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Khorfakkan Beach

Khor Fakkan, Khawr Fakkan a city along the Gulf of Oman on the east coast of the United Arab Emirates. The second largest town on the east coast after Fujairah. To designated on the picturesque Gulf of Khorfkan. Khor belonged to Sharjah but geographically surrounded by fujairah. Khor has the Khor container terminal. The only deep-sea natural port in the region as one of the uae’s main container ports.

Khorvkan is located on the east coast of the United Arab Emirates. Between the Arabian Sea and the Shumayliyah Mountains. With an altitude of up to 1,023 meters (3,356 feet) in Mount Hilqah. Khorvkan Bay is the northeast facing a prevailing wind reserve by the dock of a container ship service station. Tourism, despite a blanket ban on the sale. And consumption of alcohol by Sharjah, well developed thanks to white-sand beaches. And coral reefs that attract many divers. Khorvkan Beach is located north of the city centre.

From November to April, Khorvkan is sunny and warm during the day. But in the evening it is cold with low humidity. Daytime temperatures range from 18°C to 30°C. One can expect rain and tropical storms between January and March. With climate temperatures rising from May to September. With a rise in noon temperatures in July and August to reach 55°C. There are very warm nights, with temperatures up to 42°C with high humidity.

Relax at Khorfakan Beach

Khorfakan Beach is one of the most popular tourist places and weekends in Khorfakan, with activities for all travelers.

Whether it’s snorkelling, water skiing or any other water sport, Kurvkan Beach offers fun and excitement activities.

You can simply lie on the soft sand, enjoy the warmth of the sun, or gather a team and play beach sports such as volleyball.

This 3-kilometre crescent-shaped beach offers countless options for water fun, such as fishing, diving, aerial skiing and kayaking.

Locals love a one-day trip there to enjoy sharjah’s pleasant weather. Palm trees line the sand and face the sparkling water, making it a great playground for adults and children with football sets and columns. Activity abroad is ideal in the beautiful Weather of Khorvkan.

 Khorfkan is the retreat of sharjah’s retreats and nothing less than a paradise on earth.

Khorvkan may not be popular with its luxury neighbor Dubai, but don’t let that fool you. Khorvkan is a promising, smaller but beautiful tourist destination worth a visit.

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You’ll be amazed at some of the unique activities you can do and where you can explore in this eye-catching destination.

One day you may want to visit her again to take a break and relax in her tranquil gardens. From beautiful museums and mosques to beaches, Khorvkan has long been a favourite place for a short and pleasant vacation.

Best tourist places in Khorfakan

There are many tourist attractions in Khorfakan that help to flourish tourism in Khorvkan and the UAE as a whole. There is a variety of activities that you can try at Khorfakkan Beach. as it has a large number of smany smaller islands in the area that make it ideal for diving, snorkeling and other sports.

it is one of the most popular cities with many attractions including:

Shark Island

  • The name of the beach is due to the presence of many marshes with dark color located under the surface of the water.
  • The island has a beach of the most beautiful sand and the purest water that encourages swimming.
  • Water has many fish species as well as sea turtles and other species.
  • So there are a lot of people who prefer to dive into the island’s waters.
  • In addition, water can come down using small boats as well as enjoy the view of nature.

Miramar Beach Hotel & Resort

  • The resort one of the best products in this city and rated as a five-star hotel.
  • Inside the product there are many distinctive swimming pools located indoors and others located outside.
  • In addition, there are many sauna and other massage rooms.
  • It also has many gyms and other sports fields.
  • The resort has a charming view near the Indian Ocean as well as its unique Moroccan design.

Central Market in Khorvkan

  • The Central Market is one of the tourist attractions in Khorfakan, which houses more than 600 shops selling various types of products.
  • The market beautifully designed and designed to parallel to each other.
  • Due to the beauty of the market view, his picture printed on the state currency of AED 5.
  • The market contains all kinds of products and has shops for the sale of gold items of all kinds.
  • There are many regular shops in the upper as well as lower rows of buildings selling antiques, clothing, etc.
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Khorfakan Cinema

  • One of the oldest attractions in Khorvkan that the UAE has known for a long time, it was an open exhibition house.
  • The place then developed into the best place for various types of films.
  • Cinema attracts the largest number of tourists who want to have the best of times.

