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Language Spoken in Sweden

What language do the Swedes speak? If we talk about the language spoken in Sweden, we can say that despite the large influx of immigrants and thanks to the widespread use of English, most Swedes still speak Swedish.

This language is included in the eastern subgroup of the Scandinavian group of Germanic languages. By the way, if you want to obtain Swedish citizenship and settle comfortably in this state, you will have to master it perfectly. At the same time, the Swedes, both the indigenous population and immigrants, use other languages ​​​​and dialects in their speech.

State language of the Swedes

So, as the state language, which is usually spoken at work, used in the media, etc., is the Swedish language. It is recognized as the mother tongue of as many Swedes as possible.

The Swedish language is, in principle, recognized as the most widely spoken in the Scandinavian countries. It is spoken by a total of about 10,000,000 people. Today, the Swedish language remains as a national distinction between Sweden and other Scandinavian countries, where English has come to be used everywhere.

Dialects and adverbs in the language

It should be understood that the Swedish language itself is heterogeneous. In particular, in addition to the literary version of the Swedish language, there are a large number of different dialects and dialects, which is associated with the historical development of certain regions of the state.

In particular, the Swedes speak the Elvdalian dialect, which is common among the population of the Elvdalen commune (Dalarna province), which is located in the northwestern part of Sweden.

The inhabitants of the island of Gotland communicate with each other in the Gutnish dialect. The most common dialect, which is close to the Norwegian language, is the Scottish dialect.

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In addition to local dialects and the state language, Swedes also communicate in English. In addition, the German language is also in use. At present, knowledge of the French language, which is actively used by the inhabitants of Stockholm, is gaining popularity among Swedes.

In any case, if you come to Sweden, it is important to know at least one of the foreign languages. If you speak English, then you will definitely not have problems with self-determination and communication.

Language Spoken in Sweden
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