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Kid Friendly Hotels in Maldives

Basically, the hotel business is represented by high-star bungalow-format options located on separate islands. Three-star status is still to be looked for. There are many representatives of world-famous network lines.

The peculiarity of the republic’s hospitality industry is that it is possible to settle right on the water – the houses are built on stilts. Someone sees romance in this, while others, who are vacationing for the first time in such conditions, note that it is simply impossible to live when the ocean is constantly making noise under you and beating against the foundation. Some of the villas are usually built on 1 line, and those who appreciate the abundance of greenery choose to live on 2 lines, in the gardens of the islands.

All complexes provide Internet access in public areas – at the reception or lobby, rarely in rooms, usually for a fee. The speed leaves much to be desired, for the most part it only allows you to correspond, watch a video or chat on Skype is problematic.

In almost all hotels with children, it is comfortable to relax. There are exceptions, but they are not common – such options do not have the infrastructure for children’s leisure, they are intended for romantic vacations for young couples or people of age.

In most resorts, babies are provided with playpens, sometimes the service goes beyond the all-inclusive system and is put on a financial footing. One-year-old children and older will be offered a separate cot.

The question of which hotel to go to with small children does not arise. Almost all owners of large tourist complexes try to please family guests by offering an extensive entertainment program:

  • mini-club with animators;
  • evening mini-disco;
  • shallow compartments in pools;
  • games that can combine the leisure of adults and young guests, for example, “crab racing”;
  • riding on catamarans, kayaks, water bicycles;
  • playgrounds

Surprisingly, heated swimming pools (only if covered in a spa), water slides, and even more so water parks are very rare in the territories. Tourists consider this moment a serious omission.

So, we present to your attention our rating of the best hotels in the Maldives for families with children:

Male Atoll

Kurumba Maldives 5 *

When looking for a hotel in Male Atoll for a vacation with a child, you will probably immediately get advice to take a closer look at Kurumba – a great option in terms of price-quality ratio, just a stone’s throw from the airport, and, most importantly, completely family-oriented.

The resort on the first line with its own beach is one of the very first Maldian island complexes, it has two shallow pools, a playground and a mini-club, where children from 4 years old are accepted. The fun animation consists of several activities a day – it’s hard to get bored!

Relaxing with babies is easy and simple. The restaurant provides special meals for young guests. The list of services includes babysitting assistance. The ocean has a wonderful, gentle approach, the depth is increasing gradually and to go and go to it. A curious nuance – sun loungers are assigned to each bungalow.

The island’s infrastructure is not rich, but there are places for small purchases. A souvenir shop, a shop with groceries and essentials have been opened.

Bandos Maldives 4 *

Suitable for everyone who is looking for tropical romance, there is more than enough of it here: calmness and solitude surrounded by lush vegetation, even in the evenings nothing disturbs the peace. Villas and bungalows hug the island in a tight circle. Sea huts right by the water – is this a dream come true? The furnishings of the living quarters are ascetic, nothing superfluous, but at the same time cozy. The technique is a bit old, but this does not spoil the overall impression. As a compliment, tea and coffee sets. There is no need to spend money on laundry, an iron and ironing board will appear upon a call to the reception. Cleaning twice a day, which, however, is a common practice for the resort, cleaners bring fresh towels, and often change bedding.

Food formats for every taste and opportunity, up to all – if the holidays are in the company with children, then the ideal option. The restaurant has high chairs and bright plastic tableware for babies. It is not difficult to make a menu: mild simple soups, a sea of ​​vegetables and fruits, sausages, omelets, sweets.

The Blooming Island is planned so that everyone can find something to their liking. A strong sports link is represented by football and basketball, a gym. From amusements “crab racing” and feeding reef sharks and rays in the evening hours is an activity that delights children.

Near the sea, everything is blooming and fragrant, many corners with cool shade. In some parts of the ocean, when entering the water, corals and algae are found.

