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Language spoken in America

Nobody is interested in information about what language is spoken in America? After all, so many nationalities coexist there, so they hardly use an exclusively American kind of English. Let’s understand all the intricacies and learn with you the features of the languages ​​of America.

The United States does not have a single official language. True, of course, its role is played by English, which is spoken by more than 97% of all residents of the country.

English is the official language during business negotiations, for record keeping. It is on it that American laws are written. In other words, all official American activities are conducted exclusively in English.

At the same time, in more than 27 US states, such a language has even been recognized as the state language (for example, in Hawaii).

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the Americas. In particular, in Puerto Rico (it is a territory dependent on the United States by status), it is recognized as official. In addition, Spanish is spoken in the state of Florida (about 20% of the population), as well as in Miami (75% of the population).

I would like to note that all office work, communication here is conducted in Spanish. It even has its own Spanish-language TV channels, film studios, etc.

Thus, more than 40,000,000 Americans speak Spanish, and in recent years the language has become more widespread.

The state of Hawaii has two official languages, English and Hawaiian. Hawaiian, of course, is spoken by a small percentage of the population, but at the same time it has a place to be in this region. In addition, the Hawaiian language is even taught at the university, and the signs are translated into the Hawaiian language.

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Chinese is the third most popular language in the United States. More than 3 million people have already begun to speak it.

After all, tens of thousands of Chinese immigrants come to the country every year. Also, in most states there are Chinese areas (Chinatown).

The Indian language (Navajo) is known by about 180,000 people. It is mainly spoken by residents who live in the Upper Plains. In Alaska, the Yupik dialect of the Eskimo language is spoken.

Language spoken in America
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