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Kingdom Tower Riyadh

Kingdom Tower

The Kingdom Tower is located in the city of Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is the tallest building in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The tower designed during the first period of the twenty-first century to be a mixed-use tower.

Plans to build the Kingdom Tower to serve as a symbol of the capital and the country, and the current design of the tower chosen from among more than 100 engineering proposals submitted by the largest architectural firms, and the height of the tower, according to the original design, was 296.3 meters, but later it increased.

Creating a comfortable environment inside the Kingdom Tower the biggest challenge faced by the engineers and designers supervising the construction of this building, as it is a very large building and occupies wide and different areas in terms of the function or services it provides, and it also of a high altitude, and what made it more difficult the desert climate of the area in which it built. This tower.

The company supervising the construction of the tower also had to fulfill all the requirements set by the Saudi Electricity Company. Which stipulates that the entire building must cooled for a period of not less than 4 hours per day without using vapor pressure refrigeration machines. As they consume a lot of energy, and all of this posed a great challenge to the company supervising the building. Building.

Location of the Kingdom Tower 

The Kingdom Tower is located on King Fahd Road, Olaya and Al-Orouba Streets, in the Olaya neighborhood within the capital, Riyadh, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The project combines multiple uses that have grouped into three basic components: a 300-meter-high tower, a three-level viewing platform, parking spaces for more than 3,200 cars, and various service and entertainment facilities.

Sections of the Kingdom Tower in Riyadh:

The tower has four entrances detailing the main uses of the tower: 13 floors of office space below (including a five-story lobby and business center on the 14th floor), the Four Seasons Hotel 10 floors above the offices, five floors of luxury apartments and condominiums, and KHC’s headquarters on the 30th floor below the arch.

Perhaps the most important place in the Kingdom Tower is the viewing hall in the flyover, at the top of the tower’s opening, which provides charming panoramic views of the city of Riyadh.

The eastern section of Kingdom Tower includes a 57,000 m² shopping mall on 3 floors. It has international stores as well as several local brand stores and quiet restaurants.

The western section of the tower houses a 4,400 sqm high two-storey wedding and conference hall for 1,200 people with all support facilities such as private meeting rooms, royal suites, specialty restaurants, as well as hotel support facilities.

There are also sports facilities (tennis and squash courts) and an outdoor swimming pool.

The Kingdom Tower also has the highest mosque in the world on the 77th floor and a ladies-only shopping mall on the second floor.

The shape of the Kingdom Tower

The Kingdom Tower designed with a unique and distinctive architectural character, as it characterized from the outside by a very delicate and magnificent oval shape, then the building ends from the top with a curved and inverted opening topped by a viewing bridge with a length of 60.96 m.

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The opening is in the shape of an inverted arc.

The Kingdom Tower occupies a floor area of approximately 96,000 square meters, and includes many floors of various services, from hotel apartments to investment offices and companies, and the tower has four main entrances, as well as a viewing bridge that enables the visitor to see all the landmarks of Riyadh.

At the top of the tower there is an inverted triangular opening (the head of the triangle to the bottom). 56 m long and over which a bridge built at a high altitude of 311 m, which marks the end of the Kingdom Tower. This unique area in design illuminated at night in several colors and constantly changes throughout the night, which gives the building a lot of joy and pleasure to view.

Every day after sunset, the Kingdom Tower glows in a way that brings joy and pleasure to people, and this charming glow caused by the use of night lighting by colored (LED) lamps with the unique design of this tower makes it a visual masterpiece that dazzles the eyes.

Kingdom Tower Riyadh, how many floors?

The Kingdom Tower in Riyadh consists of many floors, which reached 99 floors, with two floors below the ground.

The first three floors of the tower contain a commercial market called the Kingdom Market, which includes the most luxurious and largest international brands of clothes, shoes, watches, cosmetics, jewelry, perfumes and others.

The tower has four separate entrances, 13 business floors, office suites, a business center, and ten floors designated as hotels that provide the highest level of service to visitors and residents.

The apartments and living units occupy five floors of the Kingdom Tower with a private car park for about 3,200 cars, and KHC’s private headquarters is located on the thirtieth floor of the tower.

Activities in Kingdom Tower in Riyadh

1. Watching Riyadh from a different perspective:

The Heavenly Bridge at the top of the Kingdom Tower provides a distinctive viewing platform for the city of Riyadh on the 99th floor. You can reach the bridge via fast electric elevators after paying a cost of SAR 69 for adults and SAR 23 for children.

2. Shopping:

Kingdom Tower in Riyadh offers many shopping options at Kingdom Mall which is located on the second floor and consists of 3 full floors. Mall of the Kingdom includes many stores of international and local brands in addition to wonderful cafes and restaurants.

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Some of the brand stores you can find in Kingdom Mall include: Avanti, Burberry, Carolina Herrera, Cartier, Chanel, Chaumet, Chopard, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Dunhill, Atoile, Fendi, Givenchy, Graff, Gucci, Hublot, Angie, Louis Vuitton, Messica, Mont Blanc, Moschino Piaget and many more…

3. Eating:

The dining experience at Kingdom Tower is unforgettable, with fine dining restaurants offering magnificent views of the Riad. Most restaurants are located on the second floor of the western section of Kingdom Tower and are the perfect place to have a romantic dinner with your partner or family.

