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Lake Como from Bergamo airport

How to get to Lake Como from Bergamo airport?

Upon arrival at Bergamo airport, collect your luggage, take a dose of caffeine in one of the airport bars and follow the BUT TICKETS signs to the windows where bus tickets are sold. The cash desk is called BIGLETTERIA.

You can get a shuttle to Milan and other Italian cities. If we are going to Como, then we first need to get to the city of Bergamo itself.

To do this, buy tickets in the first window. The ticket costs 2 Euro and is valid for 90 minutes from the moment you punch it on the bus. 

The stop where you need to get off is the very center of Bergamo. Pass through the square to the station building.

At the Tabacci kiosk, buy your ticket to the Como station. Usually it works all day without reference to time.

  • The route is: Bergamo – Monza – Como San Giovanni Railway Station.

In total, we get: from Bergamo airport to Lake Como (Como city), the road takes 2 hours and costs a little less than 10 Euro per person one way. Simple, convenient, cheap.

The regional train to Monza is a bit shabby, don’t expect luxury, but you can ride. Transfer usually takes about 5-10 minutes.

Lake Como from Bergamo airport
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