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Kabsa Restaurants in Jeddah

One of the national and classic dishes that the city is famous for. The whole of Saudi Arabia is famous not only for Jeddah but what are the best kabsa restaurants in Jeddah. During this article, we have prepared for you an excellent package of Kabsa restaurants in Jeddah.

Al Jamala Restaurant Kabsa Hashi Jeddah 

Al-Jamal Restaurant Kabsa Hashi The place is simple, but the food is very tasty. It is the most delicious and clean.

Name: Al Jamala Restaurant Kabsa Hashi Jeddah
Category: Families – Individuals
Type: Restaurant
Price: Medium
Children: Yes
Music: None
Timings: 1:00pm–1:00am
Address of Al Jamal Restaurant Kabsa Hashi Jeddah
Al Safa, 6327 Prince Majid Road, Hayy, Jeddah 23452 2614, Saudi Arabia

The number of Al-Jamala restaurant Kabsa Hashi Jeddah

Saudi Kabsa restaurants in Jeddah

This place is one of the best Kabsa restaurants in Jeddah, as it is characterized by a high level of hygiene, as well as the quality of food, but the real secret behind the popularity of this restaurant is the Saudi Kabsa, which is prepared in the original way that resulted in the arrival of huge numbers of customers, hoping Taste the original flavor of Kabsa, and one of the advantages of the restaurant that must be commended is that it consists of a large food hall capable of accommodating a large number of customers, which makes it one of the most luxurious restaurants in Jeddah.

  • The restaurant has a rating of 3.9.
  • Category: Families, Individuals.
  • Prices: Medium.
  • Working hours: from 11 am to two in the morning.
  • Music: Not available.
  • Children: Yes.
  • Restaurant Address: 7762 King Khalid Road, Al Kandarah District, King Khalid Street, Jeddah 22242, Saudi Arabia.
  • Restaurant number: 966568729110+.

Mandi Al Hijaz Restaurant Jeddah

  • Name: Mandi Al Hijaz Restaurant Jeddah
  • Category: Families – Individuals
  • Type :Restaurant
  • Price:Medium
  • Children:Yes
  • Music:None
  • Working Hours:11:00am–12:00am
  • Location on Google Maps: To access the restaurant via Google Maps click here
  • Address For Mandi Al Hijaz Restaurant Jeddah
  • Hayy, 3684 Qasim Zainal, Al Rawdah, Jeddah 22346, Saudi Arabia
  • Mandi Al Hijaz restaurant number Jeddah: +966126133369
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Mandi and Shabiyat Zaman Restaurant

This restaurant won a lot of approval from customers, because it served the best kabsa in Jeddah that you can never taste, which enabled it to form a great popularity that is not negligible, and one of the things that helped this is the distinctive flavor of many dishes, especially grills, so it can be said that it is the best grill restaurant in Jeddah as well, as well as the presence of organized and comfortable family sessions, but one of the negative points is that it is rather small in size and Needs some adjustments in the décor.

  • Category: Suitable for individuals and families.
  • Children: Yes.
  • Music: None.
  • Working hours: from 12 pm to 2 am.
  • Address: Quraish, Al Bawadi, Jeddah 23531, Saudi Arabia.
  • Restaurant number: +966545174341

Al Taaq Al Bukhari Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Jeddah, as it has been more than 12 years since its establishment, during which it was able to present the most delicious and beautiful dishes that were prepared with love, to suit different tastes, specifically the Arab taste, one of the beauty features of the restaurant is that it is full of hospitality, as well as the presence of a corner with a set of aged teapots that turn red from the intensity of the flames.