Ari atoll

Sun Island Resort & Spa 5 *

The houses of the complex are everywhere, including by the water and in the thickets of the garden in the center of the islet. The latter option is inconvenient in that it does not have direct access to the beach. Bungalows are simple, both outside and inside, it is hard to believe that this is a full-fledged “five”. However, the technical side is at its best, everything is available, from an air conditioner to an iron. Even the Internet is there. If you need an extra bed for a child, please bring it on request.

They populate instantly, without forcing the new guests to languish in anticipation of the keys, they are prepared in advance. The attitude of the staff is excellent, the staff is very attentive to requests, the atmosphere is warm from sunny smiles. Minus.

The list of entertainments will please everyone, including young people: cocktail parties, karaoke, candlelit dinner by the ocean, a disco bar, where it is impossible to resist incendiary dances. There is a playroom filled with toys, a shallow pool and a game room for children.

But the main thing for which they go to the resort is the beach. The wealth of coral reefs will definitely impress you. The shore is not uniform, there are places that are inconvenient for swimming with children, the bottom is strewn with large stones and pieces of solidified lava. However, you can always go to the other side of the island.

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Amaya Kuda Rah Maldives Resort 5 *

It is also a curious and very popular place on the Ari Atoll. Amaya Kuda Rah will turn anyone’s head with just one number of rooms. The most surprising solution is a two-storey villa with a private pool a few steps from the lagoon. Particularly captivating is the bathroom, half facing the street, next to it is also a rain shower. All bungalows are spacious, renovated and the quality of the cleaning is commendable.

The hotel has an extensive range of wellness treatments in the SPA center. Those who wish are given bicycles to explore the surroundings on their own. You can stop in any corner of the island and take a break in a cozy swing or hammock, hung everywhere.

Children’s leisure is organized on the basis of the “Nemo Club”. The kid will delight with hand-made crafts, hone his drawing skills, decorate the birthday cake himself, and together with new friends will certainly find the pirates’ treasures.

The lagoon is not very spacious, it is only 50 meters wide. The reef is marked with buoys, it is better to explore the depths of the ocean before lunchtime, then the tide begins, and it is problematic to swim to the coral forests.

Kaafu Atoll

Kaani Beach Hotel 4 *

Nice, small hotel (only 18 rooms) was built on one of the islands of the Kaafu atoll.

This is the only four-star resort in the area, and therefore the most budgetary.

It also pleases with its novelty, built in 2012. It is hardly suitable for youth recreation – it is rather boring on the island. Occasionally arrange beach parties, but no alcohol. The best option is to book a hotel for a couple of days. However, family tourists will appreciate this simplicity and regularity of resort life.

Some of the rooms overlook the cityscapes. The rooms overlooking the ocean will cost a little more, this is an offer for true romantics who can enjoy stunning sunsets every evening. Rooms with large shower room and nice furnishings, large, cozy, decorated in traditional Maldivian style.

The food formats are varied, the cuisine for 4 stars is modest, above all, with a small selection of dishes. It is better to stop at breakfasts alone, next to a scattering of restaurants and cafes offering menus at reasonable prices. There is a good restaurant on the shore of the neighboring complex. In another place, candles are lit for dinner and musicians are invited – an amazing atmosphere.

Private sandy beach within walking distance. It is green, inclined palm trees have become a decoration. Free sun loungers are available. Fun on the water is generously presented, allowing you to spend one hundred percent of the sea vacation. 

Velana Beach Maldives 4 *

The resort has entered the constellation of family hotels on the island of Maafushi, where it is comfortable to relax with small children.

According to tophotels users, this is an excellent economy option with excellent service, because complexes that completely occupy individual islands are more expensive.

The staff deserves praise: the managers at the reception are attentive, ready to help in any matter, the waiters are polite and efficient.

The number of rooms is surprising by the presence of rooms completely without windows, there are not many of them. The plus lies in the absolute isolation and silence, and, oddly enough, they are more comfortable than rooms with balconies.

