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know my number Sawa

How to find out your phone number..! Some people if you ask them for his mobile number they say that he does not know the mobile number, and of course I am a customer in STC (Saudi Telecom).

How do I know my number together stc for free

If you are wondering “How do I see my number Sawa?”, you can follow the steps in the following list:

  • Sawa ID code: *150#.
  • Open the dialer and type a 150 window star.
  • Press Call and then wait for a while.
  • Your number will appear together with stc.
  • Now you can copy the number and save it to Contacts or send it to friends.

Knowing Sawa number without code

In order to find out the Sawa number or stc SIM number without using the code we explained above, there is another method allocated by the company which is the following:

  • Download and login to mystc application.
  • Log in by ID number.
  • Now select the SIM number you wish to inquire.
  • Select Usage management then Subscriptions.
  • To the left of the app you will find three parallel dots that you press.
  • Select your SIM tab.
  • Congratulations, you’ll now see all the information about your chip, including your mobile number.

Note: You can download the mystc app through the official stores, whether on the Play Store or Apple Store.

know my number Sawa
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