Safari and camping in Khorvkan

  • There are a large number of tourist attractions in Khorfakan that encourage safaris in the city.
  • It has many high places that encourage climbing.
  • The city also has many huts located scattered around beaches, mountains and more.
  • It is therefore one of the things that helps the recovery of tourism in Khorfkan as well as Egypt is preparing to attract tourists.

Al , Wareaa Falls

  • The waterfalls are about 5 km from Khorfakan, making it a source of tourism in Khorvkan throughout the year.
  • The waterfalls have a magnificent view that helps water flow and push it into the fertile valley.
  • It also has a great look so it helps attract tourists to Kourfakan.

Khorfakan Corniche

  • The Corniche one of the most prestigious tourist spots in Khorvkan, which characterized by the splendour and beauty of the scenery.
  • The Corniche has many activities that help to enjoy tourism all the time.
  • The Corniche offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy a walk between the picturesque natural elements as well as a boat walk.
  • The corniche surrounded by large numbers of charming trees that give the corniche an aesthetic and charming view.
  • The Corniche has plenty of seats directly overlooking the sea, which helps to relax.
  • It also has a children’s area with the largest number of special toys that help children enjoy a stroll.
  • There are plenty of signature hotels near the Corniche.
  • The corniche also surrounded by plenty of restaurants serving the most delicious and best meals for tourists.

Where is the city of Khorfakkan located?

Located on the east coast of the United Arab Emirates along the Gulf of Oman, Khorfakkan is a major tourist attraction, and the city is famous for Khorfakkan Beach which is located in the north of the city center, and features thriving coral reefs, a testament to the government’s efforts in preserving the environment and, of course, has become a favorite place for lovers of sea life.

Although that city located under Sharjah, it geographically surrounded by the Emirate of Fujairah, so when people make a list of things they can do in Fujairah, the wonderful Khorfakkan Beach inevitably located on this beach, and Khorfakkan Container Terminal the only natural deep-sea port in the region and therefore if you rent an apartment in Fujairah, you get used to watching ships. Large as they anchor and sail away, there are also against the background of Khorfakkan Beach the rocky Hajar Mountains, due to natural erosion these rock formations look beautiful and rustic.

What is Khorfakkan City famous for in the UAE?

  • Khor Fakkan Beach
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Located at the northeastern tip of the city and famous for the sunrise and sunset across the sea, whether it’s by snorkeling, water skiing or any other water sport, Khorfakkan Beach offers fun-filled activities, it is a beach that offers opportunities to relax on the beach by lying on the soft sand and enjoying the warmth of the sun, or gathering a team and practicing beach sports such as volleyball.

  • Salem Al Mutawa Mosque

Built about 200 years ago, the mosque showcases unique architecture and interiors in the Arabic style, making it a tourist place for visitors, Salem Al Mutawa Mosque is worth visiting during the evening hours as the view of the mosque illuminated by different colored lights is really a wonderful sight.

  • Ruins of the Portuguese castle

Constructed by Portuguese Captain Gaspar Light around 1635 AD, the castle’s three-sided ruins located near Khorfakkan Beach found, and signs depicting the architecture and history of the castle can be found, providing a detailed look at the historical events witnessed by the castle as well as the city of Khorfakkan.

  • Al Mutlaa Park

Nestled amidst the desert sands and rocky terrain of the Western Hajar Mountains, it is strange to find a park such as Mutlaa Park which features lush and grassy green gardens, Al Mutlaa Park also has plenty of swings and horse riding for children to enjoy, making it an ideal place to visit if you are traveling with your children.

  • Khor Fakkan Waterfall Falls

It is a magnificent waterfall with a height of 45 meters next to the amphitheater from the top of a natural rocky mountain, although the waterfall is man-made but carved from natural rocks and illuminated at night, both the amphitheater and the waterfall face the glittering bay of Khorfakkan so that visitors can enjoy wandering along the beach before enjoying a spectacular view.

Best time to visit Khorfakkan Beach

The best time to visit Khor Fakkan is from November to April, and Khorfakkan is pleasantly warm and sunny during the day with cool evenings and low humidity (daytime temperature 18 to 30 °C or 64 to 86 °F).

The region experiences little rainfall and tropical storms from January to March, like all other places in the Middle East, and Khorfakkan experiences a very hot climate from May to September with afternoon temperatures rising unbearably (daytime temperature above 40°C), and nights during these months of the year are warm with high humidity.

Khorfakkan Beach
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