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Among the best restaurants in Kingdom Tower we find: Italian Spazio, El Gourmet, Jasmine, Baskin Robbins, Bass Ta Walk, Burger King, Canton, Charles & Keith, Fresh Is Fresh, Fruits & Juice, KFC, Kudo, McDonald’s, Pastalini and so on.

Kingdom Mall also has a range of distinctive cafes such as: The Jadring Cafe, Azaleh Café, Patel, Ceramic Cafe, Crocineh Cafe, Capsule, Caribou Cafe, Sea House Cafe…

4. Overnight at the luxury Four Seasons Hotel:

Kingdom Tower hosts the five-star luxury Four Seasons Hotel on 19 floors from the 30th to the 48th floor.

The hotel offers all the amenities and recreation of a spa center and swimming pools as well as wonderful views of the city of Riyadh. You can easily book a room at Four Seasons Hotel with location.

5. Watch a movie at VOX Cinemas:

One of the best entertainment options at the Kingdom Tower is to watch an international or Arabic movie at the VOX Cinemas level, which provides a great experience for users in terms of comfortable chairs and professional sound and visual effects.

VOX Cinemas is a showroom that provides all the luxury to the viewers, through a VIP lounge and the possibility of ordering drinks and food from your place at the click of a button.

Kingdom Tower Restaurants

Kingdom Tower Riyadh also includes many different restaurants that serve the most delicious meals and drinks, as well as local and international sweets.

In addition to the high-level service provided by these restaurants to visitors, the most famous brands are KFC, McDonald’s, Kudu, Haagen Daz, Taste of Aladdin, Iranian Food House, and Spazio Restaurant, which known for its Italian and Asian dishes.

From the highest kingdom tower in Riyadh

In addition to several other famous restaurants such as Al Rifai, Italian Corner, Al’s Sandwich Movie, Jasmine, Patchi, Yaskin Robbins, Pavlos, Bateel, Donut House, Taco Hut, Togo T, T-Shonder, Sushi Spot, Samurai, Sparrow, Fat Burger, Crispy Kreme, Canton.

You can have some hot or cold drinks and take a little rest in some cafes located in the Kingdom Tower, such as Corcini Cafe, Coffee Talk, Cookies & Cream, Lawao, Lamborghini Cafe, Almonds & Walnuts, and Mama Rutte Cafe.

Kingdom Tower stores in Riyadh Kingdom Tower Riyadh

There are perfumes and cosmetics brands in the tower, such as Paris Rosen, Body Shop, Haneen Al Hilli, Country Flowers, Cinema, Lash, L’Occitien, Mikyajy, and Nectar.

For lovers of watches, jewelry, and accessories, Kingdom Tower has several international brands such as Fashion Watch, Swiss Corner, Toy Watch, Swatch, and Citizen.

The commercial section of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tower is a strong competitor to many other centers and tourist attractions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia such as Granada Center, Riyadh Gallery, Andalus Commercial Center, Taiba Mall and others.

The number of visitors to the Kingdom Tower, according to recent statistics, estimated at approximately 230 thousand visitors per week, and this is a look at the most famous shops in the Kingdom in Riyadh:





Tiffany & Co.

Tom Ford

Mont Blanc



Carolina Herrera


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Richard Mille

Roberto Cavalli

Salvatore Fergamo

ST Dupont


Tory Burch


Vacheron Constantin


Van Cleef & Arpels


Dolce & Gabbana




Kingdom Tower Viewing Bridge

Kingdom Tower riyadh also contains what known as the Viewing Bridge. Located at the top of the tower, through which the city of Riyadh can see from its highest point and enjoy its attractive landscapes.

The ascent takes place in two stages, the first during which you ascend to the 77th floor via the elevator in a journey that takes 50 seconds.

The second stage starts from the same floor to the observation bridge and takes 14 seconds.

The bridge consists of a 300-ton iron model, 65 meters long and 3.5 meters wide.

The bridge considered one of the safe places despite its high height, due to the presence of all safety and security measures in the bridge, in addition to the presence of security men trained to deal with emergency situations.

Work on the viewing bridge starts from four in the afternoon until eleven o’clock at night, and in the month of Ramadan it begins to work from half past eight in the evening until half past one in the middle of the night.

The entrance fee for the viewing bridge is 69 riyals for adults and 23 riyals for children, and free of charge for children under two years of age.

Book a viewing bridge of Kingdom Tower is the experience worth it?

Yes, booking a pedestrian bridge Kingdom Tower worth the experience. But the bridge the best experience in the place because it a unique experience, the shopping experience enjoyed anywhere in Riyadh.

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But the Kingdom Tower Walk will give you the opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Riyadh, moreover, the price of the Kingdom Tower view is not great.

Kingdom Tower Working Hours

Kingdom Tower

Work begins at the facilities of the Kingdom Tower daily from Saturday to Wednesday in two periods, the first starts from nine in the morning until twelve in the afternoon, and the second period starts from four in the afternoon until eleven in the evening.

On Thursday, work begins from nine thirty in the morning to eleven in the evening, and on Friday from thirty-four in the afternoon to eleven in the evening, and restaurants close their doors an hour after the closing of shops.

Kingdom Tower stores opening times

Most of the Kingdom Tower stores in Riyadh are operating almost from the beginning of the opening of the main doors of the tower, but there are shops that delay opening their doors from 30 to 60 minutes.

Kingdom Tower Mall Restaurants Working Hours

Restaurants in general have different timings, especially on Ramadan and some occasions, but in general most restaurants open 20 minutes after the opening of the Kingdom Tower.

Kingdom Tower Riyadh
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