You can buy a ticket for breakfasts, full board, or add dinners to your morning meal. Breakfasts are served in a buffet style, and in the evening they offer a choice of food from three menu items. The portions are huge, one is enough for a couple.

Entertainment consists of beach relaxation and excursions, bicycles are provided free of charge. The sandy beach is nearby, literally 2-3 minutes walk, but it’s worth being ready to pay daily rent of sun loungers. There are many shops in the vicinity where you can buy groceries. With fruits, as elsewhere in the resort, the problem is that in the Maldives they grow in meager quantities, mostly imported, therefore they are very expensive. 

Raa Atoll

Adaaran Select Meedhupparu 4 *

Adaaran Select Meedhupparu is one of the most popular resorts in Raa Atoll, where it is cozy with a small child. The complex consists of three parts with its own restaurants and a designated area. in the reviews, tourists call it just an “exotic village” and consider it more comfortable and more beautiful than the rest of the sectors.

Guests are greeted with flowers and a welcome cocktail. Before you have time to look back, how you can unpack your suitcases – check-in is fast. The premises are not new, equipped with everything you need on vacation in 2019, little things are provided as teapots, bath accessories and umbrellas.

Restaurants are equipped with high chairs for feeding babies and children from 1 year old. The food is excellent, especially the pasta thanks to the Italian chef. They also serve grilled meat, tender tuna, duck, lamb. Seafood shrimp and squid. Those with a sweet tooth enjoy five types of desserts, lots of fruits.

It is not difficult to feed babies who are only 2-3 years old – there are a minimum of spicy dishes, and the one with peppercorn is marked with a red circle. Instant juices, fresh juices for a fee, there is milk on the menu.

The beach is a heavenly place. Snow-white sand, like semolina, does not heat up in the sun, only in some places sharp shell rock comes across. The gentle entry into the sea allows even babies to be bathed. It is good to dive with a mask from the pier, the ocean introduces amazing inhabitants, among which there are small sharks. There are few entertainments in the resort: “Monopoly” in English, table tennis, SPA with massage, steam bath and sauna, in the lobby there is a dance floor – discos take place in the evenings.

Dhigali Maldives 5 *

The island resort received its first guests in the summer of 2017, everything in it is brand new, sparkling with novelty. The complex has not yet acquired an army of fans and is trying to attract with tempting discounts, therefore it pleases budget travelers. The path from Male ‘airport is not close; the seaplane will take about 45 minutes to fly.

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Represents 180 villas on the beach and bungalows on the water. Here you will be able to feel all the charm of life by the luxurious ocean with a rich reef. The only drawback lies in the absence of umbrellas; they are successfully replaced by inclined palms. Be sure to check out the spa, which boasts a dozen beauty and massage parlors, as well as a luxurious pool.

The kitchen is the weak link, almost all dishes are quite spicy. Guests are invited to cook pasta and some side dishes, and fry meat. It is easy to make mixes from vegetables yourself. The assortment of amazing pastries and desserts. There is always delicious ice cream. Drinks are included in breakfast, the rest of the time you have to pay.

Conveniently, for babies up to a year, any dish will be prepared on request. And for teenagers, the menu includes elements of fast food: pizza, fries, burgers.

The staff go out of their way to please, friendly and responsible.

Dhaalu atoll

Kandima Maldives 5 *

The unique premium-format tourist complex has become a real gem of Dhaalu Atoll. The pool is impressive in size, there is a children’s section. It has a large beach club, gym, volleyball and tennis courts. There is a possibility to rent scooters and bicycles. It will definitely not be boring. The housing stock consists of villas and more modest studio rooms.

The hotel is ideal for children of all ages. It is interesting to visit the center for the study of marine animals together with the parents. There is an art studio, plus they organize a variety of hobby groups. For example, it is proposed to try on the role of a cook and, under the guidance of experienced chefs, to comprehend the basics of Maldivian cuisine.

A dozen restaurants delight the cuisine of different nations of the world. One of the establishments serves Chinese food. And after dinner at the bar, guests enjoy the sound of live music. 

