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La Romana

body of water and trees

La Romana – relaxation in the most beautiful place on earth.

La Romana is the third largest city in the Dominican Republic. It is located on the southern coast of the island of Haiti between the capital of the Dominican Republic – Santo Domingo and the resort of Punta Cana. Having become a popular resort today, La Romana has even acquired its own airport.

Back in the past of La Romana.

The city of La Romana was founded in the sixteenth century and for a long time was a nondescript town. Its rise was promoted by the First World War. In 1917, sugar prices all over the world rose to unprecedented heights. This was the rapid economic boom of La Romana, on the border of which a sugar factory stood. The city becomes the center of sugar production. He keeps this mark to this day.

The fruits of the sugar civilization.

Gulf & Western Industries acquired the sugar production in the second half of the nineteenth century and expanded it significantly. It is to this American company that tourists owe the creation of a wonderful resort. Gulf & Western Industries did not skimp on funds to build schools, churches, recreation parks, etc. in the city.

Hotel complex Casa de Campo.

Gulf & Western Industries has taken care of tourism development as well. In the 1970s, in the eastern part of La Romana, the huge Casa de Campo hotel complex was built, which spreads over an area of ​​7,000 acres. This complex today belongs to the category of the best tourism centers in the international ranking. Staying in one of the hotels of the complex, you can visit the yacht club, golf course, choose a restaurant, bar to your liking, visit a horse ranch. All this is located on the territory of Casa de Campo. In addition, there is an airport and a seaport.

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Getting used to the climate of La Romana.

While relaxing in La Romana, you will plunge into a pleasant humid subtropical climate. Tropical cyclones are rare here, and showers, which often occur here during the rainy season (from May to September), are short-lived. The average air temperature is + 33 ° C, in winter it is slightly cooler + 25 ° C. The heat rises in La Romana in August. However, it is not exhausting, and will not interfere with your rest. The heat is greatly softened by fresh sea winds. It is a pleasure to get used to this climate.

The beaches of La Romana.

The most popular beaches among vacationers in La Romana are cozy La Minitas and Bayahibe . Next to the latter lies a picturesque fishing village with colorful houses scattered around it. Relaxing on the beaches of La Minitas and Bayahibe will give you unforgettable moments of diving into the depths of the water with scuba diving, sea walks, fast ATV trips or leisurely scuba diving. You can also go horse riding, play tennis or take a ride in the safari jeep. Fans of fishing will be offered to hunt for large fish.

dock near ocean during daytime

Sightseeing and excursions in La Romana.

Samana and Catalina.

Casa de Campo hotels organize numerous exciting excursions, which many tourists go on twice. Vacationers are attracted by a trip to the Samana Peninsula , which leaves an unforgettable impression with its beauty. They say that it was about him that Christopher Columbus wrote: “I saw the most beautiful place on earth.”

You will also be offered an excursion to the uninhabited island of Catalina , famous for its white sands and coral reefs. This is an amazing diving site. The sea voyage here will take 45 minutes, during which you can dance to the fiery sounds of merengue.

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Altos de Chavon.

Tourists are greatly impressed by the town of Altos de Chavon – an artificially recreated city of the Middle Ages. In this Italian village of the sixteenth century, you can see the Church of St. Stanislaus , as well as visit the Archaeological Museum . Many will be interested in the concert amphitheater , which can accommodate 5 thousand people. And for souvenirs, you can go on Saturday to a kind of local market. And shops will delight you with a huge selection of memorable gifts. A walk along the highway will allow you to see plantations of lemon and orange trees and reeds.

Los Aitis National Park.

Visitors to the Los Aitis Laromanian National Park will be able to wander through the mysterious caves and see the “meeting with the whales” attraction. Both will not leave you indifferent.

Tours to La Romana with Flagman Travel!

La Romana resort will present its guests with memorable walks and excursions, invigorating sea dives, beautiful views, an atmosphere of hospitality and friendliness. Our travel agency will try to ensure that this trip will remain in your memory for a long time and will give you strength for new exploits.

La Romana
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