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La Mer Beach

La Mer Beach in Dubai (La Mer Beach) is a whole coastal quarter, where visitors are waiting not only for an equipped coastal strip with sun loungers, sun loungers, showers and changing rooms, but also for amusement parks, shops, restaurants and cafes. Here you can spend the whole day, without denying yourself anything, and both those who like a quiet rest, and lovers of active leisure and noisy fun satisfied. More about what awaits tourists on the beach of La Mer in Dubai.

Prices on La Mer beach in Dubai

The beach is open from 10:00 to 00:00 daily. Entrance to the beach is free, but for some amenities and entertainment you will need to pay.

  • Entrance to Laguna Water Park – 195 AED,
  • valet-parking — 50 AED,
  • parking space — AED 100 per 3 hours.

The full list of services provided found it on the official website of La Mer Beach in Dubai.

How to get there

There are several city buses to the beach. The nearest stops called “Beach Center 1” and “Beach Center 2” (located in one place, on opposite sides of the road).

Entrance to the beach is free. Money needed only to visit the water park and rent umbrellas, sun loungers and any sports equipment. All entertainment also paid. Those who want to save money can sit on their own towel next to the sun loungers. This not forbidden.

The territory of the beach divided by the water park into two parts: northern and southern. There are no special differences between them, but many say that the south is cozier and calmer. In any case, if you do not like one part, you can move to another for free.

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You can eat in numerous cafes, restaurants, pizzerias and eateries. And on the beach there are many bars with soft drinks and ice cream. Toilets, showers and changing cabins are free of charge.

Infrastructure and amenities

The creators of La Mer beach focused on organizing all possible amenities for visitors. The entire territory of the coastal quarter divided into four zones: the beach, the entertainment center, the North Island, the South Island.

For local residents and visiting tourists, a kind of boulevard organized here, consisting of 130 entertainment points – cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops and places for shopping. This is how you can continue your day, relaxing on the beach of La Mer under the scorching sun. By the way, the variety of places of food and cafes can also surprise – there are both burgers with hearty food for a large company, and small vegetarian restaurants with a “healthy” menu. Among the most famous franchises here you can find SALT, PF Chang’s and Starbucks.

Laguna Waterpark in Dubai

This water park is part of the La Mer complex and is quite a popular beach entertainment. The project of the water park “Laguna” on the beach of La Mer was quite unique for the Emirates. Since water parks, as a rule, are adjacent to hotels. “Laguna” is located separately, in the open air on the beach. The water park equipped with six different attractions for visitors of all ages. Also, in the water park there is a separate area for the youngest children. The map of the water park and the full list of services provided. Can found on the official website of Laguna Waterpark.

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The list of additional amenities provided by La Mer Beach includes high-speed Wi-Fi connection for visitors. Parking for 1100 spaces, valet-parking (parking service for your car by a beach employee). Providing a place to charge your phone or a portable battery. There are also small prayer halls with a division for men and women. In addition, car wash services are provided here while you are on vacation.

Hawa Hawa Attraction

Vacationers who visited the beach in order to actively relax will quite surprise. In addition to the classic beach infrastructure – equipped sun loungers and deck chairs, shade canopies. Showers and locker rooms. There are attractions, a water park and a sports equipment rental point. By the way, the most popular attraction on la Mer beach in Dubai is Hawa Hawa. This a large-scale playground, the project of which developed in Japan. It is a complex of inflatable dunes in which the child can have fun absolutely safely.

La Mer beach is a unique corner in which nature, resort and active recreation merge. There are all the necessary elements for a comfortable stay – caring staff. Services for your convenience, a complex of entertainment and several options for food and shopping. You can return here more than once and absolutely in any company – with family, friends or for a romantic walk. In other words, the beach of La Mer almost an ideal place that can realize plans for a good rest.

La Mer Beach
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