Baa Atoll

Royal Island Resort & Spa 5 *

The five-star resort invites you to spend an unforgettable yet inexpensive holiday with children in Baa Atoll in 2019. You don’t have to rack your brains when deciding on the category of the room – there are the same bungalows. They greet guests with warm wood trim, new fixtures and cleanliness in every corner.

Among the catering formats, there is also “all inclusive”. The cuisine is decent, the main restaurant is generous with meat and seafood. Have you dreamed of eating plenty of exotic fruit for a long time? In this regard, just the perfect menu – mango, papaya, lychee, mangosteen and much more that will make you look in the dictionary.

Children together with their parents enthusiastically participate in the fun “crab race”, just have time to place your bets. A large gray parrot lives in the vicinity – also an additional entertainment.

Beach holidays are not limited to hunting for a bronze tan. The water entertainment center offers a breeze to ride bananas, motorcycles and tablets, learn how to operate a kayak and parachute. There is also something to look in the water, arm yourself with masks (accessories for snorkeling will be provided in the dive club) and go ahead for new emotions!

Dusit Thani Maldives 5 *

The crystal clarity of the turquoise waters of the lagoon, soft coral sands, unique architectural style, warm hospitality of the staff – a mix that conquers Dusit Thani Maldives from the moment they meet. Discerning travelers will surely appreciate the luxurious villas by the sea with an area of ​​over 120 sqm. there was simply no room in the room stock for small bungalows – all are spacious. An original bonus is an outdoor rain shower. It offers high-quality cosmetics, comfortable furniture, a coffee machine, a mini-bar (paid).

Three restaurants are invited to dine, one of them was created especially for lovers of Thai cuisine. There is an institution with the usual European food, it is easy to choose a diet for kids. The menu has a list of dietary dishes.

The entertainment center has bicycles (a couple is assigned to each bungalow), an excellent spa, a bar with music and views of the surrounding beauty of nature.

A fun show for adults and children awaits on the island. Large sea turtles come here to lay eggs, which the staff carefully collect and create conditions for the birth of turtles. The marine life is then released into the ocean.

Nonu Atoll

The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Maldives 5 *

On closer acquaintance, the question of which hotel to choose for a vacation with small children disappears by itself. It fully complies with 5 stars and, above all, in terms of the level of service. Upon arrival, a cocktail and wet towels await, the correctness and courtesy of the staff is beyond praise, they will prompt and help in solving all problems. It is worth being prepared to make a deposit.

The housing stock consists of both simple houses and luxurious villas with their own pools, the collection also includes water bungalows. In the bathrooms there are bathrooms and jacuzzis, in the rooms there are TVs with a home theater function, they do not take money for storing valuables in the safe. Detergent kits, in addition to the usual shampoo-gels, contain shaving accessories. Water, tea, coffee – everything is free.

The menu is a godsend for parents. The kids are fed tasty and satisfying food. The chefs prepare mashed soups, tender omelets and oatmeal. Baby food can always be diluted with hot milk.

The pride of the complex is a magnificent mini-club. On its basis, master classes, creative classes are held, a room full of toys and constructors is open.

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Haa Alifu Atoll

Constance Halaveli 5 *

The authors of the project set out to surprise the guests, and they succeeded – the resort was created in the shape of a curved doni boat. Time on the island, which is part of the Haa Alifu atoll, seemed to have stopped: this is a fabulous corner in the middle of the ocean, where you can forget about all your problems, bask in the sun, swim from morning until late at night and have a delicious meal. Actually, this is what the guests do, occasionally diluting passive rest with classes in a well-equipped gym, going for massage, playing badminton, tennis, volleyball. Closer to midnight, lights up the dance floor.

The living conditions are wonderful. The lovely Family rooms have children’s rooms with toys and educational games. On the premises you will find bathrobes, slippers, and even flip-flops with a beach bag. The coffee machine treats you to aromatic coffee. In a set of techniques, the surprise is the computer. By the way, wi-fi throughout the territory is excellent.

