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Language spoken in Belgium

What language is spoken in Belgium? So, you are going on a trip to Belgium. You definitely need to know the information about what language is spoken in Belgium. In order not to get into a ridiculous situation, it is best to get a translator or dictionary.

Spoken language in Belgium

Officially generally accepted among the peoples of Belgium, the language is not provided. To date, the role of the official language is performed by three varieties at once: Dutch, French and German.

Due to the fact that the state cannot decide in favor of one or another state language, three language communities are distinguished, which own their own educational institutions, television and radio programs.

For example, the Flemish community natively speaks mainly in the Dutch language. Moreover, it differs significantly from the dialect that is used in the Netherlands itself, as well as in a number of its dialects.

French is spoken in the Brussels-Capital Region and in Flanders (the provinces of Antwerp, Limburg, Flemish Brabant and East and West Flanders).

Also learn to pronounce some letters and speak French in Wallonia and parts of Brussels.

The German language became native to the province of Liege.

The relationships that are being built between the three linguistic communities have not always been cloudless. So, for example, the “French group” accuses the Flemings of not respecting their native language enough. Despite such resistance, most Belgians speak both Dutch and French perfectly.

Among other things, the fact that in Belgium it is customary to speak English becomes especially convenient. So, mostly young people (age 20 to 45) can communicate freely in English.

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Therefore, who have decided to go to Belgium should learn one of the official languages, or English, as soon as possible.

Language spoken in Belgium
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