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Language Spoken in Switzerland 

What language is spoken in Switzerland? After all, Switzerland is located at the junction of several states, so you should be aware of how it will be possible to communicate there.

In the country of the Alps, it is customary to distinguish between two types of languages: national languages, as well as official languages. The national language is those dialects that are used in the culture and folklore of the state. That is why it is customary to include German, French, Italian and Romansh as national languages. There is no official language as such in Switzerland.

What is the official language in Switzerland?

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It is customary to refer to the official languages ​​those dialects that are used in the bureaucracy and as a tool for office work.

As a result, only German, French and Italian are singled out as official languages.

They form the basis of office work in Switzerland, and they are also spoken during official debates, election programs and meetings with representatives of the authorities of other states.

I would like to note that Romansh can act as an official language. True, it is used in exceptional cases and only in those situations when a conversation is being conducted with the population (where the language is native).

Therefore, Romansh is an official language that has regional significance.

If we talk about the German language in Switzerland, then it is worth saying that the citizens of the country themselves use a separate type of dialect of this language in their work. It is significantly different from the one spoken in Germany, and, therefore, Germans who come to Switzerland rarely understand the locals.

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Approximately 24% of all Swiss residents speak French. The population that uses this language as the main language lives in the western region of the country (Romanidi).

In addition, only in four cantons of the country it is customary to speak French as a business (in Geneva, Vaud, Neuchâtel and Jura).

The Italian language is considered native for 500 thousand people, which is almost 10% of the population.

In other words, if you are going to Switzerland and can only communicate in German, you can be sure that you will be understood, and you will definitely find yourself an interlocutor.

Language Spoken in Switzerland 
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