  • Category: Families.
  • Children: Allowed.
  • Prices: Reasonable to high.
  • Music: Not allowed.
  • Timings: 11 am to 12 am seven days a week.
  • First Branch: Dallah Street, Al Rehab District, Jeddah, phone number 0555865933.
  • Second Branch: Jeddah, Prince Miteb Bin Abdulaziz Road, Al-Safa District, Phone Number 0555759733.
  • Third Branch: Jeddah, Al-Samer District, phone number 0555658133.
  • Fourth Branch: Jeddah, Main Street, Al-Hamdaniya District, Phone Number 0555873433.
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Kabsa Munif Restaurant

If you are looking for an incomparable authentic taste of kabsa, Munif Kabsa Restaurant, which is known as the best Kabsa restaurant in Jeddah in terms of cleanliness of the shop, quality of food for reasonable prices, in addition to the staff that deals with elegance and respect amounts, as well as the use of olive oil in the preparation of dishes, which makes food healthier.

  • It has a rating of 3.9.
  • Category: Individuals and Families.
  • Music: Not available.
  • Children: Yes.
  • Prices: Medium.
  • Working hours: from ten thirty in the morning until twelve in the morning.
  • Restaurant Address: Al Rowad Station, Al Manar, Al Manar Neighborhood, Jeddah Saudi Arabia.
  • Restaurant number: +966544732180

Kabsa Al Diyafah Al Hashi Restaurant Jeddah

The fame of this place and its popularity is due to its presentation of the best meat kabsa in Jeddah, as it relies on fresh hashi meat, which makes it superior to other competitors, unlike the wonderful taste, we find that the excellence of the restaurant extends to hospitality and speed of delivery, but it was noted that some complained about a slight rise in the prices of some of its dishes.

  • Category: Valid for families and individuals.
  • Music: None.
  • Children: there is.
  • Working hours: from eleven in the morning to 12 in the morning.
  • Restaurant Address: Al Qasim Bin Umayyah, Al Hamdaniya Dist., Jeddah 23761, Saudi Arabia.
  • Restaurant Phone: +966 55 12 7745

Mandi World Restaurant in Jeddah

Alam Al Mandi Restaurant, Jeddah, is a modern concept of Kabsa restaurants, eating traditional food in a clean and tidy place, Al Rawda neighborhood, Hamad Al Jasir Street, a special section for families.

Name: Mandi World Restaurant | Soggy world
Category: Families | members
Type: Restaurant
Prices: high
Children: allowed
Music: none
Opening hours: 11 am – 2 am
Google Maps: To enter the restaurant via Google Maps, click here
Website: To enter, click here
Address of Alam Al Mandi Restaurant, Jeddah
Hamad Al-Jasser, Al-Rawdah, Jeddah

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Mandi world restaurant jeddah number
+966 53238 5217

Al Saddah restaurants in Jeddah

Al-Sada Restaurant in Jeddah is one of the most beautiful, wonderful and luxurious restaurants in Al-Mandi and Al-Kabsa, as it is one of the popular and famous restaurants in Jeddah. It features mashed chicken, mandi and meat. Fast in service and clean. Kunafa is very special in it.

  • Name: Al Saddah Restaurant – Al Saddah
  • Category: Families – Individuals
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Prices: Medium to High
  • Children: Allowed
  • Partition: None
  • Music: None
  • Working Hours: 11AM–1AM

Address For Al Saddah Restaurant in Jeddah
This branch is addressed: Opposite to Soliman Fakeeh Hospital, Palestine Street, Jeddah

They have a second branch in: Heraa Street, Al Nahdah, Jeddah

Third Branch: Nahdet Al-Tafeef, Al-Rawdah District, Jeddah

Fourth Branch: Prince Miteb Bin Abdulaziz Road, Al Safa, Jeddah

Kabsat Sundry Restaurant Jeddah

If you are looking for an unforgettable dining experience, you should visit Kabsat Sthria Restaurant, which has many advantages that in turn contribute to the feeling of euphoria when visiting the place, as the place is characterized by calmness and coordinated and comfortable décor, other than the splendor of lighting and sessions instead of impeccable excellent services, and the place It also has sinks, tissues, and soap. Finally, it is worth saying that this restaurant is the best rice restaurant in Jeddah.

  • Category: Available for individuals and families.
  • Children: Yes.
  • Music: None.
  • Address: Al Samer, Jeddah 23352, Saudi Arabia.
  • Timings: 8 am to 2 am
  • Phone Number: +966595960692
Kabsa Restaurants in Jeddah
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