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Language Spoken in Turkey

What language is spoken in Turkey? Turkey is a country with a rich culture, ancient traditions, and a special mentality. One of the cultural features is the Turkish language. It is the state language of Turkey and is spoken by most of the country’s population. The literary language of Turkey is formed on the basis of the Istanbul dialect.

The modern Turkish language is based on the Turkic basis. In sound, it is similar to the Azerbaijani, Turkmen, Gagauz languages. The Turkish language is quite simple – the words in it are both written and read, if you wish, you can learn some of the most common words and expressions.

The easiest way for US to learn a language is to communicate with native speakers: in a Turkish family or at work. Knowledge of Turkish is useful for independent travelers, it is easier to rent housing, a car, and negotiate with merchants.

Dialects in Turkish

Turkish has two dialects: European (Rumelian) and Anatolian (Asia Minor). All dialects follow common grammatical rules, so the local population understands each other without any problems.

The second most important language in Turkey is Kurdish. It is spoken by much fewer people, it is distributed mainly in the east of the country. Many Kurds know Turkish, but not vice versa. In the Kurdish language, dialects are distinguished – Kurmanji and save. There is another small diaspora – the Circassian, which includes Circassians, Kabardians, Abaza and Abkhazians. They speak different dialects of the Circassian (Adyghe) language.

English is common in tourist places, it helps to communicate not only with local residents, but also with tourists from other countries, which are in abundance in Turkey.

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English is taught everywhere in schools in Turkey, but in Central and Eastern Turkey it is more difficult to meet an English speaker than in popular resorts. From European languages, you can also hear German.

In hotels and restaurants, the staff understands and speaks English, there is no problem finding a English-speaking guide. In addition, English migrants who moved to the country for permanent residence also live in Turkey.

When traveling independently in Central Turkey and not knowing the language, sign language or a phrase book will help. Without knowing the language, you can simply draw, depict with facial expressions and gestures a phrase that needs to be conveyed to the interlocutor.

Language Spoken in Turkey
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