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Language Spoken in Cyprus

What language is spoken in Cyprus? What if you are going on holiday to this country but don’t know how to communicate with the local population? Can a  tourist have difficulties in communicating in Cyprus? This and much more will be discussed in the materials of this article.

What is the main language

The main language in the Republic of Cyprus (Southern Cyprus) is the Greek language, more precisely, its dialect. In addition, due to the fact that Cyprus has long been a British colony, the island has an excellent command of English, which they begin to study from elementary grades.

Therefore, if you do not speak Greek, then you can safely communicate with Cypriots in English. Of course, in this case we are talking about the center of the country. If you go to small villages on the outskirts of the island, then communication will be very difficult.

I would like to draw attention to the fact that even the other language has found its distribution in Cyprus. In the center of the country, in places with a large concentration of tourists (shops, hotels, restaurants), staff who are fluent in English work. Basically, such employees are residents who came from America or from the former Soviet republics. Also, nowadays a large number of Cypriots have begun to learn English.

Do not worry in Cyprus and those who speak German, French, as well as a number of oriental languages. Due to the fact that the main “bread” of the island is tourists, the country’s leadership will do everything possible to support any nation that comes to Cyprus.

In general, the Cypriot language does not exist. The population of the southern part of Cyprus speaks Greek, or rather Modern Greek. To be even more precise, the language spoken by the Cypriots is one of the dialects of the modern Greek language.

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In ancient times, the inhabitants of the island of Cyprus spoke a form of the Arcado-Cypriot dialect. There was even a special script, which was supplanted by common Greek in the 5th century BC.

Therefore, if you are worried about whether they will understand you in Cyprus or not, then you should not worry. In any case, you can ask how to get to the hotel and order food.

Language Spoken in Cyprus
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