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Kite Beach

Kite lovers and many spectators gather on the famous Kite Beach Dubai, also called Kite Beach, a beach along the coast from the intersection of Lighthouse Road and one of Dubai’s most beautiful tourist destinations. With many specialized water sports centers along the sand, you will be able to rent the necessary equipment and test your skills in the emerald waters of the Arabian Gulf. The afternoon is the best time for those who want to challenge nature, when the wind increases and the waves follow suit.
Can you just sit back and enjoy launching a kite or watch the large number of these planes in the air? Children’s play areas and magnificent views of Burj Al Arab hotel are also a beach tourism diary at Kit Beach Dubai.

How to get there

An independent way from the hotel made with the help of local taxi services, for example, Uber. You can also use public transport. For example, to get from the hotel Ibis Mall Of The Emirates will take about an hour. The road in a straight line carried out with transfers – by metro from Sharaf DG station to Business Bay, then by bus to the Hassa Bint Al Murr Masjid 2 stop. For convenience, the hotel shuttle service is available.

Kite Beach Contacts

Opening hours: Mon-Wed from 10:00 to 22:00, Thu-Sat from 10:00 to 0:00, Sun from 10:00 to 22:00

Official website


Telephone +97143173999

Why To Visit Kite Beach

Kite Beach in Dubai is worth a visit for those who prefer a quiet and secluded holiday or want to combine it with an active one. The beach has all the conditions for extreme entertainment: a kitesurfing school, an equipment rental point and the waves of the Persian Gulf. Also, most tourists note the cleanliness and well-groomed beach. In addition, the list of advantages of the beach “Kite Beach” includes its walking distance from entertainment – parks, catering outlets and attractions.

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Where do you buy kites and swimming supplies at Kite Beach Dubai?

Specifically, kite enthusiasts and surf enthusiasts will find more than they need to spend their day at Kite Beach Dubai, of course, taking into account health and safety standards and all that. You can also find several specialty stores right off 5a Street, behind Jumeirah Beach Street in Um Sqaim.

The coast and what surrounds it

The hottest month in Dubai is July – it is at this time that the waters of the Persian Gulf can reach temperatures of up to 33 degrees. This time of year is not the most comfortable to relax, as a long stay in the heat can be dangerous. The velvet season in Dubai, and, accordingly, on the beach “Kite Beach” can call the end of autumn and the beginning of winter – at this time the water cools down to 25 degrees. These weather conditions are optimal for recreation.

Many tourists who have visited kite Beach in Dubai note the crystal clear water off the coast, as well as a clean and safe sandy surface. This type of coating on the beach allows you to move around it without using special shoes, for example, aqua shoes. Also, vacationers note the predominant tranquility of the waters of the Persian Gulf – such conditions allow you to swim with young children.

Kite Beach is located near a lively area, in which there are many parks, shops and sports grounds. For example, within walking distance from the beach “Kite” is Jumeirah Beach Park – a beach and park area with entertainment for the whole family, numerous recreation areas and beach attractions for children of any age. You can get there in just 15 minutes on 2 C St. Also in this area there is a “Starbucks”, several burgers and other food outlets.

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In case you want a more lively holiday on the beach, you can visit the nearby Jumeirah Beach on the first coastline. It also distinguished by improved infrastructure and the presence of numerous amenities necessary for recreation.

Cycling in Kit Beach Dubai

Feel free to ride a bike along the bike path along Jumeirah Beach Road, starting right after Jumeirah Beach Hotel (there are many rental stations on the beach), but you’ll have some information before you get a bike from Kite Beach, where bikes or skiing not allowed on the corniche, so if you want to experience this activity, take the path to Jumeirah Open Beach.

Beach Activities

It reported that there are no shops and souvenir shops on the beach itself. However, you can find them within walking distance, just a few minutes’ walk from the “Kite Beach”. On the beach there is a shower cabin, and the changing rooms located in a separate building, the location of which can check with the beach staff.

Kite Beach
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