This place is perfect for families. Little guests aged 3-4 years are not left without attention – there is a children’s club, where a variety of creative activities under the guidance of animators await. 

JA Manafaru 5 *

It is included in the top of the most popular resorts on the map of the Republic of Maldives. Bungalows are scattered all over the island: houses are hidden in the garden, stand on the beach or majestically “soar” on stilts above the water. There are 84 individual villas in total. Furnished with solid furniture, couples are offered accommodation in rooms with wide double beds.

The bungalow complex has seven places to eat and drink. A medieval-style wine cellar invites you to enjoy fine drinks. Breakfast is included in the accommodation and is served in a buffet style. Waiters accept orders for lunch and dinner. Meat, desserts, fruits – delicious!

The family concept is expressed in two mini-clubs – for toddlers and teenagers. Here kids have a shallow pool with miniature sun loungers at their disposal. Every day there are interesting programs: you can hunt a crab, turn into a pirate, bake pizza and treat your parents.

New movies are shown in a small cozy cinema. The guests praise the SPA very much. The beach delights with its whiteness and good entrance to the sea. The territory is large, everything is covered with greenery, which is carefully looked after, the infrastructure is ideally integrated into the natural landscape.

Lhaviyani Atoll

Kanuhura 5 *

In the northeast of Lhaviyani Atoll, an amazing world is spread, giving relaxation and a scattering of entertainment. The choice of rooms is huge, from modest beachfront bungalows to presentable villas with marble bathrooms and outdoor rain showers. There are houses with open-type bathrooms – in the courtyard, where instead of floor tiles there is pleasant sand – a complete merger with nature. The premises are very comfortable, large TVs, refrigerators, hair dryers and full sets of cosmetics, air conditioners and ceiling fans keep cool.

The food will satisfy the most demanding gourmet. Freshly squeezed juices every day, lots of exotic fruits. And natural coffee will conquer the avid coffee lover. Themed evenings, during the week of vacation provide an opportunity to try the delights of various cuisines.

Children – fussy in food – will not be left hungry. And this adds to the complex of family clients. If there are no suitable dishes on the tables, the chefs will be happy to prepare what the mothers and fathers ask for.

Each guest receives a personal bike, which can be used for a walk around the area. You can invite a professional photographer with you – the traveler’s archive will be filled with stunning photos. There is a nice reef garden nearby in the ocean, masks and fins are given free of charge at the diving center. 

Cocoon Maldives 5 *

On the tourist forums, the hotel gets the most rave reviews. Guests give high marks for a pleasant homely atmosphere and incredibly cozy bungalows. Their highlight is the open-air bathrooms, but at the same time all the rules of privacy are observed: it is pleasant to take a shower, inhaling the aromas of a sultry southern night. Next to the villas are terraces with soft sofas, hidden from the sun in the shade of dense greenery. Direct access to the beach is a separate delight. In the mini-bar on the all-inclusive system, free carbonated drinks and juices, alcohol at a separate price.

The territory, despite its compactness, makes it possible for leisurely walks along the coast. Delightful colorful birds and flying foxes are sure to meet along the way. The beach is clean and almost always deserted, giving a sense of privacy.

There are a couple of restaurants, one on the all system, the other a la carte. The main institution is famous for its excellent cuisine, especially salads, meat and pastries from the local chefs.

You can enjoy delicious yoghurts with fruit fillings in glass jars, natural lemonade and fresh juice.

In addition to the pool, there is still a lot of entertainment. Live music is played at dinner, then guests move to the bar. Here, too, the musicians share a good mood, you can dance barefoot under the bright stars on the cool sand. The animation arsenal has an unobtrusive sports program: boccia, volleyball, they recommend trying yoga and Pilates – they are taught by excellent instructors.

The doors of the game club are open for children. Karapuzov, who have not yet turned 2-3 years old, are taken under the care of a nanny, the service is paid.

Kid Friendly Hotels in Maldives
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