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Kuala Lumpur Public Transport

Public transport in Kuala Lumpur. Modern transport of a large metropolis. It allows you to quick, convenient and inexpensive travel any distance. In most cases, you will enjoy your trip. But first you need to understand the variety of routes. And modes of transport. And choose your own option for moving around the city and beyond. We are ready to help you with this. Public transport in Kuala Lumpur represented. By the following modes of transport:

  • Rapid KL buses
  • High-speed bus BRT (BRT)
  • LRT / MRT Surface Metro
  • Monorail train KL Monorail
  • Suburban trains KTM Komuter
  • KLIA Express and KLIA Transit trains (run between Central Railway Station and the airport)
  • Intercity trains (KTM Intercity, ETS, SKYPARK LINK ROUTES)
  • Taxi

Kuala Lumpur public transport price

RapidKL provides general tickets for all modes of transport. Except for monorail and commuter trains.

MyRapid Card. A single pass for metro, buses, trains and express trains to the airport.

A monthly pass for unlimited bus travel, excluding the BRT line, costs RM 100. MyRapid Stored Value – a top-up card or e-wallet. Costs 10 RM. Allows you to pay for travel on buses and trains. The price of a package of trips for 7 days by electric trains. And BRT Sunway Line is 2.5 RM, for a month – 10 RM.

The official RAPID-KL website provides a route building service. That allows you to find all possible travel options. With available modes of transport. Necessary transfers and fare.

Touch n’Go. A smart card, the account on which must renew. Minimum 10 RM, maximum 500 RM (when renew at Touch n go kiosks). When buying a card, a deposit of 10 RM automatic deducted. The minimum renew 10 RM. Any type of travel card can be “tied” to the card.

A single-trip ticket can purchase. At any station from TVM vending machines or on the bus from the driver. Before traveling, you must choose the right line and indicate your destination. The cost of the token depends on the distance and varies from 0.8 to 12 RM, so you should be careful when choosing your final stop. The ticket is valid only on the day of purchase. For the trip on the selected route. To enter the station, you need to attach the token to the reader. And lower it into the slot at the exit.

Kuala Lumpur Metro

The metro and commuter train system in Kuala Lumpur is highly developed. There are several types of it at once:

  • Light Rail Transit / Mass Rapid Transit (abbreviated as LRT / MRT) – city metro. City metro, covering the main areas of the city, but not underground, but above it.
  • Monorail Line is a monorail line. A single monorail line complements the city’s metro, but there are very few stations.
  • KTM Komuter – commuter trains. It is mainly used to get outside the city and the suburbs.
  • ERL or KLIA Transit and KLIA Express – Aeroexpress to the airport. Needed only to get to/from Kuala Lumpur airport. And to move between airport terminals. But in general more expensive than a bus ride to the airport.

The fare for all types of metro depends on the length of the trip. And varies from station to station. In general. The fare is inexpensive, from 1 ringgit per trip. When buying, you must name it at the box office. Or indicate to the machine the starting. And ending stations of the trip. And pay the indicated amount.

Ticket control takes place in automatic turnstiles. At the entrance to the platforms. And at the exit. If you get off at the wrong station. The turnstiles will not let you out. 

Kuala Lumpur Buses

There are quite a lot of bus routes in Kuala Lumpur. The fare is low (1 -5 RM). But for tourists this is the least suitable mode of transport. Since it is difficult to move around the city due to frequent traffic jams. Besides, you need to know the city well. Because bus stops announced only in Malay. And the buses themselves overcrowded, during peak hours (7 am-9am and 5-7pm).

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The bus timetable is available on the official public transport website.

You can board the bus through the front door and exit through the back door. Fare payment methods:

  1. Buying a ticket from the driver. You need to prepare the exact amount because drivers do not give change.
  2. Pass or Touch N ‘Go card. When boarding and exiting the bus, you must use the card reader on the bus.
  3. BRT high- speed buses run on the Sunway Line. The initial stop is Sunway – Setia Jaya, the final one is USJ 7. They move along the dedicated flyovers, so they run quite accurate. Opening hours from 06:00 to 00:00. The interval of movement is 5 – 10 minutes. The fare is 0.8 – 4.3 RM depending on the distance.

Tickets buy from the driver on the bus. If you have a travel pass or a Touch N ‘Go card. Then you need to use a card reader. At the entrance to the bus. And at the exit to pay for the fare. The exit is through the back door.

All buses painted light lilac. With the signature GO KL City Bus graphics. The windshield has a light board. Or sign indicating the line along which the bus is moving. The buses have WiFi and air conditioning. The bus stop is easy to find by the GO KL City Bus logo.

Hop-On-Hop-Off Tourist Bus System in Kuala Lumpur

In KL there is a system of tourist shuttle buses Hop-On-Hop-Off. Hop-On-Hop-Off paid tourist buses. That run on a specific route at intervals of 20-30 minutes. And stop at points of interest. There are 22 such stops in Kuala Lumpur, which cover 40 attractions. Buses run 365 days a year. Seven days a week, from 8:00 to 20:00.

  • 24-hour ticket – 50 ringgit adult; 25 – children, students, disabled people
  • 48-hour ticket – 90 ringgit adult; 45 – children, students, disabled
  • Children under 5 years old – free.
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Taxi in Kuala Lumpur

There are a lot of taxis in Kuala Lumpur. This type of transport is quite cheap. It is not difficult to call or catch a car. You can hire it in parking lots. Vote on the street. Or order by phone.

Taxis painted red and white. There are also yellow and toxic green. And rare cars painted in black and yellow. When boarding, pay attention to the meter readings. Often drivers do not turn on the meter at all.

The prices as follows: 3 RM for the first km, around 2.5 RM for each next km. Waiting: 3 RM for 3 minutes and 10 sen for every 21 seconds. An additional 2 RM charged with a phone call, and 1 RM for luggage, but not always. From midnight to six in the morning, the price increases by one and a half times. It is best to pay for travel in local currency. The telephones of the main taxi services in Kuala Lumpur: 03–2693 6211, 9221 1011, 5633 0507, 7981 5352.

Kuala Lumpur Public Transport
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