Language Spoken in Bulgaria

Tourists from countries love to fly on vacation to warm Bulgaria. Some even buy real estate there, considering living conditions much higher than in the Russian Federation. When you are going to fly on vacation, you need to consider what language is spoken in Bulgaria and can you speak it? Let’s look at this issue more closely.

Official language in Bulgaria

Bulgarian is considered to be the national language of the state. This language is part of the South Slavic group, which belongs to the Indo-European language family. The Cyrillic alphabet is used here as a letter.

The Bulgarian language in terms of vocabulary and phonetics is too reminiscent of the Macedonian language. In addition, the Bulgarian language will be understood by Serbs and Croats.

A large number of lexical forms were borrowed from Russian, Greek and Turkish. It was the latter that had a significant impact on the formation of the grammar of the Bulgarian language.

Bulgarians have two key dialect variants of their own language. It is usually divided according to the area in which it is used.

This is east and west. In addition, historically established dialects are in use. The media and national formations advocate that the language be homogenized. In other words, it has become more homogeneous, especially when it comes to the city.

So, residents who live in Bulgaria and are part of Turkish communities usually speak Turkish. It belongs to the Turko-Altaic language family. The gypsies conduct a dialogue in the Romance (Gypsy) language, which belongs to the Indian branch of the Indo-European group.

The Bulgarian language is used as a “communication” with the authorities of the country, as well as in the course of solving commercial problems. In addition, the Bulgarian language is used for teaching in schools and higher education institutions.

At the same time, national minorities are dissatisfied with this fact, so they have the opportunity to get an education in the local dialect.

All media that operate on the territory of the country use only the Bulgarian language in their work.

At the same time, the “dialogue” is conducted in Turkish on the radio and in print media. It should be understood that if you come to Bulgaria, you will have to speak either Bulgarian or English.