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Language Canadians speak

What language do Canadians speak? Canadians are multinational inhabitants of our Earth. The fact is that in Canada, two main languages ​​​​are fixed at the official level, namely English and French.

This is what most Canadians speak. What other languages ​​and dialects can Canadians speak? Let’s look into this issue.

So, more than 59% of the country’s inhabitants speak English. If you are going to travel to Canada, then it will not be superfluous to repeat English, although your vocabulary is small. This is the native language for the majority of Canadians, as well as immigrants who, by the will of fate, ended up with permanent residence in this state.

Most spoken language in Canada

In addition, English is considered to be the most common language in Canada, however, with the exception of a number of provinces (Quebec, Nunavut).

French is the second most spoken language in Canada. It is spoken by about 25% of all inhabitants of the country. French is used in social activities, in housekeeping and so on. It was French that was widely spoken in the province of Quebec.

By the way, Canadians can also speak Mandarin Chinese. About 4% of the total population of the country use Chinese in everyday life. It does not act as an official language in Canada.

At the same time, every year the Chinese language has an increasing chance of becoming one. The fact is that by 2020, the number of Chinese people who immigrated to Canada has increased dramatically.

Canadians also speak other immigrant languages ​​(about 20% of the country’s population). In particular, after Chinese, Punjabi and Tagalog are considered to be the most widely spoken languages. This suggests that there is a fairly strong Asian diaspora in Canada.

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In addition, immigrant Canadians speak Arabic, Persian, Zindi, and Urdu. Also in the course of Italian, German, Russian, Spanish.

In the remote corners of Canada, where the Canadians, who are the native inhabitants of the country, live, they speak their own dialects and dialects.

That is why you should not worry when moving to Canada for permanent residence. Here, every immigrant will be welcomed and helped to adapt.

Language Canadians speak
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