players and the winner rewarded with a souvenir of the place, as well as the horror house game “Ghost City” in addition to the presence of games of the favorite stereoscopic brides for all children, and other distinctive games such as:

  • Climbing Game (Tarzan).
  • Formula game.
  • Scary train game.
  • Car riding game (colliding cars).
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2. Water games

Jungle Land Jeddah features a range of water games, which are exciting and different games that give the gameplay fun and excitement, including:

  • Waterboat game.
  • Big Falls game.
  • Ship game.

Inside the water games there are wooden places to sit as breaks for parents to follow or sit on, and these breaks made of huge distinctive foliage and golden straw.

3. Big Circus

There is a large and huge circus with special performances inside the amusement park, the circus offers entertaining games of sleight of hand and charm, and also offers performances of scary and huge animals such as lions and elephants with their trainer.

4. Covered lounges

The amusement park has a large and huge e-games lounge with many different games that everyone wants, the most important of which are:

  • Fun VR game.
  • Premium karting games.
  • Video gym games are different and varied.
  • Bowling.

5. Cinema

Jungle Land Jeddah has a 3D cinema, where amusement parks set certain times for different screenings of local and international foreign and Arab films, and also sets different dates for modern sci-fi shows, making you feel like you are inside the film living tales with heroes, you will not be able to keep your eyes out of excitement and pleasure.

6. Special Safari Games

There are a large number of rare safari games inside the amusement park, which help to develop children’s intelligence in a remarkable way and develop their mental skills in an entertaining and enjoyable manner without feeling bored.

7. Restaurants and cafes

Until the fun complete within the amusement parks after a hard day full of exciting adventures, you can enter the various restaurants scattered within The Jungle Land Jeddah amusement park, which offers a number of fast food and delicacies preferred by all visitors to the village, and the amusement parks dotted with private cafés for many cold drinks favorite or hot as desired, and among the most important restaurants in Jungle Land:

  • Simba Restaurant serves fast food, cold drinks such as juices and soda.
  • Congo Restaurant serves different types of pizza as well as a delicious meat burger.
  • The popular restaurant, which operates only on the names and holidays, serves various dinners under the sky to enjoy stargazing and outdoor dining.
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8. Shopping from stores

There are plenty of shopping centres to stroll between, children’s toy shops, clothing stores for all age groups, and many premium souvenir shops at reduced prices, and at times they make huge discounts and offers on children’s toys and gifts.

Jungle Land ticket prices

The entry rates for the jungle village vary depending on the different ages, the village sets a specific price for each game within the amusement park, and the ticket price not inclusive of all games and tickets divided into:

  • Young people and children under the age of three allowed free access to The Jungle Land Jeddah Amusement Park.
  • The adult and adult ticket is about SAR 30.
  • There also a fee for all games, which called the Esura and priced at 85 Saudi riyals, but this price does not include some games, such as VR games and bowling games.
  • Amusement parks have set a standard price for any game inside the amusement park for SAR 20.
  • Circus entrance fees and discounts reduced significantly on the ticket price at Saudi national events and holidays as a kind of delight for citizens and increased celebration of holidays, but amusement parks have scheduled the opening of the circus to be in the summer only.

Jungle Land Opening Dates

The jungle village characterized by the lack of any holidays as it opens its doors every day to all visitors, but its dates vary as follows:

  • The amusement parks are open from Saturday to Wednesday from 5am to midnight.
  • The amusement parks scheduled for Thursday and Friday from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m.
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The venue management allows you to contact and inquire about ticket prices and business times through the next Jungle Land Jeddah number +966561881553, and you can access its official website via the following link from here.

Jungle Land Theme Park Site

The village of Al-Bush is located east of the Bridge air base in Jeddah, and to reach the exact location by accessing the site through google maps service from here

Jungle Land Hotels

There are several premium and high quality hotels near the amusement parks, and the most important and best of these hotels include:

1. Mina Airport Hotel

Mina Airport Hotel is one of the best hotels within Jeddah, about 9 km from the village of Al-Bush, and about 6 km from the Arab Complex, and offers a distinctive level of service in:

  • Interested in continuous sterilization courses.
  • The hotel offers all services with a gym, a restaurant to serve all the specials and a private car garage.
  • It features a visitor’s airport transfer service for a small fee.

2. Donatello’s signature hotel

Donatello is one of the nearest hotels near Jungle Land Jeddah. Just 4 km away, and the Al Naseem Museum 1 km away.

Having mentioned the most important activities of Jingleland Jeddah. The most important of its other amusement parks, you should know that the jungle village the best place to go if you want to combine fun and excitement together.

Jungle Land Jeddah
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